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       50th Edition                                                                                                       Jan 2010

        Bill Coakley
      (781) 391-2598                               Surprise! You are now the XO!
     1st Vice President
      Gene Klebacher
                                                                                     was on my way to Iwo. Arriving there I was fixed
       (727) 518-8833                Subject: My introduction to                     up with rations & a cot in a tent to await a boat to
    2nd Vice President                    the Whetstone                              the ship. A day later it was decided that the sea was
      Keith Weston                                                                   too rough for small boat transfer & I was flown back         By: Lt Byron W. Conrad
      (336) 996-3611                                                                 to Yokosuka. I shot pool, bowled & somehow
                                                                                     missed an opportunity to catch the Whetstone in
   Secretary/Treasurer              I believe that when most naval personnel get     Okinawa. But luck finally shined on me as the ship
       Kay Goble                                                                     shortly did arrive in Yokosuka. I was able to report    orders to a ship it is a pretty straight forward
      (239) 768-1449           move. In my case it was anything but straight.        aboard.
                                    First, I had never been involved with am-             One thing you learn quickly when taking on a
  Membership Chairman
     Marion Goble              phibious types. My experience had been in             new job is to be flexible, no matter how many books    communications aboard carriers and as the Op-         you read telling you what to expect. Circumstances
      (239) 768-1449           erations officer of a destroyer escort. Therefore,    overrule the printed word. Shortly after I reported
    Reunion Chairman           I was sent to the Amphibious base in Coronado         aboard we sailed for San Diego. Upon arrival the
      Larry Lonnon             for a two week course of instruction.                 officer I replaced departed for another assignment &
                                    Second, the Whetstone was in West Pac            I settled in administering to the needs of the depart-
      (503) 325-1383                                                                 ment. However, that was about to change. The
                               participating in amphibious training. Therefore,
        Chaplain               I was ordered to Travis Air force Base for trans-     exec, who I had barely had time to get acquainted
      Marvin Watson            portation. This base transports dependents, as        with checked in to the Naval Hospital in San Diego.
                               well as active duty personnel and the Air Force       A short time later he died of a heart attack. Our
      (402) 421-8957
                               had a program of assigning officers traveling         Skipper, Al Beede asked me to take on the Exec's
     Parliamentarian           alone as chaperons to those dependents traveling      duties until a relief could be ordered aboard by the
       Bill Martin
                               with small children. Therefore, I was assigned        Bureau of Personnel.
      (281) 427-6828           to assist a lady with two preschool children. I            Al was most helpful and the ships office per-
                               expected this to require "heavy duty" parental        sonnel saw to it that I kept the paper work flowing.
     Newsletter Editor         skills. However, such was not the case.               Fortunately, it was quiet time for ships operations. I
      John Worman        When the DC6 take off was delayed, friends       didn't need to write Operation Orders. However, it
      (575) 437-9872           of the Air force lady arrived to take us to a hous-   was a time for arranging training schools, approving
                               ing complex for a "Going Away" party until it         leave requests and insuring that we always had suffi-
       Webmaster                                                                     cient personnel to man all ship board stations. I held
       David Vydra             was time for take off. Upon arrival friends of     the Air Force lady arrived to take us to one of       down both functions for three months including
      (440) 356-4113           the major Oahu hotels for an "arrival party".         making out periodic reports to the Bureau of Person-
   The Rolling Stone is a           After an uneventful flight to Tokyo, via
Quarterly publication of the   Midway & Wake we were met at the Air force                 When a new Executive Officer was finally as-
  USS Whetstone LSD-27
                               Base by friends of the Air Force lady who as-         signed to the Whetstone the Skipper was able to
   Association, INC. The                                                             report to the Bureau that I Had qualified as Exec.
Association is a non profit,   sured me that they would see that she caught the
 historical and educational    right plane for her Okinawa destination.                   At this point I was happy to just carry out the
 organization dedicated to
                                    I proceeded to Yokosuka expecting to board       duties of Operations Officer.
promoting fraternal, civic,
  patriotic and historical     the Whetstone only to find that it was participat-         Byron W. Conrad, Lt.
  memories of those who        ing in exercises off the coast of Iwo Jima. No             1956 - 1958
       served aboard.          problem. After a couple of days of paperwork I

                                                                                                                                    Page 1
                                                          Graham, James ―Shakey‖    Lund, Larry Thomas      Sitton, David           Tibbets, Joe
 Departed Shipmates                                       Graupmann, Donald D.
                                                          Gray, Amos
                                                                                    Macayan, Florentin
                                                                                    MacDonald, Paul J.
                                                                                                            Smith, Jay
                                                                                                            Smith, Jimmie
                                                                                                                                    Trigg, George
                                                                                                                                    Tucker, Milton J.
                                                          Greedey, Paul C.          Maceri, Angelo          Smith, Richard L.       Vroman, Lewis
                    TAPS            The shipmates listed  Greenhill, Edward         Machen, Elton           Smith, Tommy B.         Walker, George
                 Gone the sun,      below are assumed to
                From the lakes,          be deceased.
                                                          Haglin, Clarence          Magbuhat, Severino      Spruance, Edward        Wallis, Larry
                 From the hills
                                      Information comes   Hall, Fred L.             Maphet, Steve           Starke, Martin          Warren, Robert H.
                 From the sky
                  All is well,       from shipmates, the  Hall, LeRoy "Lee"         Martin, James R.        Staubs, Jr., William    Waymack, James L.
                  Safely rest,      V.A. and relatives of Hanson, David M.          McCord, Warren          Stelzig, Delbert        Webb, William H.
                  God is nigh.           the shipmate.
                                                          Harber, Gerald            McCracken, Harry        Stewart, Jack           White, Eddie
                                    This information is   Harbin, Sammie            McCullough, Don J.      Stoll, Edwin            Williams, Carlie
                                              not         Harden, Herman R.         McDouguald, Robert . Sullivan, Tom              Wilson, Glen W.
                                    Please advise of any
                                                          Hardy, George D.          McFadden, William       Sutherland, George      Winders, George
                                     errors or omissions  Harrelson, Glenn L.       McKay, Verlon           Tahamont, David         Wright, Harry R.
                                                          Harrelson, Henry (Guss)   McMahon, Walter S.      Taylor, John C.         Young, Lou
Alqueza, Christiano             Davis, James E.           Harrelson, Lonnie         Miller, Clarence        Taylor, William A.      Yount, Bobby
Anderson, Foster                                          Harrington, Richard L.    Milligan, Delester R.   Terrell, Alex           Zinn, Franklyn K.
                                Davis, Murate
Anthony, Lloyd                                            Harwood, Boyd L.          Moen, Robert            Thomas, Albert E.       Zunick, Joseph L.
                                Dea, David M.
