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08-MarchONLA Nws by tyndale


									                                                                                                          ROOTS AND BRANCHES
                                      Quarterly Publication of the
                                NURSERY & LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATION                            JUNE
                               400 N. Portland Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

               JUNE 12th!
          Thinking about some new equipment, or would you just
 like to find some more resources for your projects? Maybe you
 want to find some of the latest technology to advance your
 business to the next level. Then you need to visit ONLA
 Landscape Contractors Day June 12.
         This event is put on by the ONLA to provide members
with additional resources, educational materials, information
 about current events and issues that affect our daily operation of our businesses, and to promote
 camaraderie and friendship in the green industry.
         This year’s ONLA Landscape Contractors Day is Thursday, June 12, 3-7pm, with dinner
served at 6:00pm. A few of the companies that will be showcasing their product lines and/or
services include BWI Companies, C.L. Boyd & Warren Cat, Nature’s Creation, P&K Equipment,
Kirby- Smith Machinery, Back To Nature, Plant Health Care, Ewing Irrigation, Kinnunen Sales,
and Edmond Rock. If you are interested in participating, please let Wendy Gerdes know by calling
the ONLA Office at 405-942-5276 or contact us by Email at The
ONLA is admitting 2 people per paid membership free to this event; or $10 per person for the
general public. CAll the ONLA office about this event to pre-register today! 405-942-5276

         Greetings ONLA Members,
             I hope your spring has been very busy and profitable! ONLA had a great turn out
       at the Regional Meeting that was held on March 13, and hosted by Total Environment.
       The main topic of immigration and what businesses should be aware of were covered, as
       this is one of the main issues currently affecting the green industry.
             The next event scheduled for the ONLA is the 4th annual ONLA Landscape
       Contractor’s Day. Mark your calendars and be sure to attend! The date is June 12 from 3-
       7pm at John Deere Landscapes in Edmond. Several vendors will be on hand talking
       about new products, trends in the green industry, and giving product demonstrations.
       There are only a few spots left open for registration, so if you are interested in participat-
       ing or sponsoring Landscape Contractor’s Day, please let Wendy know as soon as pos-
                Also, this fall plan to attend the ONLA Convention and Trade Show. It will be
       held September 25th & 26th at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

                                                        Shaun Doering , ONLA President
                                                         1                                       Roots and Branches
BOARD OF DIRECTORS        Dear ONLA Members,
PRESIDENT                          The Regional Meeting at Total Environment Wholesale was a terrific
Shaun Doering             educational event. There were over 60 ONLA members and many were new
TLC Nursery               ONLA members. The ONLA is growing and with that, we will serve it’s
405-751-0630              member’s needs in education. The Regional Meeting’s topic was Immigration,
1st VICE PRESIDENT        a hot issue in the industry and state. The ONLA brought together a panel for
James Dare
                          questions and answers on this topic, along with a couple of other issues.
Deep Fork Tree Farm
405-233-2000                       The meeting started with Dave Edwards of OSU-OKC and the update
2nd VICE PRESIDENT        on the new building there. The dedication was Tuesday March 11th, which
David Land                many of the industry had attended. The new building will be landscaped shortly
Tulsa Landscape           and Dave discussed what materials they would be needing.
918-254-2378                       Then members were introduced to Jeffrey Lehmann, Larry Davis,
PAST PRESIDENT            Patrick Gaines, Randy Davis and Kurt Reiger to learn more about the
Jay Baker
                          Immigration Issue and how it has effected our industry and others. The 2
Greenleaf Nursery
918-456-7670              attorneys, Jeffrey Lehmann and Larry Davis addressed HB 1804, I-9’s and
REGIONAL DIRECTOR         H2B Visas. Their expertise and knowledge will help ONLA members decide
AREA TULSA                what they can or can not do on this. The law is in place so you need to be aware
Kevin Tate                of it’s implications.
Springcreek Nursery                Patrick Gaines of Gaines Government Services talked about lobbying
REGIONAL DIRECTOR         and how that can help associations and businesses to have their word at the
                          Capital. Joining with other industries or associations to have a voice is important
Steve Welch
Southwood Nursery         with Immigration and other issues. Support in numbers! Randy Davis and
REGIONAL DIRECTOR         Kurt Reiger, both ONLA members came out to discuss the concerns HB 1804
AREA OKC                  has had on their businesses. The panel made it known that your voice, your
Scott New                 call can make a difference. Get to know your community leaders, your Chamber
Total Environment         of Commerce and your state representatives. Let them know what effects your
405-844-8733              business on immigration, the water policy, and any issue that can effect your
                          business’s operation, your livelihood.
Bob Potter
Bob Potter & Associates            Last but not least was Samantha Synder with OSU Extension, she spoke
866-970-0210              about the OK. Water Policy and the need to have your input on this issue.
OSU REPRESENTATIVE        Who’s water is it?? What about your well? Lots to think about! Please check
Mike Schnelle             out the website for more details.
OSU                                The afternoon meeting was terrific and many thanks goes out to our
405-744-7361              host Total Environment, Dr. Mike Schnelle who was the moderator and the
                          terrific speakers who donated their time and support to ONLA.
Dan Wagner                If you would like to talk to anyone on the panel please let me know and I will
Precure Nursery           get you their information. I hope you enjoyed the meeting.
REGIONAL DIRECTOR                                               Thank you,
TULSA                                                                  Wendy Gerdes
David Green
Bluum Outdorr
918-599-8500                                        CONTACT THE ONLA:
REGIONAL DIRECTOR OKC                                 Phone: (405) 942-5276
Open                                                   FAX: (405) 945-3382
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                           E-mail:
Wendy Gerdes                            
OHIC                                                 website:
(405) 942-5276

