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                                           The Newsletter of the State University of New York
                                                  College Admissions Professionals

                                                  A Message from the President
                              Dear Colleagues:
     Spring 2004
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                                                              A Message from the
                              I would like to share with you my experience at this year's New York State Legislative
                                                   President of SUNYCAP
▪ Message                     The Forum is a consortium of a wide array of educational organizations, which
  from the                    include nine organizations, representing thousands of elementary, secondary and
  President                   higher education counselors, academic and financial aid professionals and
                              admissions professionals in New York State. As the president of SUNYCAP, it has
▪ 2004                        been my privilege to represent SUNYCAP on the Forum Steering Committee.
                              Our message at this year's Forum was to call for the State Assembly and Senate to
▪ Furthering                  support a state budget that will guarantee full funding for student aid programs and
  Your                        expand access to higher education for our neediest students; to maintain appropriate
  Education                   funding levels for K-12 and higher education; to continue to support legislative
                              practices, including affirmative action that promote diversity and provide academic
   SUNY                      opportunities for all; and to guarantee certified school counselors in every elementary,
     Opportunity              middle and secondary public school.
                              The first day of the Forum was a time to learn more about the hot issues that are
Endeavors is                  currently before the Legislature. This year we heard inspiring presentations by
brought to you by:            Johanna Duncan-Poitier, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Higher Education and
                              the Office of the Professions at the NYS Department of Education, and Thomas
Cammie Baker                  Mortenson from the Pell Institute/Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in
Clancy, Empire                Washington DC. We also learned from some of our experienced colleagues on how
State College                 to lobby elected officials. During the second day, we each visited with our local
                              assemblymen and senators to personally present the Forum's legislative priorities.
Dan Griffin, SUNY
                              I visited my assemblyman and senator along with a Middleburgh High School New
Andy Morris, Monroe           Visions student. Together we spoke to the impact of the Governor's plan to
Community College             restructure TAP and reduce spending on EOP and Liberty Partnership in terms of
                              how it impacts student lives in Schoharie County. In our view, the stories we shared
                              were both informative and persuasive. I have to tell you that I felt renewed as a
Interested in joining the     professional following this experience.
Endeavors editors, or
would you like to submit
an article? Visit us online   Please consider joining your SUNYCAP colleagues at next year's Legislative Forum.
at http://www.sunycap.com
and follow the links to the
Endeavors Online              Sincerely,
Submission Form!
                              Clayton A. Smith

                              SUNYCAP President

     Endeavors, Spring, 2004 Edition - SUNYCAP, Inc.                                                         1
Endeavors Spring                           2004 Annual Conference Update
2004 continued…
                           On behalf of the SUNYCAP Annual Conference Planning Committee, I'm
                           eager to share our plans with you. Our conference theme, ―Achieving
                           Higher Standards in Higher Education,‖ reaffirms our commitment to
Have you visited           professional development. During the June 16th—18th conference, topics
SUNYCAP online lately?     will include enrollment management, recruitment funnel, integrating
Go there now at            technology, how-to sessions, a thoughtful series of ―Time to Talk‖
http://www.sunycap.com     moderated breakout sessions, and much more.
for more information
about this year’s          Be sure to mark your calendars! Because to take advantage of the great
conference, becoming a     workshops, inspiring speakers, outstanding professional development,
SUNYCAP member, the        and fun with your admissions colleagues, you need to attend!!
Career Connection and
much, much more!           What's left for you to do? If your campus is in need of financial
                           assistance in order for you to attend, be sure to apply for a grant or
                           scholarship via the SUNYCAP website
                           (http://www.sunycap.com/grant.html). And if you'd like to volunteer to
                           assist onsite, we'd be happy to have you.

The next Executive         We look forward to seeing you June 16-18 at the Radisson Hotel Corning,
Board meeting for          in Corning, NY - a beautiful location in the "southern tier" at a wonderful
SUNYCAP will be held       time of the year!
April 8th at Monroe
Community College.         Jennifer M. Hess, Ph.D.
Remember, these            SUNYCAP University Center Representative
meetings are open to all   Assistant Director of Admissions, University at Buffalo
SUNYCAP members!           hessj@buffalo.edu
Contact Barbara Asam
at MCC
for more information!

