Introduction to AgriScience by zzz22140


									                                          AgriScience Technology
                                                      8th grade
                                                90 days of instruction
                                         Instructor – Mrs. Sally W. Shomo

In the course of 90 instructional days, sixth grade students will receive the following
instruction in the “AgriScience Technology” class.

Tasks/Competencies for AgriScience Technology (8003) include:

Becoming Oriented to AgriScience
   1.   Explore ideas associated with agriculture.
   2.   Identify class routines and procedures.
   3.   Explain the importance of agriculture to Virginia, the United States and the world.
   4.   Explain and understand the diversity of American agriculture.
   5.   Understand sustainability.

Using Hand Tools and Agricultural Power Equipment
                                                    (approx. 2 six weeks of instruction)
   1. Apply safe laboratory practices.
   2. Read and interpret woodworking plans.
   3. Identify and use basic hand tools for woodworking
   4. Select and sue measuring devices.
   5. Finish and preserve wood.
   6. Identify power equipment, hand tools and accessories.
   7. Demonstrate the use of power equipment, hand tools and accessories. These tools
      and power equipment include: all hand tools, sanders, drills, router, scroll saw,
      air compressor, band saw, drill press and wood lathe.
   8. Perform woodworking skills
   9. Read and interpret plans and construct woodworking projects:
          a. Name Sign
          b. Desk Set
          c. Rocking Horse
          d. State Quarter Board
          e. Pen (additional cost of $5)
Developing Leadership Skills
  1.   Identify effective leadership traits.
  2.   Identify personal development needs.
  3.   Develop oral communication skills.
  4.   Develop written communication skills.
  5.   Develop an understanding of the FFA.
  6.   Develop opportunities for leadership.
  7.   Develop social skills.

Exploring Food and Water Safety issues
  1. Understand causes of food-borne illnesses and water contaminates.
  2. Investigate various levels of water and food contaminates.
  3. Develop an approach/technique for water and food safety

Identifying Career Opportunities in Agriculture
  1. Identify and discuss career opportunities in agriculture.

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