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									                        Queen Anne’s County High School
                            Introduction to Theater
                                 Mrs. Grasso
                                 Phone: 410-758-0500 x179

Course Description
This course introduces you to the basic knowledge of the theater through developing an
understanding of the elements of theater through acting, directing, stage setting, lighting,
costuming and makeup. The course us designed for a full year of 45 minute lessons, five
days a week.

Course Outcomes:
1. Aesthetics- Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize and describe the
   development of a variety of dramatic forms through time and the aesthetic qualities
   they reflect.
2. History- Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history, tradition, and
   conventions of theater, dramatic texts, and other literature of the theater.
3. Creative Expression- Students will demonstrate the ability to explore the creative
   process through theatrical activities and to apply theatrical knowledge, principles, and
   practices to collaborative theater presentation.
4. Criticism- Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply
   criteria for individual and group contributions to the collaborative process, dramatic
   texts and the other literature of the theater and theatrical performances.

Text Books and Materials:
1. Pen or pencil and paper for note taking
2. Large (2”) three ring binder with 8 dividers
3. Schanker, Ommanney: The Stage and the School
4. Cameron, Gillespie: The Enjoyment of Theatre
5. Work/Performance Clothes

   1. All students are to report to class on time with required materials.
   2. All students must have appropriate rehearsal and production clothes.
   3. All students are expected to participate in ALL class activities.
   4. Students are expected to obey the school rules at all times. Any student showing
      lack of respect for the teacher, other students, yourself, or the learning
      environment will be penalized one class participation point for every offense.
   5. There will be several quizzes during each unit some announce and some
   6. Students are required to participate for a minimum of 10 after school hours
      on the Fall Play and the Spring Musical to some capacity and to attend at
      least one performance of the play.
   7. All assignments must be turned in on time
          a. Assignments turned in late will receive a 10% reduction in grade for every
              day late.
          b. Any excused absence will be allowed three days to make up the work,
              tests, and quizzes.
          c. Any work missed due to an unexcused absence will be given a grade of
   8. No gum, food, or drinks in the classroom or the auditorium.

Activities and Projects:
   1. Field trip to a professional theatre
   2. Field trip to educational theatre
   3. Workshops with theatre professionals
   4. Students are required to keep a notebook of the course. This notebook will
       include, but is not limited to notes and handouts, written assignments,
       assessments, and reflections.
   5. There will be several small-group performance and research-based projects.

Grading Policy:
Summative Assessments:               45%
       Performance and research projects
       Research papers
Formative Assessments:               40%
       Class work and participation
       Daily assignments
         (worksheets, classroom reading, Homework, etc)
       Writing assignments
Final Exam:                          15% of the final grade
                               Introduction to Theater
                                   Course Syllabus
            Unit                        Time Frame           Assessments
        Introduction                                         Objective test
         Background                       2 Weeks          Oral performance
         Foundation                                        Informal Writing
                                   Tools of an Actor
       Improvisation                                       Class Participation
           Tools                                          Performance Project
         Technique                                           Objective Test
      Mime/Pantomime                      4 Weeks          Class Participation
                                                          Performance Project
        Vocalization                                         Objective Test
                                                           Reader’s Theatre
                                                            Scoring a Script
                                   World of the Play
           Acting                                           Terminology quiz
                                                              Objective test
                                                         Monologue Performance
                                                           Scene performance
    Dramatic structure                    10 weeks            Objective test
 Reading and analyzing plays                                 Group Project:
                                                              Scene Writing
                                                          Plot Structure Graph
       Types of Drama                                        Objective Test
                                                          Performance Project

           History                                           Objective Test
                                          4 Weeks         Performance Project
                                                           Research Project:
                                                         PowerPoint Presentation
                                                             Research Paper
                                  Producing the play
Theatre as a Collaborative Art                               Theatre Cube
                                          2 Weeks         Technology Project:
      Technical Theatre
          Set Design                                        Floor Plan/Flat
        Scenic Painting                                      Objective Test
        Lighting design                   5 Weeks         Performance Project
           Costumes                                        Production Project
Directing and Stage Managing              3 Weeks            Objective Test
                                                          Performance Project
                                                              Prompt Book
      *Musical theater*                   2 Weeks            Objective Test
                                                         Performance or Project
                                 Ongoing Assessment
      ABC’s of Theater                    Ongoing             Due at Final
                               Confirmation Form


Class: Introduction to Theatre

I have completely read and fully understand all the information in this syllabus. I also
give permission for my son/daughter to use the internet and participate in video and
photographic production activities for educational use.

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