                                              2                                      Roots and Branches
                                WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
Big Dog Printing                   Deep Fork Peach Orchard, LLC        Oklahoma One-Call Systems, Inc
Johnny Bellmyer                    Tim Ray                             Jerry West
P.O. Box 1809 Pittsburg, KS        454-6635                             840-9955 OKC, OK
866-582-3597                       Harrah, OK                          Quality Irrigation
Clarita Greenhouse                 EWING Irrigation                    David Reed
Eli Schrock                        Jay Kluge                           755-7543 Edmond, OK
580-428-3529                       13831 N. Lincoln Blvd               Season’s Lawn & Landscape Inc
Coalgate, OK                       Edmond, OK 405-752-5150             Gus Hartwig
Coffey Lawn Care                   Myers Landscape Mgmt.               285-0804
Cy Coffey                          Bob Myers                           Edmond, OK
13100 S Portland   Edmond, OK      755-5296                            Total Environment , Inc
405-844-6697                       OKC, OK                             Ty Hartwig
Davis Pipe & Supply, Inc           Oakley’s, Inc                       728-0732
Jack Grigg                         Jeff Oakley - DC McGill             Edmond, OK
340-0660 Edmond, OK                359-4944
                                   Edmond, OK

                                 MARK YOUR CALENDARS
                                       “Green It’s Your Industry”
                                        Convention & Trade Show
                                     September 25th and 26th 2008
                                  Cox Convention Center - OKC, OK
                                Keynote Speaker: Jason Cupp

                                   “Hiring the Right Person for the Right Job”

                                Melissa Tipton, Emigration Attorney

                                  “HB1804, H2A and H2B--can they help you?”

                                Todd Cavins and more!

                                       Banquet at Crabtown in Bricktown

                                      Thursday September 25th - 7:00 pm

                                                   3                                 Roots and Branches
           WHITE RUST
USDA APHIS is withdrawing a proposed rule to
reduce the quarantine growing period for articles of
Chrysanthemum spp., Leucanthemella serotina, and
Nipponanthemum nipponicum imported from
certain locations from 6 months to 2 months.

Organization: USDA Animal and Plant Health                           Check out the ONLA’s updated logo
Inspection Service (APHIS)                                                  with the new tagline,
                                                                    “Your Green Industry Professionals”
Summary: USDA APHIS is withdrawing a proposed
rule that would have amended the nursery stock
regulations to provide an option in which the postentry
                                                          ACT NOW TO URGE SENATE TO ADOPT H-2B
quarantine growing period for articles of Chrysanthemum
                                                          AND EMERGENCY AGRICULTURE RELIEF
spp., Leucanthemella serotina, and Nipponanthemum
                                                          ACT AMENDMENTS! Take Action! U.S. Congress
nipponicum that are imported from certain locations
would have been reduced from 6 months to 2 months,                   On May 15, Senators Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and
provided that the grower of those plants implemented a    Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) successfully offered important
                                                          amendments to the supplemental defense spending bill that was
systems approach to prevent the imported articles from    being considered by the Senate Committee on Appropriations.
being infected with chrysanthemum white rust. The         Mikulski’s amendment would extend for three years (dated from
proposed rule would also have amended the definition      January 1) the exemption for many returning H-2B seasonal workers
of from. USDA APHIS is taking this action after           from counting against the H-2B program’s unrealistic annual visa
considering the comments received following the           cap. Feinstein’s amendment, known as the Emergency Agriculture
                                                          Relief Act (EARA) is based on the bipartisan AgJOBS legislation,
publication of the proposed rule.                         but is a five year program. EARA overhauls the H-2A agricultural
                                                          guest worker program, and provides a five year temporary visa for
The pest of concern with regard to imported articles of   qualifying farmworkers who commit to agricultural work each year
Chrysanthemum spp., Leucanthemella serotina, and          for the term of the visa.
Nipponanthemum nipponicum is chrysanthemum white                     It is critically urgent that you send messages to both your
rust (CWR). CWR is caused by Puccinia horiana Henn.,      U.S. Senators urging them to vote as needed to support adoption of
a filamentous fungus and obligate parasite. CWR is not    the Mikulski H-2B and Feinstein Emergency Ag Relief Act
                                                          amendments. A vote could happen as early as Wednesday, so please
established in the United States and is a disease of
                                                          act immediately. Also, forward this Lighthouse Alert to co-workers
quarantine significance. This disease has the potential   and other industry colleagues to urge action. The anti-immigrant
to be extremely damaging to the commercial horticulture   groups are already actively opposing both measures, so you need
and florist industries if it becomes established in the   to figure out how to turn your message into five to 10 green industry
United States.                                            messages!

