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									                Company                     Country   Area of Activity


              Batifix SARL                  Algeria   Architecture and urban studies
 Bureau d'Etude et realisation "Arrouche"             Research and construction in the hydrogenation and
            Bera Construction               Algeria   construction domain
Centre National d'Etudes et de recherches
         integrees du batiment              Algeria   Studies and research and other services offered

   Controle technique de la construction    Algeria   Studies, research and technical control

               CTC Centre                   Algeria   Studies, research and technical control

                 CTC Est                    Algeria   Studies, research and technical control

                 enache                     Algeria   Studies, research and technical control

                                                      Distributors of sanitary products, taps and bath
            Constrimat SARL                 Algeria   fittings

          ETS Safer Tabi Nordin             Algeria   Bath fitting and general plumbing

               Samochauf                    Algeria   Boilers, sanitary equipment, bath & tap fittings.

           Lexdynamic Algerie               Algeria   Bathrooms, washroom facilities, & decorations

                 Gravena                     Egypt    Sanitary products, acrylic bath tubs & installations

MTC/Manufacture Tunisienne de Ceramique     Tunisia   Sanitation products in enamel porcelain
                                                      Kitchen sinks, basins, bathroom furniture,
                 Sanibel                    Tunisia   hydromassage bath tubs

           Asil Demir Celik San             Turkey    Stainless steel sinks

              Kabnoury Co                    Egypt    Kitchen furniture

             Build Electric

              BMS AS EL BI                  Algeria   Electrics and electronics industry
                                                      Technology products for buildings, the civil
             Chimibat SARL                  Algeria   engineering industry and the environment

            Deo Electronique                Algeria   Electronic material

              Domelec Spa                   Algeria   Electrical industry
               Company                       Country   Area of Activity
                                                       Automatic openings, security video, intrusion, access
             Gestec Algerie                  Algeria   control

                Intecome                     Algeria   Computational tools/security materials

           Sarl Cinquel Impex                Algeria   Electrical equipment, fasteners, bolting

               Sarl Sofme                    Algeria   Manufacturers of electrical wires & cables

              Sarl Somafe                    Algeria   Electronic equipment

           Electra Molins, S.A                Spain    Generating sets and automatic controls
                                                       Technologies & automation process for producing
                                                       residential and industrial garage doors, industrial
            Arco Industrie Srl                Italy    sliding doors

         Building Equipment

           A.S.T.R.A Algerie                 Algeria   Gear box

         EURL Supelectrotech                 Algeria   Electricity

                ENMTP                        Algeria   Manufacturers of engines and lifting materials

                Sarl LVM                     Algeria   Professional equipment

              2M Industrie                   Algeria   Weighing & bagging equipment

            Aries Maquettes                  Algeria   Model makers

Association a caracteres non lucratif unic   Algeria   Model makers

              EURL FMEG                      Algeria   Security & electricity materials

                 Isoclim                     Algeria   Insulation products, spare parts and cold equipment

              Spa Algomat                    Algeria   Space partnership

       Sarl Maprod Equipements               Algeria   Spare parts

              SOGE Metal                     Algeria   Grab bar tubings, hinges, lever handles,

               CBS Xerox                     Algeria   Office automation malthouse

            DCS Contractors                  Algeria   sawing, coring, diamond dismantling

            Eurl Aramaglass                  Algeria   Glass transformation, shaping

               Injelec Sarl                  Algeria   electric bonding equipment

      Sarl Entrepose Mills Algerie           Algeria   Scaffolding
                                                       Steel products, metal transformation, polystyrene
   Sarl el Guedra (Eurl Boukherbata)         Algeria   cabins
                                                       wholesale professional equipment & general
            Sarl Farid Outilux               Algeria   hardware

            Sarl GMI Algerie                 Algeria   Generators & welding
               Company                     Country   Area of Activity

            Sarl Honda Metal               Algeria   sandwich boards

            Sarl Kil Industrie             Algeria   Automatic accesses

               Sarl Maeg                   Algeria   Importers of pro plus industrial equipment

              Sarl Metallia                Algeria   steel accessories

              Sarl Moburo                  Algeria   Scaffolding & shelving

           Sarl Moh Mimouni                Algeria   Building materials equipment

                Sarl Mota                  Algeria   Steel construction (producers of Saharan cabins)

               Sarl Nafco                  Algeria   Electric cabins

Sarl Panisol Algerie (Ben Brahim Groupe)   Algeria   Sandwich boards, cold rooms

             Sarl Pro Acces                Algeria   Automatism & security access

         Sarl Promatal Algerie             Algeria   Distributors of building products and materials
                                                     Specialists in door gates, access control & fire break
      Sarl Portech (Filiale Bativert)      Algeria   doors

                Sarl Sabb                  Algeria   Marketing of wood & construction materials
                                                     Rubber transformation/modification, elastomer
                Sarl Sael                  Algeria   application
                                                     Management solution in construction, equipment,
               Sarl Soft 7                 Algeria   importation

                Sarl Talfil                Algeria   Gabion & welded wire mesh

              Siemtec Spa                  Algeria   Fire & control system

           Vatel Equipements               Algeria   Industrial equipment, surface & water treatment

           Remer Algerie Sarl              Algeria   High steel wires & fishing nets
                                                     Equipment suppliers, industrial tools & security
              Eurl Outilsec                Algeria   equipment

  Sarl Systeme Panneaus Sandwichs          Algeria   Prefab construction

          Sarl Pan Isox Algerie            Algeria   Building system with structural sandwich boards
                                                     equipments & accessories (welding torch, pressure
                                                     regulator), waterproofing/sealants, insulation &
            Afrique Etanche                Algeria   roofing

         Seri & H. Technologia             Algeria   New building materials
                                                     Metal scaffolding, matrix works, high steel
               Acrow Misr                   Egypt    frameworks, storage & shelving systems

               Atarfil, S.L                 Spain    Thermostatic geomembranes & liners

             EIRICH France                 France    Industrial equipment, security equipment

              Ero Industrie                France    Industrial equipment, security equipment
               Company                      Country   Area of Activity

                  Escal                     France    Security equipment

               FBH SARL                     France    Industrial equipment & tool

          Haco/Delta-Technics               France    Industrial equipment & tool

           Hager Electro SAS                France    Electrical equipment

              Halfen-Deha                   France    Construction materials

                    France    Industrial maintenance

                Probmat                     France    Industrial equipment & tools

                  Sirtec                    France    Industrial equipment & tools

                Tubesca                     France    Industrial equipment & tools

                 Tixit SA                   France    Industrial equipment & tools

               Add Beton                    France    Industrial equipment & tools

              ALLU France                   France    Industrial equipment & tools
                                                      Construction materials, sanitation items, household
     Atlanta Commerce International         Tunisia   electrical appliances
                                                      Building accessories: metal shores, scaffolding,
PAF/Societe de Transformation de Metaux     Tunisia   steel-welded tubes