Attamont, Tony                  Dilley, Richard J.        Havelin, Wayne            Morrison, Joe
Bagley, Donald V.                                         Hayduk, David M.          Morritt, Etrall       Names in bold reflect deceased since last
                                Devine, Orlando
Bailey, Finley A.
                                Dixon, Thomas L.          Hayter, Harvey R.         Murphy, Calvan H. publication of deceased list in July 2009
Barbarossa, Russell                                       Heitz, Richard            Murray, James L.      Newsletter. If you know of someone that has
                                Doherty, Harold E.
Barber, George                                            Henderson, Jr., Thomas    Nelson, Larry E.      passed, please contact Kay Goble, 6200 Em-
                                Donzell, Richard
Barkas, John C.                 Dudley, Walter            Henry, Donald             Newell, Darrel K.     erald Pines Circle, Ft. Myers, FL 33966 or
Bartholomew, Bart                                         Hestla, Charles W.        Nolte, Lester         via e-mail at
                                Duerr, Joseph H.
Baxter, William                                           Hickman, Tony             Olaveson, James L.
                                Dunaetz, Hershel
Becker, Leon                    Dyches, Archie            Hicks, Vernon             Oleson, Ken
Beede, Albert E.                Dykas, Edward J.          Hinson, William           Osotio, Ricardo T.              David Lawrence Reeves
Bell, Rex                                                 Holt, Dennis A.           O'Toole, Edward M.           July 31, 1932—December 17, 2009
                                Edge, Horace
Bell, W. A. "Bill"                                                                                          David Reeves, husband of Martha,
                                Edmunds, Anthony Houghton, Donald W.                Page, Roy "Gene"
Berry, Robert E.                Edwards, Millard          Howell, Larry T.          Pankonien, William      loving father of David L., MarthaLee,
Black, Gordon
                                Edwards, Thomas F. Huber, Ewald                     Papa, John (Jack)       Michael H., Francis J., Alison M,
Blandin, Sherman                                          Huckaby, Fuller O.        Parkin, Arthur
                                Elder, Charles                                                              James A. and Cecily Reeves-Dilday,
Bley, Loyd L.                   Eshom, James M.           Hulon, Jack               Peerson, Jack
Bloodworth, Robert                                                                                          passed December 17, 2009. David
                                Esteban, Eduardo          Huneven, Robert L.        Pinder, Marcel
Bogusch, William                                          Irvin, Herbert E.         Pinzon, Alfredo J.
                                                                                                            served in the USN, and during ser-
                                Fern, Richard P.                                                            vice, he received the National De-
Bortle, Robert                                            Isaac, Reuben E.          Pitts, John W.
                                Fields, Roger
Bourgeois, Clair C.                                       Isenberg, Emil            Poisson, Conrad         fense Service Medal, Korean Service
                                Fisher, Orval M.
Breedlove, James E.
                                Flowers, Charlie J.       Janssen, Howard J.        Porteous, Joseph        Medal, United Nations Service Medal
Britt, Tom                      Floyd, Brooks             Jennings, Samuel S.       Porter, Cdr. Mell G.    and Good Conduct Medal. For 30
Brown, Kenneth                                            Jepsen, Darrell           Powers, Reginald        years, he worked at Seagrams as a
                                Folks, Arlie Joe
Bruce, Marvin D.                Folks, Macie D.           Johns, Elwood             Proulx, Ronald          machinist. He belonged to S.W.A.T.
Bullock, Charles S.                                       Johnson, Dan              Provost, Don
                                Folks, Tracie F.                                                            Model Association, USS Whetstone
Burgess, Thomas R.                                        Johnson, Michael E.       Puckett, Nathan
                                Follis, Jerry                                                               Association and was a Naval Reserve
Burney, John L.                 Fontenot, Royle           Kadinger, Robert J.       Rabun, Cdm. Floyd K.
Burris, Rcihard E.                                                                                          at Ft. McHenry. He greatly enjoyed
                                Foster, Freddie           Kalina, Joseph L.         Redfield, Russ
Call, Jay J.                                              Kauk, Keith               Reeves, David           spending time with his family, wood-
                                Foust, Roe
Callahan, Alvin                 Fox, James Arthur         Kermicle, Harlin R.       Rein, Randall W.        working, traveling and model air-
Campbell, Burnell
                                Frank, Victor K.          Ketchersid, Lloyd R.      Reink, Robert           planes.
Chidester, Doug                 Franzen, Leroy C.         Klemm, Floyd P.           Rettig, Ivan Joe
Childs, Cecil C.                French, Dean M.           Kloor, Bill               Rhodes, Donald
Cihak, Wesley                                             Kodesch, Charles          Richardson, Raymond
                                Fritz, Michael                                                                           Thomas E. Britt
Clark, Tom                                                Koelle, Benjamin          Rigdon, Charles E.
                                Gafton, Frank C.                                                                         (RM1—1969-70)
Clemmons, Leslie                Galing, Capt. Searcy Kress, Edward                  Rudd, Malcolm T.
Cobb, John V.                                                                                               Thomas Edward Britt, born in 1935 in
                                Gamble, William           Kvidera, Larry T.         Rumley, III, William
Coker, Orval M.                                           Ladner, Winston           Russell, Wayne
                                                                                                            Connecticut was the only son in a
                                Gensler, Delbert J.                                                         family of 7 children. Joining the
Conine, Bob
                                Gentry, Alva "Pop" Ladson, Ulmer                    Ryan, Randall M.
Cooksey, Robert B.              Gifford, Gilbert          Landon, Neal F.           Sanders, Clark          Navy at 19, he served aboard the USS
Cormier, Norman G.
                                Gilliam, Cleland R. Lanpkin, Gerald T.              Sanders, Morgan G.      Whetstone, USS Duluth and USS
Covey, Gene F.                                            Larsen, Don               Sandoval, Edward M. Denver, retiring in 1977 as an instruc-
                                Giovanetti, R. A.
Covino, Frank                   Giusti, Julius            Lattiner, George          Sapp, William C.        tor at NTC. He married Carole
Crenshaw, Edwind                                          Leat, William             Savel, Jr., John J.     O’Brien in 1957 and they had 4 chil-
                                Glover, Joseph R.
Crider, Walter                                            Ledbetter, Robert L.      Schaaf, Donald T.
                                Gold, Boyd O.                                                               dren: Sharon, Thomas, Matthew and
Cruz, Antonio R.                Gooslin, Don C.           Linton, Raymond           Scharnhorst, Fred
Dailey, Wilbur A.                                                                                           Patrick. An avid baseball fan, Tom
                                Gorby, Gene E.            Locicero, Joseph          Scholly, Victor K.