                                               Furthering Your Education

It’s time to nominate      I was very fortunate to begin my career immediately following college
representatives for the    graduation. Yet, the decision to work or attend graduate school was a
SUNYCAP Executive          difficult one. ―Should I just go straight to school so I don’t lose motivation,
Committee! By now you      or should I take advantage of this opportunity to begin my career in higher
should have received a     education with the possibility of getting my graduate degree at minimal
2004 Nomination Ballot     cost?‖ Those were the major questions that would determine my
in the mail. Need          professional future. With the support of my supervisors and my own self-
another form or more       determination, five semesters later, I earned a Master’s degree.
information? Contact
Brent Doane at TC3 at      Members of United University Professionals (UUP) are eligible for Space
607.844.8222.              Available Tuition. SUNY University employees are eligible for a SUNY
                           Tuition Waiver. I took advantage of both programs for each semester of
                           attendance. Here’s how you can make your goal a reality…

                           UUP Space Available Tuition
                              Obtain permission from the professor to take course

                           Endeavors, Spring, 2004 Edition - SUNYCAP, Inc.                              2
Endeavors Spring
                         Work with the Human Resources (HR) Office to register for the
2004 continued…
                         Eligible for one course every semester including summer session

                   SUNY Tuition Waiver
                      Complete and submit an application
                      Register for the course
                      Each campus determines the contribution based on credits and/or
                        specific amount of money.

                   Always remember:
                       Seek support from your supervisor(s)
                       Continuously work closely with HR
                       Do your research – campus policy, fees, etc.
                       Forms/applications are available at HR or your Benefits Office
                       Within SUNY, we have countless highly regarded Bachelors and
                         Post-baccalaureate programs.

                   And yes, it may be possible to take courses at another campus, just
                   contact both your HR office and the campus of interest.

                   There’s no time like now to begin planning for the Summer Session or
                   Fall semester. Further your education with the many SUNY professional
                   development opportunities.

                   Yamiley Saintvil
                   Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
                   Binghamton University
                   SUNYCAP University Center Representative

                          The SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers:
                                    Yesterday and Today
                   Many people, in and out of the ―admissions world,‖ often wonder about
                   the Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs) in SUNY: What are they?
                   Where are they? What is their function? It is my hope that this brief
                   history and overview will answer some of those questions!

                    The State University of New York created four Urban Centers in 1966
                   (located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Albany and Buffalo) in order to better
                   serve under prepared students. New York State funded these Centers in
                   order to provide occupational training and college preparatory programs.

                   In 1969 the services were extended and SUNY created seven
                   Cooperative College Centers. They offered remedial and lower division
                   college courses for the underserved populations of Syracuse,
                   Wyandanch, Mount Vernon, Buffalo, Rochester, Westchester, and

                   Endeavors, Spring, 2004 Edition - SUNYCAP, Inc.                          3
Spring 2004   The Urban Centers and Cooperative College Centers merged in 1973 to
continued…    form the more comprehensive ―Educational Opportunity Centers‖ in
              Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Troy, Yonkers, Manhattan, Brooklyn and
              Long Island. The new Centers offered vocational training, college
              preparation and support services as well as community services aimed at
              neighborhood residents.

              In 1985 and 1986, EOC’s were added in the Bronx and Queens. During
              that same year, specialized recruitment components were established in
              the Brooklyn, Buffalo and Rochester Centers, specifically designed to
              recruit and aid members of underrepresented populations through the
              application process and into higher education.

              Today, there are ten Educational Opportunity Centers in New York State:
              Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Capital District, Long Island, Manhattan,
              Queens, Rochester, Syracuse and Westchester. All are under the
              supervision of the University Center for Academic and Workforce
              Development (UCAWD) and offer tuition free programs to anyone
              meeting the state guidelines.

              The programs offered at each EOC are based upon the area in which
              they serve, which means each EOC may have different programs. For
              example, the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center offers a wide
              range of programs in Academic and Vocational training. Academic
              offerings currently include GED and college preparation, SAT preparation,
              and English for Speakers of Other Languages courses. Current job
              training programs include Nurse Assistant, Childcare Technician,
              Cosmetology, Construction Trades, Culinary Arts, Microsoft Office Suite,
              and much more!

              To learn more about the SUNY Educational Opportunity Centers, visit
              their website at http://www.sunyeoc.org/, or visit the individual EOCs’
              websites at http://www.sunyeoc.org/sites.shtml

              Valjeanne T. Reese
              Sr. Admissions Advisor
              Rochester EOC

              *Author’s Note: Much of the background information was taken from the
                1991-1994 ―General Plan and Guidelines for the Educational
                Opportunity Centers of the State University of New York.‖

                           Upcoming Conferences and Workshops
              AACRAO                April 19-22                    Las Vegas, NV

              AACC                  April 24-27                    Minneapolis, MN

              NAGAP                 April 28-May 1                 Boston, MA

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