          Alba Kalip San.Ltd.Stl            Turkey    Wrought iron accessories

         Oskar Makina Ins San               Turkey    Light construction equipment
                                                      Marble transformations, brickworks equipment,
          DZ Industrie Services             Algeria   abrasive disks

          Building Materials
                                                      Industrial formwork, space frame systems,
             Buldac Makina                  Turkey    scaffolding systems, steel construction
                                                      Manufacturers of water, gas and metaloplastic
              Ametal SARL                   Algeria   materials and accessories

               AX-Consult                   Algeria   Architecture and urban studies
                                                      Equipments and vibration materials for concrete and
             AMD Industrie                  Algeria   casing

              ACGM SARL                     Algeria   Modular construction
                                                      Pre-manufactured elements in concrete, geosynthetic
             AFITEX Algerie                 Algeria   products

           Alioua Automatisme               Algeria   Automatic panels, barriers and portals

          Bureau Bayer Algerie              Algeria   Isolation technology

 Bureau d'Etude et realisation "Arrouche"   Algeria   Building materials

                Batimetal                   Algeria   Frameworks, sheet metal work, metallic construction
                                                      Forged ceilings in plaster and aluminum, set in
                Batissimo                   Algeria   plaster
           Company                  Country   Area of Activity

      Bativert Equipement           Algeria   Scaffolding, site materials
                                              Importers and exporters of extra small spare parts
          BFIX SARL                 Algeria   and construction equipment

           Moussaoui                Algeria   Wood work, aluminum & PVC equipment

    CGM Sour el Ghozlane            Algeria   Single-layered blocks

      Contact International         Algeria   Technology products, water tight membranes

        Diprobat SARL               Algeria   Building materials

         Distribat SARL             Algeria   Building materials

    Entropose Mills Algerie         Algeria   Scaffoldings, shoring equipment

 EURL Amine Oumniati Algerie        Algeria   Prefabricated units

    EURL Attouche Decors            Algeria   Plaster lamination

         EURL Berates               Algeria   Scientific transmission materials

        EURL GM Trade               Algeria   Transmission materials, chargers, tractors

EURL Dept (Fixation et outillage)   Algeria   Transmission materials and tools

       EURL Fiat Algerie            Algeria   Transmission apparatus
                                              Electroportable equipment, automatic reel cutting
  EURL Haddad Equipement            Algeria   machines,
                                              Transmission materials, industrial resources
          EURL MDMI                 Algeria   development projects

         EURL Salcom                Algeria   PVC tubing and accessories

      EURL Setif-Bandes             Algeria   Band carriers and vulcanising products

 EURL Hamzaoui Technologia          Algeria   Sale and installation of walls and panels

      Florex Equipements            Algeria   Sand-blast machines & spray guns

      Frihi Abderahmane             Algeria   Art & wood

            Ferrovial               Algeria   Mechanic, iron metallurgy
                                              Soils, polyurethane-base cold-sealants, concrete
       ADN Construction             Algeria   repairs, façade covering, metallic frames/frameworks

          Groupe Erce               Algeria   Cement & building materials

        Groupe K Plast              Algeria   PVC tubing/tubes

       Groupe Sogemetal             Algeria   Accessories & distribution of T-sections

            Granitex                Algeria   Admixture and grinding agents

   Groupe Benhamadi Argilor         Algeria   Red products

      Groupe Ouest Injaco           Algeria   Construction
           Company                   Country   Area of Activity

          Groupe TPL                 Algeria   T-Sections & flat bars

           H W S Eurl                Algeria   Industrial equipment

         Ipromat Algerie             Algeria   Scaffolding and building materials

            Lux Metal                Algeria   Iron and steel products

   Maghreb Leasing Algerie           Algeria   Building materials

       Placo Distribution            Algeria   Plaster lamination

     Plastics transformation         Algeria   PVC production
                                               Distributors of building materials, ceramic, sanitary
          Poly Isolation             Algeria   and glass products

     Knauf Platres Fleurus           Algeria   Plastering

           Sofirec Sarl              Algeria   Profiles and aluminum accessories

            Paumelux                 Algeria   Ironmongery, building tools

          Quick Décor                Algeria   Building materials and decoration

        Rosaceram Sarl               Algeria   Earthenware and concrete slab

     S N C Freres Agoune             Algeria   Building materials

         Sarl Alsochem               Algeria   Chemical products & raw materials

 Sarl Atia Distribution Industriel   Algeria   Industrial materials

          Sarl Etanchal              Algeria   Tightness/tightening materials/sealants

            Sarl Fiep                Algeria   Industrial suppliers and professional equipment

    Sarl Mohmimoun Import            Algeria   Sanders, all types of disks, concrete mixers

    Sarl Soummam Algerie             Algeria   Importers of building materials

Sarl System Panneaux sandwichs       Algeria   Sandwich & insulation panels

     Sarl Tissetanche Alger          Algeria   Sealants
                                               Shotcreting materials, concrete pumps, & high
            PPM Sarl                 Algeria   pressure cleaners
                                               Sales, installation maintenance & calibration of
                                               laboratory equipment for testing materials (cements,
   Force/Controlab/Testwell          Algeria   concretes flexible pavements)
                                               plaster lamination, suspended ceilings, aluminum
           Snc Soprec                Algeria   partitions, wall panels

   Steel Export Service (SES)        Algeria   covering of industrial buildings, roofs & cladding

     SARL Afrique Etanche            Algeria   Sealants

   SARL Bahloulilyazid "SBL"         Algeria   Major projects, building and construction materials
            Company                Country   Area of Activity

            Sarl Batifix           Algeria   Importers of suspended ceilings

            Sarl CPIB              Algeria   Building checks

             Echafind              Algeria   Sales of industrial scaffolding & shelving

  Sarl Surgi- Tech Equipments      Algeria   Wood machinery

        Ste SO.MA.CO.B             Algeria   Construction materials, bricks, plasters, blocks/tiles

         Technosid Sarl            Algeria   concrete press, testing materials
                                             PVC tubes for buildings and public works & hydraulic
         Sitep Tuboplast           Algeria   industry

     EURL Habrih Slimane           Algeria   Importers of construction materials

              SAEE                 Algeria   Scaffolding/scales

Sarl Axe BoisMachines et Derives   Algeria   Ironmongery & wood

            ABC Minet              Algeria   Scaffolding, casing, shoring

  Techno Italy Engineering Sarl    Algeria   Brickworks

    Sarl Aliteco - Algerie Italy   Algeria   Construction

   Sarl Briqueterie des Oasis      Algeria   Brickworks

         ETBH Chihihani            Algeria   Building works & hydraulics
                                             specialists in end restraint materials, welding
          Act Alu Weld             Algeria   materials