Dalton, Leon                                              Lohmann, Gayle A.         Schuette, George
                                                                                                            coached Mission Bay Little League in
                                Gore, Reefer E.                                                             the 1970s. Services were September
Damron, J. S.                                             Long, Ronald F.           Siciliano, Louis
                                Gough, Terry G.
                                                          Loudermilk, John D.       SilverRyder, William    28, 2009.
Page 2
                                                                                            Lanphear, George           Richey, Albert
                      T he                        Voluntary Dues                            Leopold, Vincent           Richter, Herbert B.*
                  C haplain’s                                                               Lonnon, Larry*
                                                                                            Mackall, Terry*
                                                                                                                       Rowe, Horace
                                                                                                                       Sandwisch, Larry*
                    C or ner                 Again, thank you to all shipmates that         Maness, Jack               Savala, Manny
                                             have sent dues and donations to the Asso-      Matsuyama, James           Savoie, Donald*
                                             ciation. Without your support, it would be     McClellan, G. A..*         Scott, Ralph V.
     We are leaving 2009 with a winter                                                      McCray, David              Seabaugh, Raymond*
wonderland in Nebraska. Christmas is a       impossible to publish "The Rolling Stone",
                                                                                            McGrew, Joseph R.          Seaton, Walter
blizzard and 15 below chill index. Even      maintain the Website and have reunions.
                                                                                            McManus, Peter             Sharkey, Robert*
though we miss having our family with        Dues are $25.00 a year, are tax deductible,    McNitt, Russell*           Shimmell, Thomas*
us, we are thankful they are at their        and are strictly voluntary. Dues are ap-       McQuillen, Tom*            Shrader, Daniel L.
homes and safe. As 2009 comes to a           plied for one year (using date of check as     Meismer, J. C.             Skelley, Jr., Daniel
close, we have many memories from the        beginning point, i.e. 1/01/10 check applies    Mezzanotti, Paul           Smith, Clinton*
past year. We remember those who             dues until 1/01/11). We recognize that not     Milton, Douglas*           Smith, Don J.
                                             all are able to support the Association, but   Mitchell, Burley*          Speziale, Vito
have passed on from our whetstone fam-                                                      Moore, Lane                Stanford, Roy*
ily; the happy times with family and         we welcome support from whomever is
                                             able. Dues received to date for 2009 are       Mulholland, Howard         Stergeos, James
friends and those unexpected phone                                                          Nichelson, Joe             Stevens, William M.
calls from dear friends. We remember         listed below. An asterisk designates dues
                                                                                            Noffke, Henry A.           Stewart, Donald J.
the loss of loved ones who were so dear      paid for additional year(s). If anyone has     Ogletree, Ronald*          Thomson, John "Jack"
to us. We remember the quiet moments         paid and your name is not listed, please       Oremus, Vern               Throener, Larry*
with each other, lifting up a friend in      accept our apology and contact Kay Goble       Packer, Chuck*             Timmons, Garrett*
time of need or vice versus; a child         at 6200 Emerald Pines Cir, Ft. Myers, FL       Pangrass, William R.       Tucker, George*
wrapping his or her arms around you          33966, (239)768-1449, or e-mail:               Patterson, Capt. Peter     Van Guilder, David*
                                    Please make         Pearson, Ray               Ward, Everett*
and saying, "I love you". And we re-                                                        Pierce, Charles*           Watson, Marvin*
member our freedom to live in America        checks payable to:
                                                    USS Whetstone Association.              Pilgreen, Vince*           Weigt, Earl*
and the military that are fighting for our                                                  Pineda, Jamie              Wiesemann, Donald*
country and thanking God every day for                                                      Pittman, Garnett L.        Winslow, Leonard
them. And let's not forget the birth of          Please use this list as your receipt.      Polk, James                Wood, Gerald
Christ and the free gift of salvation from    Alleman, G. J.          Doerr, Gary T.        Posey, Billy               Wright, Paul*
him.                                          Alsleben, Keith         Durnil, Allen*        Raymie, Jerry D.*          Yedowitz, Joe*
                                              Anderson, Robert*       Edney, Edward L.      Reed, George               Zdolsek, Martin
     Our country may be in strife today,                                                    Reid, James P.
                                              Arata, Sil*             Edwards, H Sonny*
but we will remember God is in control
                                              Beebe, Raymond          Edwards, Millard
and will trust him with the outcome.
     We are ready to welcome in a new
                                              Bell, Charles*          Engelken, Ralph               MY STATE UTAH
                                              Bisping, Neil A.*       Eshelman, Thomas
year, 2010. Isaiah 65, 17: "Behold, I         Blenkhorn, Charles      Feathers, Paul*
will create NEW heavens and a NEW             Bogusch, W. C.*         Finlayson, Leonard      DC3 1964-65            Bauer, Daniel F.
earth". The former things will not be         Bommer, David           Finnes, Roger                                  Murray, Utah
remembered, nor will they come to             Boren, Ben              Flowerree, Robert
                                                                                              BT3     1954-55        Dalton, Burke
                                              Boswell, Robert*        Fox, J. Lee*
mind. They are eternal, and in them                                                                                  Murray, Utah
                                              Bowhousen, Douglas      Fox, Sebastian*
safety, peace, and plenty will be avail-      Brameyer, George        Fry, Steve              PCSN 1967-68           Eastman, Rodney G.
able to all.                                  Brannigan, Chris        Fulghem, Richard*                              Orem, Utah
      I hope to see you in Astoria in Sep-    Breedlove, James        Goble, Marion*          MM2 1958-62            Fortine, Archie R.
tember.                                       Brewer, Melvin          Goodrich, Jesse                                Vernal, Utah
                                              Brillon, Paul*          Gordon, Eddie*          IC3     1961-64        Garvoille, Gary
     May you all have a Blessed New           Brown, Beryle           Graves, Darrell                                Sandy, Utah
Year!!!                                       Brown, James E.*        Green, Kenneth          FN      1968           Haueter, Hylton J.
            Marvin Watson (RM-3 60-63)        Buchanan, Kenneth*      Gross, Richard*                                Midway, Utah
                                              Burt, Neil*             Grubb, Jack*
                                  Chaplain    Bussey, Henry S.        Hall, Charles*
                                                                                              EM3 1956-59            Nelson, Donald A.
           Caffey, Irby R.         Hammons, Willis                                Ogden, Utah
                                              Caldwell, William       Harrison, Burlin        MM      1959-61        Tucker, Fayette
                                              Campbell, Hershel E.    Haynes, Earl                                   Salt Lake City, Utah
      Recently Located                        Carrell, Zane*          Hitt, John W.
                                              Carson, Capt. Grant*    Hockema, Ben*
         Shipmates                            Cickavage, Joseph*      Hoover, Frederick*
                                                                                              As you are aware, postage is increasing!