Web site: The Federal Register notice is at                    SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS
The proposed rule, comments received and other
supporting documents are at                                   The ONLA is proud to announce the          following Fall-2008-Spring 2009 academic
main?main=DocketDetail&d=APHIS-2005-0081                          year scholarship recipients:

Contact:     Cindy Roberts, Food Industry                 Stephen Easton Miller-Landscape Architect
Environmental Network, LLC at 1464 Harvard St.
NW, Suite 14 Washington, DC 20009-4610                         Kathryn Fine-Masters in Horticulture
Phone: 202-669-6951 — E-Mail:
                                                                  Congratulations and good luck!

                                                     4                                             Roots and Branches
                                        ACER CAMPESTRE
                                                  by Mike Schnelle

         A number of maples remain shrouded in mystery                                       Hedge maple also should
only to be found in collectors’ gardens or in arboreta     be grown more in large architectural containers where it
throughout the world. But there are also maples that are   would be unlikely to outgrow its confinement. As far as
fairly well known, reasonably forthright in their          exposure goes, A. campestre may be planted in partial
propagation, but have never caught on to the extent that   shade to full sun. For Oklahoma conditions, I believe a
perhaps they should. One such example is Hedge or          tree sited in partial shade as an understory plant will have
Field maple (A. campestre). While the European species     a competitive edge over full sun exposure. But with
and its cultivars are grown in zones 5-8 throughout the    adequate irrigation and some protection again wind,
U.S., Hedge maple could stand to be used more              hedge maple is successful in full sun conditions.
extensively becoming a staple in the Oklahoma nursery      Incidentally, while even moisture is desirable, A.
industry.                                                  campestre is fairly drought resistant for at least short
         In late April to early May, green to yellowish    periods of time not dropping its leaves nearly as readily
green flowers are rather uneventful. However, the          as certain other maples can. Various authorities tout it
unfurling dark green leaves begin to set the scene for a   as one of the best maples for dry alkaline soils. I too
showy canopy throughout the summer months.                 have found it to perform well and normally escape
Strikingly dark green, the 3-4"/three to five lobed leaves chlorosis in high pH and often compacted soils. I don’t
remain pest-free throughout the growing season. Foliage    consider it however to be the best selection around paved
is similar to Miyabe maple (Acer miyabei) closely related  areas where reflective heat can occur. Scorch may ensue
to hedge maple. I have not encountered any foliar pests    despite added irrigation. Lastly, hedge maple is often
or diseases in Oklahoma or areas I have traveled.          found to comprise large hedges in Europe. That could
However, like many other maples, verticillium wilt,        be duplicated in the U.S. too but I find the species’
borers, aphids and other pests are possible particularly   potential most great as a small to medium sized shade
when the species is subjected to chronic stresses. Fall    tree. Because hedge maple is tolerant to heavy pruning,
color is often yellow but may be orange to red. Fruits     it can be easily kept in bounds when desired or even
are a typical samara or schizocarp with the maple’s        used in bonsai work on occasion.
“wings” directly opposite each other. To say this maple             Propagation for the species remains by seed. A
has year round beauty would be a stretch. Nevertheless,    stratification period of at least 60-90 days at 34-36F is
corky twigs (sometimes particularly pronounced             desirable. Softwood cuttings can be rooted with modest
corkiness) are showy and help prolong the ornamental       success. Clones or cultivars are normally budded on A.
season once fall color has passed. The heavy branching     campestre seed-grown rootstock. Many variegated,
pattern and rounded habit of the tree also add winter      weeping or dwarf cultivars exist most of which are of
beauty. Bark is dark brown and slightly fissured.          little commercial consequence. However ‘Evelyn’, better
        The smaller stature of                             known in the trade as Queen ElizabethTM is certainly
 A. campestre lends itself to a                            worth growing. This J. Frank Schmidt selection has good
number of landscape applications.                          form(more upright), larger and darker green foliage with
First and foremost, for all practical                      consistent yellow fall color. This clone and the species
purposes it may be planted under power lines or in may be found at the Oklahoma Botanical Garden and
otherwise tight spots at least when grown under stress. Arboretum (OBGA) headquarters in Stillwater as well
In other words, in reality the tree will not exceed 25-30' as various OBGA Affiliate Gardens throughout the state.
or at least not for a number of years after planting. Yet,         LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS DAY
the trees can attain heights of 50' or more on occasion
particularly in their native range. Initial growth can be                          JUNE 12
rapid with Dr. Mike Dirr, University of Georgia, reporting                         3-7 PM
trees with 2'/year. I’ve not been able to push hedge                               DINNER @ 6 PM
maples that fast in Oklahoma but agree they can be jump
started with good nutrition and ample moisture.                            PRE-REGISTER - PAGE 7
                                                         5                                      Roots and Branches
                                 ASIAN HORTICULTURE
                                            June 25, 2008
                                       Oklahoma State University
                                           Botanical Garden
                                            Stillwater, OK