              Alexo                Algeria   Aluminum extrusion

          Hodna Metal              Algeria   Sandwich panels

        Attouche Decors            Algeria   Detachable suspended ceilings

       Lexdynamic Algerie          Algeria   Professional products for building

               LVM                 Algeria   Concrete equipment

       Sparts International        Algeria   Dumpers, automatic chains

               SEIC                Algeria   Burners for brickworks
                                             Distribution powerhouse for electrical materials e.g.
MGEDP Technipole Destribution      Algeria   lamps, cables, light bulbs

Topecal Batiment Industriel Sarl   Algeria   Roof coverings for industrial buildings,

               Aluor               Algeria   Wall panels, aluminum joinery

    Colpa LaFarge Gypsum           Algeria   walls, cladding, ceilings

            Au Décor               Algeria   Accessories & aluminum industry
                                             Façade covering, wall panels, aluminum joinery, all
 Arte Construction Systems Sarl    Algeria   jobs pertaining to the buildings trade
               Company                      Country   Area of Activity

          Astra Motors Algerie              Algeria   Astra dumper truck dealers

                  B.H.L                     Algeria   Brickworks

          Baticmopos Spa UPS                Algeria   Sandwich panels, stacks, shape parts

            Batp & Industrie                Algeria   Industrial supplier of welding & lifting materials

         Bayer Materiel Science             Algeria   Chemical raw materials

         Bellour Mebrouk A.N.S.             Algeria   Sales of construction materials

             Benaissa Smail                 Algeria   Wood transformation
                                                      Exhibition of panel posts slabs prefabricated in
                 Cevital                    Algeria   concrete
                                                      Metallic construction (frameworks, industrial
     CR. Metal Spa Groupe "ENCC"            Algeria   equipment, casing)
                                                      Industrial suppliers of binding materials, welding
             ECT Alu Weld                   Algeria   materials

Epe Sofatpo Spa Filiale du Groupe Soudiaf   Algeria   Polystyrene production & transformation

            Espace Isolation                Algeria   Light work building materials

               ETS Alioua                   Algeria   Steel construction

         Eurl ADS Amenageent                Algeria   Building construction and development

                Eurl BMB                    Algeria   Importers of materials for construction & public works
                                                      Importers and distributors of iron & steel products,
            Eurl Boukherbata                Algeria   metal shaping, manufacturers of polystyrene cabs

             Eurl Construal                 Algeria   Aluminum joinery, wall panels

                Eurl DPM                    Algeria   Distributors of raw materials
                                                      Import & distribution of thermal insulation materials,
                Eurl DTS                    Algeria   building and dwelling phonic

           Eurl H Technologia               Algeria   New construction materials, façade & wall treatment
                                                      Sale & transformation of aluminum, spiking & electro-
             Eurl Satal Plus                Algeria   portable materials,

        Eurl Talaoubrid stainless           Algeria   Transformation of stainless steel stacks & tubes

           Eurl Z.I.E Zebbiche              Algeria   Buildings & public works materials

  Labani Sofiane Menuiserie et travaux      Algeria   Aluminum

          Les centres inter-mac             Algeria   Supermarket distribution of construction materials

    Omnium Technique Industrie Sarl         Algeria   Treatment & protection of porous surfaces

             Pro'Distributeur               Algeria   Importers & distributors of industrial materials

              Sarl Alcahyd                  Algeria   Prefabricated units in concrete

         Sarl Algerie Fermeture             Algeria   Aluminum joinery
               Company                     Country   Area of Activity
                                                     Anti-corrosion products, galvanising, cathodic
         Sarl Alpha Lubrifiants            Algeria   protection
                                                     import/distribution of pipe works & polypropylene
         Sarl Aqua Distribution            Algeria   accessories
                                                     Technical management of the access control
         Sarl Deo Electronique             Algeria   building system

              Sarl Fbum                    Algeria   Glaziery & construction materials

           Sarl Gico Algerie               Algeria   Sale equipments & spare parts

          Sarl Ipromat Algerie             Algeria   Sale of construction materials

          Sarl Marquage Plus               Algeria   Printed concrete, wax concrete, epoxy resin

               Sarl Sps                    Algeria   Sandwich boards/panels

       Sarl Steel Export Service           Algeria   Coverings of industrial buildings

         Sarl Systeme Alumine              Algeria   Aluminum joinery
                                                     High density polyethylene pipes in PVC, hydraulic
               Tuboplast                   Algeria   accessories

              Tradeinvest                  Algeria   steel construction

                Top Net                    Algeria   Distributors of cleaning equipment

            Tecalum Algerie                Algeria   Structural aluminum
                                                     Thermoplastic pipes & suppliers of polyethylene and
           STPM Chiali Spa                 Algeria   PVC accessories for water, gas, etc

           Spa Tissetanche                 Algeria   Sealants

               Sarl Saee                   Algeria   Scaffolding shoring, building site materials

         Sarl Sotev Algerie                Algeria   high steel building construction
Sadec Spa Societe Algerienne des ETS
              Carreres                     Algeria   Chemical mineral products

             Ksaf Electric                 Algeria   Importers of electrical equipment

 Epe Sfatpo CPA Filiale Groupe Sodiaf      Algeria   Producers & marketers of polystyrene
Societe des materiaux de construction de
                Bejaia                     Algeria   Construction materials, real estate transaction

                Meiser                     Germany   Duckboards, staircases,

            Speciale Egypte                 Egypt    Imports - Stamped concrete

          3 S Import & Export               Egypt    Materials for producing stamped concrete

               Al Dawlia                    Egypt    Aluminum coloured profiles
                                                     Profile extrusion of aluminum for different uses:
          Arabe d'Aluminium                 Egypt    architectural, industrial, agricultural

  Chemical for modern Building CMB          Egypt    Chemical construction products

              El Sewedy                     Egypt    Wires & cables, electricals, turn key projects
                Company                      Country    Area of Activity

           Henkel Polybit Egypt               Egypt     Watertight/waterproof materials

             Lasco Adhesives                  Egypt     Adhesives

                  Saveto                      Egypt     Construction materials

   Valley of the Kings (Wadi El Melouk)       Egypt     Metal works & coating, wall panels, forged metal

          Perfiles Valencia, S.L              Spain     Specialists in aluminum extrusion

                Tovic, S.L                    Spain     Aluminum frames

            Fibres du Hainaut                France     Construction materials

        Krings International France          France     Construction materials
                                                        Industrial equipment and tools, construction & public
              Manuprovence                   France     works services, new/second hand hoists

                   OTEP                      France     Industrial equipment and tools

             Scierie de Lerm                 France     Construction materials, light work

                 Soprema                     France     Construction materials

               Wedi France                   France     Construction materials

      Advanced French Ceilings SAS           France     Plastic substance transformation