                                              Coakley, Bill*          Hyatt, Ray L.*
                                                                                              We currently mail 700 newsletters and e-
BT 1967-69 Spurling, Chief Andrew             Coldren, Wayne*         Johnson, Merrill*
                                                                                              mail 40. In an effort to use our funds
                                              Conover, J. W.          Jones, Dale H.
           San Diego, CA                      Cox, Millard*           Julian, Frank
                                                                                              wisely, please advise Kay Goble
                                                                                              ( if you are not
                                              Crowder, Frank          Kiffmann, Helmet*
EN3 1969-70 Bogszewski, Steven                                                                interested in receiving newsletter and
                                              Czarnecki, Vincent*     Kirby, Joe
            Colgate, WI                                                                       would like your name removed from the
                                              DeWalt, Gary            Kircher, Vincent*
                                              Dinda, Gerald           Klebacher, Gene         mailing list. Or, sign-up for email.
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                                                                                              My Bus is Missing!
                   Greetings from                                               VW bus stolen 35 years ago is found in shipping con-
                   Your President                                          tainer bound for Europe
                                                                                Customs agents inspecting a load bound for the Neth-
                                                                           erlands discovered a 1965 van that disappeared from a
                                                                           Spokane repair shop in 1974. CHP investigators are
     Today I sit watching the Navy put into commission the USS
                                                                           searching for the thieves.
New York (LPD-21). As most know, this type of ship replaces the
LSDs. It just baffles my mind to see the ships that the modern day              "It looks like it's brand new," said Mike Maleta, an
sailor takes to sea. It kind of makes me think of when one would           investigator with the California Highway Patrol.
refer to us, jokingly of course, as "iron men and wooden ships".           (Department of Homeland Security)
Today I believe it to be true. As great a ship the Whetstone was, put-          When U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at
ting it mildly, it was archaic compared to the ships of the 21st cen-      the Port of Los Angeles opened a shipping container
tury. However, we could get her up to 14 knots and no smoke.               bound for the Netherlands, they discovered a 1965 Volks-
     Another story while at muster…..M division used to muster on          wagen bus stolen in Washington state 35 years ago.
the 03 level. I've talked about before that old salt CMM Pop Pruitt             Far out, man!
was involved. We were at sea and Pop was giving us a lecture on the             The unusual seizure of the bus on Oct. 19 came during
modern Navy that we were all in. Well, at that time, an albatross          a routine inspection of several Volkswagens that were be-
came by the mighty Whetstone. My comment to Pop was "Hey                   ing shipped by an Arizona restorer to customers in Europe.
Chief, we're full out at 14 knots and that bird that just passed us did-   The vehicle identification number of the bus, which was
n't even flap his wings". We had a little chuckle and Pop enjoyed it       swiped in Spokane on July 12, 1974, was still in police
also. Thanks for indulging my reminiscing, guys.                           computers.
     Enough of that… the time you receive this newsletter, the              "Pretty amazing, isn't it?" customs spokesman Jaime
Christmas season will have passed. Hoping the crew had a Merry             Ruiz said Thursday when the find was announced.
Christmas and said a prayer or two for the guys who could not spend
                                                                                The restorer, who was not identified, isn't a suspect in
Christmas with their loved ones. God bless them and keep them
                                                                           the long-ago theft, authorities said.
safe. It surely is one of the loneliest times of the year for service
men and women.                                                                  "He's a victim himself. He was an innocent pur-
     As it gets closer to our reunion in Astoria, if you have not al-      chaser," said Mike Maleta, an investigator with the Cali-
                                                                           fornia Highway Patrol, who will attempt to trace the vehi-
ready decided to attend, please give serious thought to meeting up
                                                                           cle's ownership back through interviews and registration
with members of the crew.
     Talk to you later.
                                                                                "I'm going to try my best to find the crook," he said.
                            Bill Coakley
                                                                                Maleta said Spokane police couldn't find the owner.
                         New Green Ship                                         "Allstate paid her $2,500 or so to settle the claim," he
     USS Makin Island (LHD 8) was formally commissioned in a               said. "Now it's worth $25,000. . . . It's in pristine condition.
ceremony on Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI).                        It looks like it's brand new. So Allstate wanted it."
     The ship dubbed the "Prius of Navy warships," arrived in San               Bummer.
Diego in mid-September, three years after her christening. She
brought over 1,000 Sailors and their families to San Diego..
                                                                           LHD-1 Wasp-class, but is the first of the class built with
     "I am proud this ship, and that her Sailors, Marines, and fami-
                                                                           gas turbine engines and electric drive. The Navy projects
lies will all call San Diego 'home'," said Congresswoman Susan
                                                                           that this advance will save nearly $250 million in fuel
Davis, the senior U.S. government official present. "It is great to
                                                                           costs over the ship's lifetime. The development is already
have a new, 'green,' addition to San Diego. Each of you contributes
                                                                           paying off – during the ships transit from Pascagoula,
to mission success and to our great community."
                                                                           Miss., to San Diego, Makin Island consumed over 900,000
     Adm. Patrick Walsh, commander, Pacific Fleet, the event's prin-       gallons less fuel than a steam ship completing the same
cipal speaker, spoke of Makin Island’s impact on the fleet.                transit, saving more than $2 million in fuel costs. Other
     "USS Makin Island represents the US Navy's long standing              environmentally-friendly initiatives include the use of an
commitment to both the defense of our nation and ensuring security         electric plant to power auxiliaries, meaning no steam or
and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond," said Walsh.          associated chemicals; and the use of reverse osmosis water
"This commissioning also marks a new and significant chapter in the        purification systems that negate the need for chemicals
US Navy's history. The Navy will look to the USS Makin Island as           like bromine or chlorine. "This warship significantly en-
the example as we move aggressively forward with plans to reduce           hances our joint Navy and Marine Corps capability," said
our reliance on fossil fuels and other hazardous chemicals."               Vice Adm. D.C. Curtis, commander, Naval Surface
     Makin Island is the final amphibious assault ship built in the        Forces. "In support of our nation's maritime strategy, it
                                                                                                            (See Makin Island on page 5)

Page 4
         WWII Patrol Boat Wreckage Discovered                                         New Health Plan
      A U.S. Navy patrol boat sunk by a German submarine               The American Medical Association has weighed in on the
 off Cape Hatteras, N.C., during World War II has been            new health care plan being developed by the administration.
 found untouched, a government agency said.                            The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists
      The converted trawler YP-389, which sank June 19,           advised not to make any rash moves.
 1942, was found about 18 miles off Hatteras Inlet during a            The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it,
 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expedi-          but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of
 tion, said Joe Hoyt, a maritime archaeologist with NOAA's        nerve.
 Monitor National Marine Sanctuary.
