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									        The conversion of the March 1996 CPS to 1995 TRIM2 data files has been completed. The
resulting TRIM2 files are VSY1ONU.CPS95T2.ACTIVE.C0 on tape volume 056091 and
VSY1ONU.CPS95T2.MASTER.C0 on tape volume 003004. A copy of the master file also resides
on MSS and is named VSY1ONU.CPS95T2.MASTER.ONMSS. The only error noticed during
conversion was the inadvertent omission of a new field, FIPS state code, in columns 42-43 of the
household record.

         Due to budgetary constraints, the CPS national sample was reduced from 56,000 to 50,000
eligible housing units beginning with the 1996 survey. Consequently, weights on this file are higher
than before. Precise counts for the post-conversion 1995 TRIM2 files follow. For comparison,
counts are also provided for the 1994 files. (Post conversion numbers may differ somewhat from pre-
conversion numbers because the conversion process may combine or split families to conform to
TRIM2 requirements.)

                           1995                  1995                 1994                  1994
                         Unweighted             Weighted            Unweighted             Weighted
 Households                       49,683           99,686,958                56,945          99,097,302
 Families                         55,580         112,611,163                 63,472         111,402,764
 Persons                         130,476         264,314,054               149,642          262,104,625

Counts from the 1996 Technical Documentation (pre-conversion numbers) are Household: 63,339;
Family: 55,882, and Person: 130,476. The household number of 63,339 includes 13, 657 empty
households (households having no family or person records) that are deleted in the first conversion
step. The first conversion routine created one additional household when a household having more
than 7 families was split. The number of families is reduced when children in children-only families
are merged into primary families.

Variables Returned to the File

         Six household level health-related variables were returned to this year’s file after their absence
alerted to the following statement in the Technical Documentation with regard to these codes. While
these were created from the new health insurance items, they are as consistent as possible with the
1994 and earlier recodes. Also, eight person level migration codes were returned to the file this year:
Please refer to existing documentation (the TRIM2 Codebook) for information about these variables.

   ERNELG, the earnings eligibility flag, has also been returned to the file and, thus, is no longer
coded during conversion, as it was for the past two years when it was missing from the CPS file. The
information we had last year about the current earnings sample including the entire work force and
not just persons in one of the two outgoing rotation groups has been contradicted this year. Census
has informed us that this sample has always included just the quarter in the outgoing rotation groups,
and the values for the flag variable on this year’s file indicate that only a quarter of the workforce is
included. This means that the ERNELG flag on the 1994 TRIM2 files is not reliable, since it was
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March 15, 2010

coded for all members of the workforce. This flag was coded for only members in the two outgoing
rotation groups for the 1993 TRIM2 files, so it should be reliable for that year.

New Variables

         As mentioned before, Census intended to include FIPS state code on the 1996 CPS file, but it
was inadvertently omitted. However, another new code, FIPS county code, is now available. The
TRIM2 name is FIPSCC; it is taken from the household record, columns 50-52, and is made a family
variable in TRIM2. Additionally, many or all of the person level health-related variables that were
made available to us last year in a supplemental file that we merged onto the main file have been
included on this year’s file, along with new allocation flag variables. These new variables are shown
in the following tabulation. (Note that HITYPE1-6 and HICURTP1-5 represent 11 separate fields
that are intended to identify all other health coverage an individual may have.)
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March 15, 2010