           Armacell France SA                France     Construction materials

              Blastrac Florex                France     Industrial equipments & tools

               Tradeinvest                   Bulgaria   Steel construction

               Laterlite Spa                   Italy    Producers of expanded clay.
                                                        complete installations for the terracotta industry:
            Piccinini Imianti Srl              Italy    drying furnace
                                                        Waterproofing membrane, bituminous products,
         Etancheite Tunisienne S.A           Tunisia    paintings
Sotacib/Societe Tuniso-Andalouse de ciment
                   blanc                     Tunisia    White cement

      TPR/Tunisie Profiles Aluminium         Tunisia    Aluminum joinery

               El Mawassir                   Tunisia    Rubber, PVC tubes & accessories

                      Au                     Turkey     Blending plants, storage bunkers
    Altinyaldiz Uzay Sistem Kon.Sav.Ve
                  Tic.Ltd.Stl                Turkey     Construction of all kinds of buildings for industrial use

      BMS Celik Hasir San Vetic AS           Turkey     Iron & steel
                                                        Prefab modular buildings, accommodation
Dorce Prefabrik Yapi Ve Insaat San Tic AS    Turkey     containers, permanent steel buildings

Emsa Elektromotor Alternator San Ve Tic AS   Turkey     Suppliers of high voltage generators
                                                        Façade plasters(gypsum based plasters, cement
      Entegre Harc Sanayi Ve Tic AS          Turkey     based plasters), technical mortars(tile adhesives &
                Company                     Country   Area of Activity
                                                      construction chemicals)

 Eyuboglu Celik Iskele Kalip Sist Ins Mak   Turkey    Scaffolding

            Gizir Profil Sanayi             Turkey    Medium density fibreboards, laminated packaging

         Gurbetciler Plastik San            Turkey    Metal accessories, plastic forwork

       Mesa Imalat San Ve Tic AS            Turkey    Scaffolding systems, telescopic shoring,
                                                      Cast bronze, cast iron, cast aluminum, cast ductile,
       Mert Dokum San Ve Tic AS             Turkey    cast steel

     Mutlusan Plastiksan Tic Ltd Stl        Turkey    PVC mouldings & chutes,
Namtas Beton Mak Beton Urun San Tic Ltd
                  Stl                       Turkey    Blocks

 Tasmetan Metalurji San Ve Tic Taah AS      Turkey    Iron foundry

      Turgay Plastik Ins Tekstil San        Turkey    Importers of PVC profile

             Unal Kablo San                 Turkey    Cable manufacturers
                                                      Cables (flexible cables, fixed installation cables,
         Vatan Kablo Metal End              Turkey    underground power cables)
                                                      Office & living containers, prefab site buildings, steel
      Vefa Muh Prepabrik Ins Mak            Turkey    constructions

                                                      Terrazzo blocks, single-layered, marble, regular care
     Carreaux du Sahel/SARL C S K           Algeria   products for marble and granite

               Ceral SARL                   Algeria   Ceramics

    ECO Unite Commerciale d'Algerie         Algeria   Distributors of various ceramic products

      Sarl Faienceries Algeriennes          Algeria   Ceramic tiles & faience

         Sarl Groupe Ceramique              Algeria   Ceramics

           Sarl Timgad Marbre               Algeria   Marble & granite

          Sarl Afrique Multiple             Algeria   Tile covering

        Modern Ceramics Groupe              Algeria   Ceramic industry

           Sarl Africa Multiple             Algeria   Straight chequer board, glass mosaic

             Sarl Bati Ceram                Algeria   Ceramic tiles

             Sarl Constrimat                Algeria   Sanitation products & ceramic ware
                                                      Mono-layered tiles, marble
                Sarl CSK                    Algeria   transformation/modification

            Sarl Terra Ceram                Algeria   Ceramic

     Sarl Ceramique DG Bourmedes            Algeria   Ceramic & floor tiles

            Ceramica Venus                   Egypt    Ceramic tiles for walls and floors
                Company                       Country   Area of Activity

             Eurl Carl World                  Algeria   Tiled floors

            G.E.R.A.L.G Spa                   Algeria   Ceramics, building materials

 Sarl B.C.D. Bazar Construction et Décor      Algeria   Tiled floorings, walls & light decoration

                                                        import - export of scientific apparatus, lab materials
                                                        for civil engineering, topographic materials, repairs
              Eurl Beratest                   Algeria   workshop
                                                        Technology products for buildings, the civil
                 Chimibat                     Algeria   engineering industry and the environment

               Eurl Ezzahiri                  Algeria   Cold steel

             Force Controlab                  Algeria   Civil engineering lab equipment

        GCB Spa Filiale Sonatrach             Algeria   Civil engineering buildings

                  Inerga                      Algeria   Industrial infrastructure & real estate

              Spor Sanayl                     Turkey    Steel construction, grandstands & catering tents
Tamer Insaat Celik Kaliplari San Ve Tic Ltd             Steel and tunnel formworks, scaffolding systems and
                   Stl                        Turkey    formwork accessories

       Construction Machinery

                Enasc Spa                     Algeria   Single acting lifts

 Entreprise Nationale des Granulats Eng       Algeria   Aggregates

           Pro Distributeur Sarl              Algeria   Tyre and industrial equipments

            Sarl Case Algerie                 Algeria   Engines & spare parts

                Somi Sarl                     Algeria   Installation and supply of lifts, etc

            Sarl Alger Enging                 Algeria   engine exhibitions

              Sicam Algerie                   Algeria   Swap body & vehicle lift

                   ETP                        Algeria   Installation, repairs and maintenance

       Eurl Alfa Ascenseur Algerie            Algeria   Elevators

                  Admix                       Algeria   Pit products

                Altub Sarl                    Algeria   Manufacturing and transforming of tanks

                 E.N.ASC                      Algeria   Elevators

                Big-Mag                       Algeria   Vehicles
    Fondal Groupe Industriel fonderies
              Algeriennes                     Algeria   Producers & marketers of castings in ferrous metal

                G I Fondal                    Algeria   Foundry
                 Company                        Country   Area of Activity

          Ideal Materiaux Schnell               Algeria   Machines for concrete reinforcing bars

          Le traditionel du marbre              Algeria   Gablonz glassware water jets in baluster columns
                                                          Dealers in machines, materials & products for
               Logistibat Eurl                  Algeria   construction & public works industry

           MA Prod Equipements                  Algeria   Importers & distributors of garage & plant equipment
                                                          Dealers of light & heavy duty truck vehicles, trailers
               Mondo Truck                      Algeria   and semi-trailers

                  Remelec                       Algeria   Generators, control units, transmitting equipments