                                                                       The Obstetricians felt they were all laboring under a mis-
      The sanctuary is the site of the wreck of the U.S. Civil    conception.
 War steam-propelled warship USS Monitor, one of the
                                                                       Ophthalmologists considered the idea shortsighted.
 most famous shipwrecks in U.S. history.
                                                                       Pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!" while the Pedia-
      As many as five men from the YP-389 may be en-
                                                                  tricians said, 'Oh, Grow up!'
 tombed under 325 feet of water in the relatively intact 102-
 foot vessel, David Alberg, the sanctuary's superintendent,            The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness,
 told The (Norfolk, Va.) Virginian-Pilot.                         while the Radiologists could see right through it.
      Footage taken by an advanced diving robot Aug. 7 and             Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing.
 confirmed with historical records shows a skeletal vessel             The Internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and
 with numerous artifacts -- light fixtures, batteries, fire ex-   the Plastic Surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the
 tinguishers and port holes -- scattered around it, the news-     matter."
 paper said.                                                           The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the
      The sides of the hull, with its rivets corroded, had        Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.
 fallen to the side.                                                   The Anesthesiologists thought the idea was a gas, and the
      The finding is significant because the wreck is un-         Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.
 touched and because it is believed to be a Navy war grave,            In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire
 Alberg said.                                                     decision up to the know-it-alls in Washington .
      The YP-389 lost a 90-minute surface battle with a Ger-
 man U-701 Type VIIC submarine, which itself was sunk
 two weeks later by U.S. Army aircraft about 10 miles
 north.                                                                                     Letters
      The fight was part of the Battle of the Atlantic, a term
 coined by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in
 1941. The battle was the war's longest continuous military            Marion,
 campaign, lasting six years, involving thousands of ships             I was on the Stone when we spent a few weeks in Astoria
 and stretching hundreds of miles.                                (maybe 56).
                                                                       It seem that it rained every 15 to 20 min and stop in 2. I
                                                                  remember going into a drug store to get something and asked
(Makin   Island from page 4)
                                                                  the clerk does it always rain like this? and he said "no, this is
possesses the ability to rapidly respond to emergent tasking
                                                                  the dry season.
anywhere, anytime."
                                                                       After about 2 days it was time to go on leave, I crossed the
     It was quite a day for Capt. Bob Kopas, commanding
officer, USS Makin Island, who guided the ship and her Sail-      quarterdeck at midnight to try and catch a ride to Portland and
                                                                  fly home to Mich. I walked to the highway and found a ship
ors through over four years of construction and trials. He gave
                                                                  mate hitching a ride.
thanks to the crew for working together to reach a momentous
occasion.                                                              A guy came along in a new 56 Plymouth fury and offered
     "You have shown the metal you are made of every day,"        us ride to Portland, we hung on for dear life as he flew up the
Kopas said. "In Mississippi you demonstrated your humanity        road to Portland. My shipmate was going to Ohio and he talked
                                                                  me into Hitching hiking all the way home.
by rebuilding playgrounds that were destroyed by Hurricane
Katrina, and during our port visits in South America you dem-           We caught a ride with a 1 eyed mining engineer in a 56
onstrated your compassion by volunteering your off-duty time      Chrysler 300 and we went 90 miles a hour along the Columbia
to renovate schools and other community facilities. Over the      to Idaho. The rest is Long Tale, I made it home in 3 days and
past four years, the dedication and enthusiasm you have           stayed a month until I had to meet the Stone in Seattle.
shown has been the 'flames' which have heated the metal of             Yes Astoria was something to see and hard to describe
our ship, making her able to meet the challenges of our nation    other then WOW. The Stone was my first Ship out of three af-
and the Navy over the next 40 years and beyond."                  ter Coronado and 7.3 Task Force.
                                                                       David Paulus MM2 54 to 58

                                                                                                                              Page 5
             Possible former Shipmate                                            MY STATE NEVADA
      My name is Regina Campbell. My father, Burnell R.
 Campbell, was active duty USN from 29 April 1955 through 13     LTJG    1969-70           Blenkhorn, Charles W.
 May 1958. His DD Form 214 indicates that he served on the                                 Las Vegas, Nevada
 USS Whetstone (LSD-27). His service number was 3700461.         QMC      1950-52          Butler, Eugene
 He was assigned as a deck hand.                                                           Dayton, Nevada
      Is there anyway you can confirm he was a crew member       OP OF 1956-59             Connell, Mike
 during that time, or tell me who I can contact?                                           Las Vegas, Nevada
                                                                 SF1      1962             Mercer, Milton
      My father passed away November 12, 1998 and I would                                  Minden, Nevada
 like to honor him by adding him to your web site if he was in   BT3      1950-51          Savoie, Donald L.
 fact a crew member. I have pictures of crew members he                                    Henderson, Nevada
 served with to share.                                           EM3      1952-53          Wood, Frank
      Thanks for your assistance in advance.                                               Yerington, Nevada

                                                                      (According to research by Marion Goble)
                                                                      Ms. Campbell,
                                                                      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Your father,
                                                                 Burnell R. Campbell, was aboard the USS Whetstone in 1957
                                                                 per our micro-film records. We do not have the dates that he
                                                                 was actually aboard but we show that in September 1957 he
                                                                 was serving aboard the Whetstone. We would appreciate any
                                                                 photos that you may wish to share. Perhaps we can use some
                                                                 of the photos in our newsletter. If we do, we will send you a
                                                                 pdf copy of the next newsletter.
                                                                      Thank you for notifying us of your father and his pass-
                                                                 ing. We will add him to our deceased list and David will add
                                                                 him to the Website Deceased List.

Page 6
                       Letters                                                                Editorial

> Gentlemen                                                                   This might be a good time to discuss how a ―Rolling
>                                                                       Stone‖ newsletter is produced.
>> I do not believe that "Letter from Grandad" had any place in               Usually the newsletter is 12 pages long. Our print-
The Rolling Stone.                                                      ing company puts 4 pages on one sheet of paper, so we
> I believe that our Commander in Chief is doing the best he can        try for 12 (sometimes 16 pages when it’s close to a reun-
to lead our nation.                                                     ion and we have more news, and at least once we went to
> Such political propaganda as you spread does not help build           20 pages). Why not more? Sometimes 12 pages is
good will.                                                              stretching what we can come up with, and each addi-
>                                                                       tional page costs the association more for printing.
> Lt. Byron Wm Conrad
> USS Whetstone                                                               As it gets close to reunion time Kay needs a few
> 1956 - 1958                                                           more pages to update the crew on the status of the up-
> Operations officer &                                                  coming reunion. If she needs even more room we often
> Temp Executive Officer (when the Exec died of a heart attack)         expand to 16 pages, but as this is more expensive to
>                                                                       print, we don’t do it lightly.