                                  Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
                                 Oklahoma Botanical Garden and Arboretum

About the Workshop

This focused workshop will address horticultural topics of interest throughout Asia including Thailand, China,
Japan and other horticultural hotspots. Commercially available plant materials as well as those proposed for
industry may be highlighted across various geographic regions. Attendees should expect to not only learn about
ornamental and edible crops throughout Asia, but also about cultural aspects of this continent.

This program has been made possible by the following sponsors:
       Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
       Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Department
       Oklahoma Botanical Garden & Arboretum
       or 405-744-7361

Workshop Chair
      Mike Schnelle
      Department of Horticulture
         and Landscape Architecture, OSU, Stillwater

                                                    6                                  Roots and Branches
ONLA CALENDAR- 2008                              ODAFF Regulatory Update
                                                         Oklahoma’s Horticulture Law and Rules,
June 5       Horticulture Risk                   revised in November 2007 now includes a category
             Management Workshop                 of license for landscapers. Landscapers are those
             OSU, Stillwater                     defined as businesses involved in the installation
              of plants for compensation. Generally, these
             or 405-744-7361                     businesses do not maintain a heelyard where plants
June 12      Landscape Contractors Day           are held in inventory and available for inspection
             John Deere Oklahoma City            from time to time. The fee for this license is $100.
             2:00pm to 3:00pm                             Landscapers and contractors that maintain
             Dinner @ 6:00pm                      a continuous heelyard with plant inventory will not
June 25      Asian Horticulture                   be affected by this license category change and will
             OSU-Stillwater                       continue to be defined as nursery grower or dealer,
               subject to nursery inspections. Applications for
             or 405-744-7361                      grower, dealer, landscaper, or any of the license
July 10      Board Meeting OSU OKC                renewals can be accessed at:
August 7     Board Meeting Tulsa (TBA)      
Sept 7-12    Horticulture In Mexico Tour
             or 405-744-7361
September 17 Turfgrass & Field Day                  AFFIDAVIT VERIFYING LAWFUL
             OSU/Stillwater                        PRESENCE IN THE UNITED STATES
             or 405-744-7361                      All persons applying for any new license from the
September 24 ONLA Annual Golf                     ODAFF are required, by the provisions of 56 O.S.
            Tournament - Fairfax Golf Club        Supp. 2007 § 71, to provide ODAFF with verification
September 25-26 ONLA/OGGA Trade Show              of lawful presence in the United States. This affidavit
             OKC Cox Convention Center            must accompany any new license application and states
September 25 Annual Membership Meeting            that the applicant is a United States Citizen, or a
             During Trade Show                    qualified alien under the Federal Immigration and
October 3-4 MTNA Trade Show                       Naturalization Act, and is lawfully present in the
             McMinnville Civic Center             United States.
October 8 Tree Care Seminar
             or 405-744-7361
November 5 Greenhouse IPM
             or 405-744-7361
November 13 Board Meeting OSU OKC
November 19 Poinsettia Open House
                                                         HELP US KEEP YOU UPDATED
             or 405-744-7361
                                                              by sending us an email to:
December 4 Water Issue in Horticulture
                                                         We can notify you of our happenings !
             or 405-744-7361
                                             7                                     Roots and Branches
ONLA Membership Benefits                                      OKLAHOMA NURSERY &
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Legislative Voice                                                    400 N. Portland
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 Nurseryman of the Year                                      Newsletter Advertisement
 Nurserywoman of the Year                          ROOTS & BRANCHES is published quarterly by the
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Scholarships                                       Publications will be issued March, June, September
  3 - $500.00 scholarships go to students          and November; deadline for advertising and articles,
  in our Industry.                                 is 1 month prior to issue month. Adv. rates as follows:
                                                            ( ) indicates the convention issue:
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                                                   NEWSLETTER LAYOUT
Join the ONLA and participate in the               by Victoria Michalik
 committee of your choice. Help us                 High Tech Information Services, Inc.
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