        Sarl Alfa Ascenseur Algerie             Algeria   Elevators

             Sarl Alger Engins                  Algeria   Heavy equipment marketing

          Sarl Arvitem - Evolution              Algeria   construction works

Sarl Associated Car & Truck Soecialist "Acts"   Algeria   Makers of heavy duty vehicles & semi-trailers

             Sarl NTW Industrie                 Algeria   Industrial equipment for the building industry, etc

              Sarl Nagos MVI                    Algeria   dealers of industrial vehicles

         Sarl Rolandtechnic Algerie             Algeria   Import/Export of gear boxes

                 Sarl Sraal                     Algeria   Manufacturers of elevators and lifting equipment
   Societe Algerienne d'equipements de                    Manufacturers & marketers of building site, DIY and
                 Chantier                       Algeria   agricultural equipment
                                                          Wholesale hydraulic equipment, plumbing, water
                 SNC Cad                        Algeria   treatment
                                                          manufacturing, installation & maintenance of
                Sarm Liftima                    Algeria   elevators

                   Somi                         Algeria   Mechanical elevators & staircases

                 Sogemetal                      Algeria   Elevator manufacturers

               Reducom Sarl                     Algeria   Importers/distributors of engines, converters
                                                          manufacturing, installation & maintenance of
                Gsarl Liftima                   Algeria   elevators

           Flexydynamic Algerie                 Algeria   trade manufacturer of hydraulic pipes

                Rometa S.A                       Spain    Machine & equipment for the concrete industry

             EGH Sas - FLYGT                    France    Hydraulic materials

      Algerian Process & Piping "APP"           France    Hydraulics

     Giacomini Officine Meccaniche Srl           Italy    Derricks, Gantry cranes, bridge cranes

  Sico/Societe Industrielle de Construction     Tunisia   Painting, laser cutting & mechanised welding

                Atom Filitre                    Turkey    R.C filters, air filters, microglass hydraulic filters
                                                          Cranes of all types, steel construction buildings,
       Bulbuloglu Vinc San Vetic AS             Turkey    standard electrical wire rope hoists,
                Company                      Country   Area of Activity

  Sener Insaat Makinalari San Ve Tic AS      Turkey    Construction machines

    Teksan Jenerator Elk San Ve Tic AS       Turkey    Diesel generating sets

          Tersan Dalgis Pompa                Turkey    Iron foundry pumps & submersible pumps

       Turan Makina San Tic Ltd Stl          Turkey    Welding machines, fittings & bending machines

            Country Living

         Art et Creation Syrienne            Algeria   Fountains, patchwork, sculptures
                                                       Fountains, garden lights, signalling lights, public
         Generale Lumiere Algerie            Algeria   seating benches


             All Stores SARL                 Algeria   Blinds, shutters, windows, curtains,

           Equipe Stores SAR                 Algeria   Blinds

   Sarl Compagnie des Stores d'Algerie       Algeria   Blinds & shutters

      Compagnie des Stors d'Algerie          Algeria   Blinds

           Equipe Stores SAR                 Algeria   Blinds

                Eurl B.K.S                   Algeria   Curtain walls

            Doors and locks

          ETS Ismail Khenache                Algeria   Doors and automatic portals

            Labelle Porte Sarl               Algeria   Door manufacturers

                 Soficlef                    Algeria   Locks, door handles

             Sarl noble Castle               Algeria   Wood work & door items

               Kil Industrie                 Algeria   Specialists in automatic access e.g. doors, garages

                 Portech                     Algeria   Doors solutions


    S.N.C Freres Arar Fab Car Granito        Algeria   Floor tiling

       SNC Bouadjir et Compagnie             Algeria   Floor tiling

             Hanoutcoum                      Algeria   Flooring, wall panelling
Compagnie Egyptienne pour la production du
        Parquet Artificiel EIFCO              Egypt    High resistance wooden floors

           Fibat Entreprise S.A              France    Raised flooring, wall dividers,

 STR/Societe Tunisienne de Revetements       Tunisia   Wood flooring in casting resin

              Company                     Country   Area of Activity
                                                    Sauna accessories, elegant saunas, country saunas,
            Harvia Saunas                 Algeria   infrared saunas, American spas, etc

         Himin Solar Energy               Algeria   Hot water from solar energy


       SNC Adver Adour et Cie             Algeria   Glass shaping/forming

      Vitrerie Miroiterie Hachour         Algeria   Sheet glass


              Paumelux                    Algeria   Hardware & electricals

             Ste Haddadi                  Algeria   Shutters & locks
                                                    Hardware, electronic locks, glass door accessories,
      Kale Kilit Ve Kalip San AS          Turkey    ice makers & water dispensers

             Ugur Makina                  Turkey    Cleaning & dampening, grinding and transportation

             BE. SA. LUX                  Algeria   Lux accessories/Hardware

            ECT Alu Weld                  Algeria   Industrial suppliers, fasteners and welding

                                                    General plumbing, pumps, water treatment, tools, fire
                C.A.D                     Algeria   resistant

              Climagaz                    Algeria   Air conditioning systems
                                                    General plumbing, hydraulics, fire engines, heating
                                                    systems, water treatment, swimming pool
 Compagnie Africaine de Distribution      Algeria   accessories, professional tools

           EURL E.S.R.S.                  Algeria   Heating pumps, hot water pumps

 EURL Rebo Technologie et industrie       Algeria   Air conditioning systems

            Le Confort Sarl               Algeria   Importers of plumbing and heating equipment

               Proclim                    Algeria   Air conditioning systems, ventilators

Industries thermiques Algeriennes - ITA   Algeria   Radiators, boilers, heaters

            Rifeng Algerie                Algeria   Plumbing, heating, air conditioning systems
                                                    Manufacturers of industrial boilers, hot water
           Epe Ecferal Spa                Algeria   generators, incinerators, central heating installation

     Eurl Beghami Import/Export           Algeria   Import & sales of heating materials

              Eurl CGF                    Algeria   Cold & air-conditioning systems
                                                    Boilers, pumps, plumbing items, air-conditioning
            Eurl Hamdim                   Algeria   systems
                                                    Equipment & Accessories for heating vibration,
          Sarl Amd Industrie              Algeria   compacting lifting

              Sarl Evacc                  Algeria   Air-conditioning, ventilation, smoke ejection/control
                Company                        Country   Area of Activity
                                                         Air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment, smoke
                Sarl Genepi                    Algeria   control, cold pumps

             Sarl Hiver Confort                Algeria   Importers of boilers, radiators, building paint

                Sarl Proclim                   Algeria   Sale of air-conditioning & ventilation equipment

              Sarl Samochauf                   Algeria   Central heating

               So Ba Metal                     Algeria   Central heating radiators, electric radiators

                 Sarl Mical                    Algeria   Air conditioning heaters

                  Al Amal                       Egypt    Pipes & pipe links in CPVC and UPVC
                                                         Maintenance of own equipment - domestic &
             Fact SA - Carrier                 France    industrial air-conditioning systems