Dear Lt. Conrad,                                                              I usually do pages 1 and 4 through 12. Kay fills in
                                                                        pages 2 and 3 that have the deceased list, the voluntary
I am the editor of the "Rolling Stone" and I am the one who in-         dues list and recently located shipmates. The president
cluded "Letter from Granddad" in the last issue. I accept full re-      has the presidents column and the Chaplin has the Chap-
sponsibility for it being in there. I found it funny and that's why I   lin’s corner..
put in the newsletter. I have no agenda against Democrats (or                 As for the material that goes into the newsletter, it
Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents). I often laugh hardest      comes from various sources. We have some shipmates
at the quotes of Will Rodgers and Mark Twain who poked barbs            that are a great source of material. You may have no-
at everyone, especially those currently in office.                      ticed that Tom Lucus often has one or more articles. He
                                                                        likes to write stories and I’m grateful to him for them.
When putting together our newsletter I'm always looking for arti-       Everett Ward has given me some great stories. The list
cles. Top priority goes to shipmates who submit stories from            goes on and I’m remiss for not naming everyone. Any-
their time on the Whetstone. Next I am on the lookout for Navy          thing that I find in the news about the Navy (or the mili-
stories that I hope will relate to experiences of our shipmates.        tary) is scrutinized as a possible interesting article.
After that, I keep an eye open for interesting or (in my opinion)
                                                                              I use Microsoft Publisher to put all these article into
funny articles.
                                                                        a 12 page template that resembles what the finished
                                                                        newsletter will look like. After I add these submissions
I think if you look in the past issues of "The Rolling Stone" (most
                                                                        I’m often left with little blank holes. They may be 1/2 a
of them are available on our website,
                                                                        column or they might be just an inch. Then the fun be-
you will find the current administration, Commander in Chief,
and representatives are not the first ones to have comments made
about the state of affairs in our seats of government.                        As time goes by I often find little stories, quips and
                                                                        one liners. When I see something I think just might be
I am, however, truly sorry to have offended you (or any of our          good for the newsletter, I stash it away until later. When
shipmates). That was not my intention.                                  I start to assemble the newsletter, I fill in these little
                                                                        blank holes with these saved tidbits. Some times it takes
Sincerely,                                                              quite a few tries, but finally I have filled most of the
John Worman                                                                   I understand what I find as interesting or humor may
Editor: "The Rolling Stone"                                             not float other peoples boat. I try to be careful about sex,
                                                                        politics and religion. My wife has suggested that I do
                                                                        away with these ―funny stories‖, but frankly I need them
                                                                        to fill in the blank spaces.
                                                                              I’m always looking for submissions from the crew.
             Do you ever leave the Navy?                                If you remember an experience you had while serving on
 On a family night out, it became obvious to us all that Dad,
                                                                        Whetstone (or serving somewhere else, for that matter).
 an old sailor, had never really left the Navy. As my father
                                                                        I’ll get it in there, and the crew will love it!
 pulled our mini van in front of the restaurant, my brother
 began opening the sliding door.
 ―Hang on!‖ Dad shouted. ―Wait till I pull up to the pier.‖                 John
                                                                                                                               Page 7
                                                                         will remember them," Mr. Brown said.
           MoH Recipient Visits Namesake Boat
                                                                               Queen Elizabeth II said, "We will never forget the
       PEARL HARBOR - Medal of Honor (MOH) recipient ar-                 bravery and enormous sacrifice of his generation." Prince
  rived on historic Ford Island to view a newly built USS Arizona        Charles said, "Nothing could give me greater pride" than
  Memorial biodiesel white boat with his namesake.                       paying tribute to Mr. Patch.
       After being greeted by Rear Adm. Dixon Smith, commander,                "The Great War is a chapter in our history we must
  Navy Region Hawaii and Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific              never forget; so many sacrifices were made, so many
  and Capt. Richard Kitchens, commanding officer of Naval Sta-           young lives lost," the prince said.
  tion (NAVSTA) Pearl Harbor, MOH recipient retired Navy Lt.
  John Finn stepped aboard his boat and was treated to a tour of the           Britain's Ministry of Defense called Mr. Patch the last
  harbor.                                                                British military survivor of the 1914-18 war, although
                                                                         British-born Claude Choules of Australia, 108, is believed
       "This is the best thing that's ever happened to me," said Finn,   to have served in the Royal Navy during the conflict.
  as he took a look at the boat. "It was brought to my attention only
  a few days ago that they had a boat named after me. Thank you                Mr. Patch was one of the last living links to "the war
  for everything that you have given to our country. It is a privilege   to end all wars," which killed about 20 million people in
  and an honor to present this boat with your namesake to you,"          years of fighting between the Allied powers -- including
  said Smith. "Welcome to your boat sir."                                Britain, France and the United States -- and Germany and
                                                                         its allies. The Ministry of Defense said he was the last
       Chief Boatswain's Mate Jeff Iovine and Boatswain's Mate           soldier of any nationality to have fought in the brutal
  Seaman Evan King, both assigned to NAVSTA Pearl Harbor's               trench warfare that has become the enduring image of the
  Arizona detachment, had the opportunity to talk with Finn during       conflict. There are no French or German veterans of the
  the visit.                                                             war left alive. The last known U.S. veteran is Frank Buck-
       "It was really exciting and an honor just to hear him talk        les of Charles Town, W.Va., 108, who drove ambulances
  about his career and all the things that he's seen and done," said     in France for the U.S. Army.
  Iovine.                                                                      Mr. Patch did not speak about his war experiences
       "He was really great and very spirited," King said. "He is a      until he was 100. Once he did, he was adamant that the
  100 year old war hero and is still kicking it with fire."              slaughter he witnessed had not been justified.
       Upon returning to the pier, Finn thanked the Sailors for his            "I met someone from the German side, and we both
  memorable day before departing historic Ford Island.                   shared the same opinion: We fought, we finished and we
       Finn also attended the Klipper Flag Raising ceremony and          were friends," he said in 2007.
  visited his namesake building at Marine Corps Base Hawaii                    "It wasn't worth it."
  Kaneohe.                                                                     Born in southwest England in 1898, Mr. Patch was a
       Finn received his Medal of Honor from Fleet Adm. Chester          teenage apprentice plumber when he was called up for
  W. Nimitz for heroism and distinguished service during the Japa-       military service in 1916. After training, he was sent to the
  nese attack on Pearl Harbor. Finn is now the sole survivor of 15       trenches as a machine-gunner in the Duke of Cornwall's
  Sailors who received the Medal of Honor for their actions Dec. 7,      Light Infantry.
  1941.                                                                        The five-man Lewis gun team had a pact to try not to
                                                                         kill any enemy soldiers, but to aim at their legs unless it
                  Britain’s last WWI Vet                                 came down to killing or being killed, he said.
