Introduction to Durham University

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					Introduction to Durham University

Narrator: Durham University is based in two distinct locations offering the best of
both worlds, historic Durham City and contemporary Queen’s Campus in
Stockton-on-Tees. Both locations are set within the beautiful and varied
landscape of North East England.

Narrator: Founded in 1832 the University has a long heritage of excellence in
teaching and research within a unique college setting. The University’s 27
departments are frequently ranked among the best in the UK. Our four libraries
boast 1.5million books and journals, extensive online resources and a range of
archive and special collections. Open access computing facilities are available
throughout the University and student bedrooms are all equipped with computer
network points.

Narrator: Durham is a top sporting university offering everything from rugby and
football to cricket, lacrosse, or fencing. Many students are involved in sport at
either college or University level. Durham University has one of the highest
participation rates in sport nationally.

Person 1 (Male): “The important thing is even if you are not athletic you can get
involved. Everyone, of all levels, is always welcome just to come and have a go.”

Narrator: Durham Students’ Union offers over 100 clubs and societies, covering
everything from hill walking to belly dancing. Student theatre is particularly
popular with productions often taking place in the Gala Theatre or in Durham’s
historic Assembly Rooms. Many students work voluntarily in the local community
undertaking projects such as prison visiting, conservation, or tutoring at schools.

Person 2 (Male): “I’m going into a secondary school and I’m working with some
Year 11 IT pupils. It’s really quite rewarding as well.”

Narrator: The Durham University Charities Kommittee, also know as DUCK,
raises money for over 170 charities.

Person 3 (Female): “We have a big international community, and just as I wanted
to know about British culture, there were all these British students who wanted to
know about India.”

Narrator: There are over 130 nationalities at the University and many of our
students study abroad as part of their degree. Many more undertake projects
overseas during vacations. With three faculties, hosting 27 different departments,
you’re bound to find something perfect for you here at Durham University.