      Emerson Climate Technologies             France    Refrigeration & air-conditioning products

               Eurl Izo-Froid                  France    Air-conditioned ceilings

     Baykan Isi Sistemleri San Vetic As        Turkey    Wall hung boilers

         Turk Demirdokum Fab AS                Turkey    Wall hung gas boilers


                Cuisinelec                     Algeria   Kitchen furniture

               Deco Habitat                    Algeria   Wall coverings, lights, decoration
Enterprise generale de revetement de sols et             Soil and plastic wall covering material, suspended
                    murs                       Algeria   ceilings, fitted carpeting, panels

         Generale Lumiere Algerie              Algeria   Public lighting

       Eurl Mursseta Tuniso-Algerien           Algeria   Lamps and lighting appliance products

              Sarl Promeuble                   Algeria   detachable partitions

          Sarl Simed Construction              Algeria   Wall panels, interior arrangement, metallic shelves

           Spa Rouiba Eclairage                Algeria   Lighting products

         Spea Chaabane Peinture                Algeria   Lacquered paintings

 Eurl el Ferdous Decoration et importation     Algeria   Import & decoration

             Sarl Meublissimo                  Algeria   Furniture suites
                                                         Transformation of glass accessories, stainless steel
      Architecture glass systeme AGS           Algeria   stair balusters

             Sarl Deco-Habitat                 Algeria   Wall covering in glass fibre, decoration & paint works

     Sarl Gla General Lumiere Algerie          Algeria   Stylish & practical public lighting, architectural lighting

         Sarl Harvia Sauna Algerie             Algeria   Professional saunas

           Sarl New Mat Algerie                Algeria   tight ceiling in PVC material & wall tiling
             Company                   Country   Area of Activity
                                                 Construction materials decorated in cement, plaster
        Sarl Tacherift Freres          Algeria   & marble
                                                 Importers/distributors of tableware, hardware,
     Eurl Prestige Mitidja Import      Algeria   furniture

           SNC Boplafond               Algeria   Items for interior decoration, scaffolding

       Iemco pour l'eclairage           Egypt    Lighting installations

           Wood & Steel                 Egypt    Office furniture, chairs,

     Fenetres Franc Comtoises          France    Light work

         First Plast France            France    Light work

          France Air Export            France    Light work

              Geo Staff                France    Light work

         Lacour Engineering            France    Light work

            Mantion Sas                France    Light work

               Misetal                 France    Light work

          MPMP Sanitaire               France    Light work

             Righini SA                France    Light work

             Sauter AG                 France    Light work

          Schluter Systems             France    Light work

  Secu Fermeture - Maaf Securite       France    Light work

        Schweyer Gerard                France    Light work
  Technal (hydro building systems
           international)              France    Light work

              Vachette                 France    Light work

               Aludoor                 France    Light work

              Autogyre                 France    Light work

               Belimo                  France    Light work

          Valpaint Tunisie             Tunisia   Decorative paintings

Societe Sayadi Pioneer Stone Carving   Tunisia   Façade decoration, wall covering, columns
                                                 PVC wrapped mdp profiles & panels, wall panels,
      Arkopa Ahsap Panel San           Turkey    skirtings and laminated panels,

     Audio Elektronik Ith Ihr San      Turkey    Latest technology audio visuals

  Furkan Aydinlatma San Tic Ltd Stl    Turkey    Ceiling lamps

    Metsan Metal San Ve Tic SA         Turkey    Wall lamps, bulbs, sockets, transformers, pluton
            Company                    Country   Area of Activity

        Sarl Khalifa Miroirs           Algeria   Glazing & mirrors


EURL Mebio Representant Topcon         Algeria   topographic materials

           Topocon Sarl                Algeria   topographic materials, laser alignment

EURL Mebio Representant Topcon         Algeria   Topographic equipment

        Geo Sciences Sarl              Algeria   Sellers of topographic tools
                                                 Distributors of topographical & public works
             Somagex                   Algeria   instruments


Aksa Motor Fan Tur.San.Tic.Ltd.Stl     Turkey    Vacuum cleaners, AC motors

         BET Proj Design               Algeria   Technical studies

      Hydro-Environnement              Algeria   Geophysics radar

          Fatexal Landolt              Algeria   Geo-textiles

       Ideal Materiaux Omf             Algeria   Machines for making agglogranite

              Neisco                    Egypt    Installation of UPVC adaptations

  Transportes Universales, S.A.         Spain    Global transporters

            Walter SAS                 France    Metallo-textile structures

Beta Is Makinalari San Vetic Ltd Stl   Turkey    Beta transmixers


           Sarl Cofrem                 Algeria   construction paint & accessories

         Bechimex SARL                 Algeria   Paint

           Devco SARL                  Algeria   Painting and plaster decoratives

               Enap                    Algeria   Paintings

        Sarl Midy Peinture             Algeria   Paintings

       Sarl Mistral Peinture           Algeria   Paintings

          Concordal Spa                Algeria   Paint producers

        Le Sahel Peinture              Algeria   Painting & derivative

         Bechimex SARL                 Algeria   Painting and plaster decoratives
                                                 Painting machines, train/plotting machines,
       Euromair Distribution           Algeria   apparatus for applying the basecoat

           Darr Erradja                Algeria   Paint manufacturers
                Company                       Country   Area of Activity

               Eurl Sopeint                   Algeria   Manufacturers of paint and varnish

         Gurmaksan Algerie Sarl               Algeria   Painting machines, various equipments

                   I.T.E.                     Algeria   Importer/distributor of paint paper

         Sarl Gurmaksan Algerie               Algeria   Painting equipment, various equipments

             Sarl S A Peint                   Algeria   Paint for the construction industry
  Spoa Societe des peintures de l'ouest
                Algerie                       Algeria   Makers & sellers of paintings

Sarl Ste Libanaise Peinture Professionnelle   Algeria   Painting producers

             Franpin Nespoli                  France    Paint brushes, paint rollers, painting tools

                 Bekotas                      Turkey    All types of paints for buildings
                                                        Industrial paints, paints for the construction industry,
      Sir Boya Kimya San Ve Tic AS            Turkey    varnish

                  Ripolin                     Algeria   Faience, paintings, tiles, glass mosaic


    Eim Sanitaire Miliana Filiale Eniem       Algeria   Sanitation products in mesh steel
                                                        Pipes (conforming to German standards) & drinking
                                                        water, sanitary drainage made of pvc substance
               Aboue Ghali                     Egypt    (conforming to American standards)

            Red Sea Pipes Co.                  Egypt    PVC & CPVC pipes & installations
                                                        Plastic pipes for central heating, hot & cold water.
             Toutounji Groupe                  Egypt    Sanitary equipment & bathroom accessories
                                                        Water drainage, pressure fittings & accessories in
               Deibi, S.L.U                    Spain    pvc