                                                                               Mr. Patch was part of the third battle of Ypres in Bel-
     Harry Patch, Britain's last survivor of the trenches of World
War I, was a reluctant soldier who became a powerful eyewit-             gium. The offensive began on July 31, 1917, and it rained
                                                                         all but three days of August. It was not until Nov. 6, 1917,
ness to the horror of war, and a symbol of a lost generation. Mr.
                                                                         that British and Canadian forces had progressed five miles
Patch, who died Saturday at 111, was wounded in 1917 in the
                                                                         to capture what was left of the village of Passchendaele.
Battle of Passchendaele, which he remembered as "mud, mud
                                                                         The cost was 325,000 Allied casualties and 260,000 Ger-
and more mud, mixed together with blood."
     "Anyone who tells you that in the trenches they weren't
                                                                               Mr. Patch's war had ended on Sept. 22, when he was
scared, he's a damned liar: You were scared all the time," Mr.
                                                                         seriously wounded by shrapnel, which killed three other
Patch was quoted as saying in a book, "The Last Fighting
                                                                         members of his machine-gun team.
Tommy," written with historian Richard van Emden.
                                                                               "My reaction was terrible; it was losing a part of my
     The Fletcher House care home in Wells, southwest Eng-
land, said Mr. Patch "quietly slipped away" on Saturday morn-            life," he said.
ing.                                                                           "I'd taken an absolute liking to the men in the team;
     Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the whole country                  you could say almost love. You could talk to them about
would mourn "the passing of a great man."                                anything and everything. I mean, those boys were with
                                                                         you night and day. You shared everything with them, and
     "The noblest of all the generations has left us, but they will      you talked about everything." Ever after, he regarded that
never be forgotten. We say today with still greater force: We
                                                                                                                  (See Patch on page 9)

Page 8
(Patch from page 8)                                                      on this train were like subway cars with the only seats
date as his Remembrance Day instead of the national commemo-             being long and paralleling the sided walls and those cars
ration on Nov. 11.                                                       were much shorter than our American rail cars. Most of
     He and the other survivor agreed that they would never share        the passengers stood amid each car holding onto straps
details of the incident with the families of their comrades. "I          attached to posts throughout the cars. The train acceler-
mean, there was nothing left, nothing left to bury, and I don't          ated rapidly and stopped in the same manner requiring
think they would have wanted to know that," he said.                     you to hold on tight because of the frequent stops. An-
                                                                         other thing, the speed at which the train traveled was
     Mr. Patch recalled being unmoved by the excitement that             frightening, kind of like the Japanese taxi cabs. We man-
swept his village of Combe Down, near Bath in southwestern               aged to find a seat after a few stops and a Japanese man
England, when war broke out in 1914.
                                                                         in a business suit sat down next to Bill.
     "I didn't welcome the war at all, and never felt the need to get         This business man started talking right away. I for-
myself into khaki and go out there fighting before it was 'all over
                                                                         get where he said he worked, but his brother worked for
by Christmas.' That's what people were saying, that the war              the Folgers Coffee Co. in the US. He showed us some
wouldn't last long," he said.                                            American money then he started asking questions about
     His most vivid memory of the war was of encountering a              our ship, what size crew, where we had been and if there
comrade whose torso had been ripped open by shrapnel. "Shoot             were any troops aboard. This prompted me to remember
me," Mr. Patch recalled the soldier pleading.                            some of our security training concerning people who ask
     The man died before Patch could draw his revolver.                  a lot of questions but Bill didn't and he was spilling the
     "I was with him for the last 60 seconds of his life. He gasped      beans. I kept bumping his leg but he kept on answering
one word - 'Mother.' That one word has run through my brain for          every question. Finally we came to Yokahoma and I saw
88 years. I will never forget it."                                       a large female Buda image up on a hill and I convinced
                                                                         Bill to get off the train to take some pics so we got off.
     When he was wounded, Mr. Patch said he was told that the            The first thing I did was to scold him for running off at
medics had run out of anesthetic, but he agreed to go ahead with         the mouth. Then we went up above the town and took the
surgery to remove shrapnel from his stomach.                             pics; rang a big wooden bell, then caught another train
     "Four people caught hold of me, one each leg, one each arm,         toward Tokyo.
and the doctor got busy," he recalled. "I'd asked him how long                When we arrived at the Tokyo station I noticed a lot
                                                                         of people wearing those paper masks like the ones you
                                                (See Patch on page 12)
                                                                         get at Wal-Mart. I didn't understand that but Semler told
                                                                         me about the common cold epidemic in the 50s that
                      Hang Out Buddies                                   killed over a million people in Japan because they didn't
                        By: Tom Lucas                                    have immunity to that ailment at the time. We figured
                                                                         those people wearing mask were worried with all those
     * Something that happens among some ship mates that is              foreigners in town for the Olympics, bringing in some-
known but is usually hardly noticed except for a few people like         thing that could kill them.
Jepson & Sitton. Those two were like brothers, if you saw one
than you saw the other. Now that they have both left this life, I             After leaving the train station, we decided to look
can tell this.                                                           over the town rather than go to the Olympics. Some of
                                                                         the streets down town were more like interstates with
     When the Stone was tied up on either # 6, 7 or 8, in San            over pass bridges, four lanes, ramps and etc, but there
Diego, Rutlege MMC parked his pickup in a parking lot outside            were not many cars on them. We saw a 57 Chevy burn-
of the south gate near National City. Jepson and Sitton usually          ing up the road then a Mercedes or two, but most of the
walked past that parking lot when going to National City on lib-         cars were Japanese.
erty. On one particular evening when the chief had duty, they
spotted his truck in the lot. I don't know whose idea it was, but             We visited the roof of a 14 story building where a
before it was over, those boys took their knives and cut open the        day care was. You won't believe it, but it was kind of
tires on the chief's truck. To top it off, they came back aboard         like a mini carnival up there with a few kid's rides and
bragging about it and no one ever told the chief who did it.             lots of toys. Then we rambled around the city for a few
                                                                         hours and finally we boarded the train for the return trip
     There were others who enlisted in the similar time frames           back to Yokosuka. It was dark when we arrived and sud-
who were not as close as Jepson & Sitton, but were good friends          denly we realized, we hadn't eaten since breakfast. It was
like Goble & McGavock or Solari & Hank. Then there were the              past chow time on the Stone so we found a Japanese res-
ones that just had a loose friendship like Bill Semler and me. I         taurant before returning to the ship. Bill ordered shrimp
didn't hang out with him much on the ship, but we spent time ex-         fried rice for us and that was my first taste of Japanese
ploring ports of call together.                                          food and pretty good I thought.