 TRIM2                                    Definition                           Range   Location
 Name                                                                                  on CPS
 HIOWNCOV Covered by employer/union health insurance plan?                      0-2     P748
 HITYPE          Health insurance plan type (NIU, family, self-only)            0-2     P749
 HIDEP           Covered as a dependent by an employer/union health plan?       0-1     P750
 HIELINE1        Line number of policyholder of employer/union health plan 1   0-16    P751-2
 HIELINE2        Line number of policyholder of employer/union health plan 2   0-16    P753-4
 HIEMPAID        Employer/union paid all, part or none?                         0-3     P755
 HICOVOUT        Employer/union plan covers someone outside of                  0-2     P756
 HIOWNPRV Covered by own private health insurance plan?                         0-2     P757
 HIPRVTYP        Private health insurance plan type (NIU, family, self-only)    0-2     P758
 HIPRVDEP        Covered as a dependent by private plan?                        0-1     P759
 HIPLINE1        Line number of policyholder of private health plan 1          0-16    P760-1
 HIPLINE2        Line number of policyholder of private health plan 2          0-16    P762-3
 HIPRVOUT        Private plan covered someone outside household?                0-2     P764
 HIOUTHH         Covered by health plan of someone living outside               0-2     P765
 HICARE          Covered by Medicare?                                           0-2     P766
 HICAID          Covered by Medicaid?                                           0-2     P767
 HIMONAID        Number of months covered by Medicaid (or local plan           0-12    P768-9
 HIOTHERG        Covered by any other kind of health plan (incl. CHAMPUS,       0-2     P770
                 CHAMPVA, VA, military health care, or the Indian health
 HICHAMP         Covered by CHAMPUS?                                            0-1     P771
 HICHPVA         Covered by CHAMPVA?                                            0-1     P772
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 HIVA            Covered by VA or military health care?                      0-1      P773
 HINDIAN         Covered by Indian health care?                              0-1      P774
 HIOTHER         Covered by other health care?                               0-1      P775
 HIOTHST         Covered by other type of health insurance (Medicare,        0-2      P776
                 Medicaid, etc.)?
 HITYPE1-6       Other type of health insurance                              0-14    P777-788
 HICURCOV        Indicates whether any person in the household was covered   0-2      P789
                 by any type of health plan in the previous week.
 HICURTP1-5       Type of health plan person was covered by in previous       0-14    P790-799
 HLTSTA          Persons health status                                      0-5      P800

 IOWNCOV         Imputation of HIOWNCOV                                      0-1      P801
 IDEP            Imputation of HIDEP                                         0-1      P802
 IEMPAID         Imputation of HIEMPAID                                      0-1      P803
 ICOVOUT         Imputation of HICOVOUT                                      0-1      P804
 IOWNPRV         Imputation of HIOWNPRV                                      0-1      P805
 IPRVDEP         Imputation of HIPRVDEP                                      0-1      P806
 IPRVOUT         Imputation of HIPRVOUT                                      0-1      P807
 IOUTHH          Imputation of HIOUTHH                                       0-1      P808
 IMONAID         Imputation of HIMONAID                                      0-1      P811
 IOTHERG         Imputation of HIOTHERG                                      0-2      P812
 ITYPE           Imputation of HITYPE                                        0-2      P813
 IOTHST          Imputation of HIOTHST                                       0-1      P814
 ISTYPE          Imputation of HITYPE1-6                                     0-1      P815
 ICURCOV         Imputation of HICURCOV                                      0-1      P816
 ICURTYPE        Imputation of HICURTYP                                      0-1      P817
 IHLTSTA         Imputation of HLTSTA                                        0-1      P818
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March 15, 2010

   New migration codes include the following.

 TRIM2 Name                                 Definition                            Range      Location
                                                                                             on CPS
 DIVCURR           Recode--Census division of current residence                  0-9            P219
 MIGDIV            Recode--Census division of previous residence                 0-10         P220-1
 MIGCNTRY          Country of previous residence                                 57-555       P744-6
 IMIG3             Migration imputation flag                                     0-4            P747

   Three other new variables were picked up for our TRIM2 files for the first time this year. They are
shown in the following tabulation.

 TRIM2                                    Definition                            Range      Location
 Name                                                                                      on CPS

 CLSWKRFJ        Class of worker on first job                                  0-8           P716
 NLFSCHL         Not in labor force school status                              0-2           P718
 REASUNEM Reason for unemployment                                              0-6           P706

    For those of you who consult the CPS Technical Documentation directly for information about file
contents, please note that the documentation is in error with regard to the fields in person record
locations 476 through 480, whose TRIM2 names are SPOUSEPI, CHILDPI, CHDNRHPI, OTHERPI,
and NONEPI. These fields are not on the file; they are filler only. They were first removed from the
file the previous year.

Topcoding Changes

  Topcodings of four earnings fields have been revised to the following values. (The previous
topcode for all fields was $99,999.)
                             ERNVAL                            $150,000
                             WSOTHER                              $25,000
                             SNOTHR                               $40,000
                             SFOTHR                               $25,000
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