                  Tecofi                      France    Plumbing fixtures

                Haci Ayvaz                    Turkey    Flexible metal, compensators, valves, drain cocks,

          Mas Pompa Sanayi AS                 Turkey    Different kinds of pumps

     Novaplast Plastik San Ve Tic AS          Turkey    plastic tubes & associated systems
                                                        UPC pressure pipes & fittings, pvc sewage pipes &
               Pilsa Plastik                  Turkey    fittings,

 Senkron Plastik Insaat Sanayi Ve Tic Stl     Turkey    Couplings, tee threads, bolt saddle

             Public Works

              EURL E.S.R.S.                   Algeria   Traffic/road signs

         Infrarail/Spa Filiale SNTF           Algeria   Railroads

            LB Eurl Logistibat                Algeria   Distributors of public works equipment

                Sarl Codim                    Algeria   Public works material, tools and equipment
            Company                  Country   Area of Activity

             Sarl Gico               Algeria   Public works machinery

   S.M.E.I Sarl Mammeri et fils      Algeria   Sales of materials for public works

Unite Industrielle Bouhala "Douna"   Algeria   Signalling equipment

       Sarl Hyundai Motors           Algeria   Automobile

      EURL Zebbiche (Z.I.E)          Algeria   building & public works materials and industry
                                               Technology products - building, public works, civil
       Contact International         Algeria   engineering and environment
                                               Import & Export of scientific materials for construction
           Eurl Beratest             Algeria   & public works

         Eurl Gm - Trade             Algeria   Marketing of construction & public works equipment

           Eurl Multren              Algeria   Importers of public works materials

        Fiat Algerie EURL            Algeria   Dealers in agricultural & public works engines
                                               Importer/Exporter of construction & building and
      Ideal Materiaux Lorev          Algeria   public works materials

           Sarl Diprobat             Algeria   Woodwork products, public works products

         Sarl Mimko Ltd              Algeria   Buildings & Public Works

        Sarl Nil Alu Algerie         Algeria   Public works, construction

        Sarl Odimat Oukid            Algeria   Public works equipment, engine spare parts
 Sarl Sare Societe Algerienne des              Construction & public works, special coating,
revetements speciaux et etancheite   Algeria   sealants/water-proofing works

             Dieselec                Algeria   Public works equipment

     Spie Batignolles Algerie        Algeria   Public works & construction

     Sarl Bercul C Compagny          Algeria   Construction & public works
                                               Scaffolding & shoring equipment for construction and
  Paschal - Werk G Maier GmbH        Germany   public works, hydraulic construction.

           A.S Exclusiv              Germany   Rail bender

               Elcia                 France    Construction & public works services

              ID Mat                 France    Construction & public works services

             Magellan                France    Distributors of public works equipment

             Peri SAS                France    Carcassing of construction & public works

             Socamat                 France    Resellers of quarry & public works

      SAS Thedis (Tenexa)            France    Construction & public works services

   Bergerat Monnoyeur Algerie        France    Distributors of public works equipment

Isik Ins Taah Ve Insaat Makinalari   Turkey    Machinery for highway, asphalt, construction
                 Company                        Country   Area of Activity

           Safety Equipment
Def Algerie Filiale de detection electronique
                   francaise                    Algeria   Fire detectors and extinguishers

           Sarl "IDMS" Idrissou                 Algeria   Security materials
                                                          Specialist in security & protective equipments &
              Supelectrotech                    Algeria   checks


      CPA Credit Populaire d'Algerie            Algeria   Banking services

       EURL Alternatives Urbaines               Algeria   Editing/Publishing

      Keller Fondation Speciale Spa             Algeria   Services

             Messaoudi Faycel                   Algeria   Services

             Synaps Diffusion                   Algeria   Buildings & public works software

             Eurika Adeversing                  Algeria   Communication & advertising

                 Caar Spa                       Algeria   Services

                  Finimex                       Algeria   Import-Export

               Sarl Capedes                     Algeria   Advice & communication agency
                                                          National Centre for Applied Research in earthquake
                   CGS                          Algeria   engineering

          C.T.C Centre EPE Spa                  Algeria   technical checks/inspections of construction

                C.T.C. Chlef                    Algeria   technical checks/inspections of construction

              C.T.C Ouest                       Algeria   technical checks/inspections of construction
  Centre National de recherche de genie
              parasismique                      Algeria   Research in earthquake engineering
                                                          Accounting & taxation advice, also investment
              CFCG Cabinet                      Algeria   projects

         Credit Populaire d'Algerie             Algeria   Banking services

            Dias Comptoir Sarl                  Algeria   Import/Export

           Epe Eurl Betwel Chlef                Algeria   Technical studies

               E.P.L.F Blida                    Algeria   Real estate promotion

                 Eurl Rabel                     Algeria   Import/Export

      Global Property Spain Fenensl             Algeria   Real estate promotion

           Infrarail Spa (SNTF)                 Algeria   Railway & road works
   JIC Algerie Sarl Systeme panneaux
                 sandwich                       Algeria   Advertising products
   Laboratoire national de l'habitat et la
           construction (LNHC)                  Algeria   Soil study
              Company                    Country   Area of Activity

        Pathobat International           Algeria   Surveys, research followed by training and seminars

   Sarl Alg Business Development         Algeria   Industrial project development & advertising products

         Sarl Casa Concept               Algeria   Real estate promotion, prefab construction

            Sarl Cogimex                 Algeria   Advice & guidelines relating to import/export

              Sarl Entec                 Algeria   Distributor of didactic & industrial equipment

             Sarl Igeme                  Algeria   Import/Export
                                                   importers & marketers of professional cleaning &
            Sarl K.D.C.M                 Algeria   garage equipment

  Sarl P.M. Lucas Entreprise Algerie     Algeria   Oil tanker services

              Sarl Sidar                 Algeria   Real estate promotion/offers

             Sarl Sopiref                Algeria   Real estate promotion/offers
 Caisse Nationale des Conges Payes
        chomage intemperies              Algeria   Loans (paid leave, unemployment)

          Boulabe Outillage              Algeria   Distributors of professional equipment

             Urbase Setif                Algeria   Town planning studies

               Sarl K D                  Algeria   Building studies

           Eurl K Energie                Algeria   Renewable energy
                                                   Publishers of the Architectural life in the city
           Eurl Alur Edition             Algeria   magazine

 Groupe Equipement Eplf Boumerdes        Algeria   Real estate promotion

Laboratoir Central des Travaux Publics   Algeria   Geo-technical control studies of drilling works

              Torex Sarl                 Algeria   Elevator maintenance

              ANPRUE                     Algeria   Energy conservation
                                                   International transport & packaging, distribution of
                                                   merchandise & project realisation for major
     Ipsen Logistics/CET GmbH            Germany   instalments

        Link Misr International           Egypt    Storage, retail system

              Medorient                  France    Services

               Outilex                   France    Press, teaching, services, professional organisations

               Thirard                   France    Locksmith

          Arex de Picardie               France    Services

            CCI D'Alsace                 France    Services

       CCI Marseille Provence            France    Services
                 Company                        Country   Area of Activity
                                                          support to firms, economic, legal & commercial
Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Algeria       Algeria   information

                    DEF                         France    Solutions & services for fire security systems
                                                          Air freight, sea freight, industrial projects, travel
               Group Gofast                     France    agency
                                                          Scheduled flights to Algeria, Cape Verde, Italy,
                   Aigle-Azur                   France    Morocco
Institut Italien pour le commerce exterieur -             Promoters & developers of commercial exchanges
                       ICE                       Italy    between Algeria & Italy
                                                          Equipments for perforating, wells, geological
                                                          research, consolidations and special equipment
                Ripmec Srl                       Italy    made according to clients' specs

                Fairsystem                       Italy    International exhibition services
                                                          Promotion of production system & globalisation of the
           Abruzzo made in Italy                 Italy    Abruzze region

           Comete Engineering                   Tunisia   Design office, research department

                  Diet S.A                      Tunisia   Promotion of the industrial zone of Enfidha


                  Gemag                         Algeria   Marble extraction & transformation
                                                          Producers & distributors of ceramic blocks, bricks
                   Safcer                       Algeria   and tiles

       Sarl Ceramique Hippocompe                Algeria   Manufacturers of ceramic tiles

   Societe Temacine brique Sarl (STB)           Algeria   Red brick glazing
                                                          Firing & drying equipment for the structural ceramics
         Beralmar Tecnologic, S.A                Spain    industry
                                                          Engineering & equipment for the ceramic and metal
               Forgestal, S.L                    Spain    industry
                                                          Tile cutters, drilling tools, generators & electric
           Germans Boada, S.A                    Spain    accessories
                                                          Manufacturers of machinery for the brick & tile
        Talleres Felipe Verdes, S.A              Spain    industry

                 Ceric S.A                      France    Brickworks construction

                 Sabo Sarl                      Greece    Brickworks machinery


              Fantini Sud Spa                    Italy    Machinery for extracting marble
                                                          Chain coalcutters for cutting marble, travertine,
       Officina Meccanica Garrone                Italy    limestone, slate
                                                          Diamond tools, diamond discs for marble, granite,
                                                          sandstone, construction materials, ceramic,
                 HS Veglio                       Italy    refractory materials, etc
                                                          Machinery & equipment for automatic and semi-
           Longinotti Group Srl                  Italy    automatic installations

         Ziche Divisione Marmi Srl               Italy    Marble production
                                                          Machinery & installation of natural stone machining
               Simec Group                       Italy    (marble, granite), artificial agglomerate stone
                Company                      Country   Area of Activity
                                                       Association of producers & users of machinery and
  Associazione Italiana Marmomacchine         Italy    equipment for production and stone work
                                                       Machinery & tools for perforation & cutting in granite
          Marini Quarries Group               Italy    & marble quarries and in civil engineering
                                                       Machinery and complete lines for the production of
            Fratelli Trabucchi                Italy    granite tiles
                                                       Leading business in the production of machinery and
        Bongioanni Macchine Spa               Italy    accessories for bricks & tiles in terracotta
                                                       Extrusion machinery & tools for the construction &
             Filiere Torres Srl               Italy    ceramic sector

     Costruzioni Meccaniche Isola Srl         Italy    Automatic cutting systems for the terracotta industry
                                                       Porcelaine & stoneware products for the bathroom &
              Ideal Sanitaire                Tunisia   cooking/kitchen
                                                       Producers and distributors of blocks made from
                C. GRES                      Algeria   sandstone

                Colpa Spa                    Algeria   Producers and distributors of sandstone blocks

               Enamarbre                     Algeria   Marble production & sales

              ETS Yahoumi                    Algeria   Freestone
                                                       Importers, manufacturers and marketing of marble
             Timgad Marbre                   Algeria   and granite

        Sarl Marbre Granit Cheurfa           Algeria   Marble & granite-based materials

          ETS Zidane Mouloud                 Algeria   Marble and granite treatment/processing

             Mondial Marbre                  Algeria   Marble & wood

           Sarl Groupe Agoune                Algeria   Granite paving

                Sarl MCA                     Algeria   Tiling/paving

          Fima Srl - Famos Srl                Italy    Granite, ceramics concrete stone
 Societe de Construction et de promotion
          SCP Unite Marbrerie                Algeria   Marble transformation

            Sarl Volcanomed                  Algeria   Importers of granite

             Certaf Maghnia                  Algeria   Brick, tiles

       Eurl CGM Sour el Ghozlane             Algeria   Producer of mono-layered granite tiles

Carl World (Terastone systeme technologie)   Algeria   Manufacturers of floor tiles in granite & marble

        Faienceries Algeriennes              Algeria   Earthenware factory
  El Zomorodah Co. pour le marbre et le
                granite                       Egypt    Marble & granite
La Compagnie Internationale du Marbre et
             Granit "IMG"                     Egypt    Stone - blocks, tiles, slabs

                Iso Marble                    Egypt    Marble & Granite

               Kiro Marble                    Egypt    Marble tiles, slabs, blocks

           Sinai Internationale               Egypt    Marble & granite
                Company                       Country   Area of Activity

Wadi El Nil pour Marbre et Granit (GRANILE)    Egypt    Tiles, slabs & blocks,

    Abrasur Logistica de Abrasivos, S.L        Spain    Terrazzo, marble, granite

             Interchaux SARL                  Tunisia   Lime

      Testing and Measurement

         Force/Controlab/Testwell             Algeria   Laboratory equipment


               Thiers Issard                  France    pocket & professional cutlery

       Warehouse management

              Kollirama SARL                  France    Shelves & storage racks

          Windows and Doors

              BKL Industries                  Algeria   PVC doors and windows

              ETB Ysref Said                  Algeria   Window generators

          Hamidouche Farid Eurl               Algeria   Glass shaping/forming

                 Sarl AGS                     Algeria   Architecture, window panels and tiles

            Sarl Vitre Khezzane               Algeria   Panes, glazing

      Ste Africaine du verre Africaver        Algeria   printed glass, security glass

               SARL Alutem                    Algeria   Aluminum joinery

         Sarl Nil Aluminium Algerie           Algeria   Aluminum joinery

              BKL Industries                  Algeria   PVC shapes, wood & glass windows

               TAKPVC Sarl                    Algeria   PVC joinery

           Wintech Tunisie S.A                Tunisia   PVC windows & doors

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