     * On the 64 cruse the Stone was just back from Nam and                                                             Tom Lucas
ported in Yokosuka, when the Olympics were in Tokyo. Sander-                                                                  MM3
vall had taken the train up there and came back bragging about it
so Semler asks me to go to Tokyo with him, and we went.
     We boarded the train in Yokosuka and started north. The cars
                                                                                                                            Page 9
                                Holiday Inn Express Hotels       Larry Lonnon has been working on the reunion since we left
                                        and Suites               Charleston in 2008. He is looking forward to sharing Astoria
                                                                 with his shipmates. Astoria is a lovely small city on the Colum-
                                  204 West Marine Drive          bia River which offers unique shops and restaurants, bicycle
                                  Astoria, Oregon 97103          paths, a 1913 refurbished trolley and will give you an opportunity
                                                                 to sit back and relax. The best way to get to Astoria is to drive
                                        Reservations:            from the Portland airport. Whether you choose the drive through
                                        888-898-6222             the forests or the drive along the Columbia River, you will enjoy
                                     the landscape. We think the best route is along the Columbia
                                Visit the website to see a Bi-   River. In the event you are unable to drive, there is a com-
                                centennial video that we are     muter airline (8 passenger plane) from Portland that can be
                                  unable to include here.        arranged. The airline is SeaPort Airlines and you can make
                                                                 reservations by calling 888-573-2767)
Opened in May 2004, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
is an attractive 78-room riverfront hotel. Spacious, contempo-  We have chosen a few events for you as a group. However, there
rary, elegantly decorated rooms and suites offer a magnificent  are many other things available in the area. If you choose not to
panoramic view of the mighty Columbia River or hillside city    take part in the trips planned, that is ok. The reunion offers an
views.                                                          opportunity to meet with shipmates you have not seen for possi-
                                                                bly years or meet up again with those you have met at previous
The hotel offers a unique breakfast experience at the Express reunions. Please consider the Astoria reunion in 2010!
Start Breakfast Bar featuring fresh fruits, juices, cereals,
breads/pastries, yogurts, hardboiled eggs, freshly baked cinna-
                                                                                          The Historic Astoria and Lewis &
mon rolls and hot foods. Take an invigorating swim in the
                                                                              Astoria     Clark Tour will give you a taste of the
indoor heated pool, luxuriate in the whirlpool or recharge your
                                                                              Column      history of the area. Tour Fort Clatsop,
body in the well-equipped fitness room.
                                                                                          view and climb the Astoria Column
                                                                                          with its breathtaking view over Astoria,
Enjoy pet designated guestrooms, ($15.00/per night), river-
                                                                                          the Columbia River and the Megler
front green space and lawns for walks and delicious dog treats
                                                                                          Bridge. Drive past Uniontown and the
upon your arrival.
                                                                                          beautiful Victorian homes. Visit the
                                                                                          Columbia River Maritime Museum, the
All guestrooms are fully equipped with an impressive array of
                                                                                          first nationally accredited maritime mu-
amenities: Air conditioning, Refrigerator, Microwave, 27 inch
                                                                                          seum in the western United States. A
TV/DVD Player, Coffeemaker, Hair Dryer, Ironing Board and
                                                                    Maritime Museum       great city and surrounding area tour.
Iron, High-Speed Internet Access, Direct-Dial Phone with
Dataport and Voice Mail, Free Local and 800 Number Access
Calls.                                                                 Astor Street Opry Playhouse
                                                                          ―Shanghaied in Astoria‖
There are 15 city-view rooms available which accommodate
1—2 people (2 queen sized beds or king bed) and are priced at      Enjoy dinner and a fun evening in a
$119.00 per night. The remaining 63 rooms which are river-         cozy 100-seat cabaret theater fash-
view accommodate 1—4 people and are priced at $139.00 per          ioned after the style of old vaudeville
night. 2-Room Suites which accommodate up to 6 people are          houses from the turn of the century.
available at an additional cost.                                   Then take part in this ―Vaudeville‖
                                                                   musical melodrama theatre presenta-
When you make reservations, call 888-898-6222 and use the          tion. You will find yourself throwing
name U.S.S. Whetstone Reunion so you receive the special           popcorn and booing the actors, while
rate. You may begin making reservations October 1, 2009.           laughing at the lively, funny songs
Remember there are only 15 rooms available at the                  and dances.
$119.00 rate. All individual guestroom reservations must be
guaranteed. For guarantee of an individual reservation, the
hotel will accept an advance deposit (by cash, certified check,                                   Tillamook Air Museum
cashier’s check or money order) or acceptable credit card num-                            See one of America's finest collection
ber with valid expiration date at time of reservation.                                    of over 30 War Birds including the P-
                                                                                          38 Lightning, F4U-Corsair, P51-
RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY AUGUST 12,                                                   Mustang, PBY Catalina, and SBD
2010. Otherwise, room rates will revert to normal rates.                                  Dauntless dive bomber. Climb into a
                                                                                          jet simulator! Have lunch at the
           MAKE PLANS NOW TO ATTEND THE                                                   40/50's Cafe. Enjoy shopping in the
              USS WHETSTONE REUNION IN                                                    aviation gift shop. All housed in a rare
    ASTORIA OREGON. YOU ARE GUARANTEED A                                                  World War II Blimp Hangar...the
                                                                                          largest wooden structure in the world!
Page 10
                                                  USS WHETSTONE LSD-27
                                             2010 Reunion Reservation Form
                                  Sunday, September 12 —Thursday, September 16, 2010
                                   Holiday Inn Express & Hotel Suites, Astoria, Oregon

A few optional events have been selected for you to participate. If you aren’t interested in attending the optional events or only a
couple and would prefer to do things on your own, there are many sites and tours in the Astoria, Oregon area. A Hospitality Room
will be available from 12:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 12:00 p.m. for shipmates to gather and visit (refreshments provided).
Ship store items and ship memorabilia will be on display. Please bring any items you want to share.

NAME:______________________________________________                         PHONE #:__________________________________

GUEST/GUESTS: ____________________________________                          E-MAIL: ___________________________________

Complete Reservation Form and mail with money to: Kay Goble, 6200 Emerald Pines Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33966
                             Make checks payable to USS Whetstone Association
           DEADLINE: Reservation forms and money must be received prior to August 10, 2010
          Sunday—September 12, 2010                     Tuesday, September 14, 2010                Wednesday—September 15, 2010
                                                  Hospitality Room: Opens at 7:30 am             Hospitality Room: Opens at 7:30 am
  Hospitality Room: Opens at 12:00 noon
  Check-in & Registration 3:00—5:00 pm            Tuesday Day Tour: 9:00 - 3:30                  Wednesday Morning Tours:
  Welcome Reception:      6:00—10:00 pm           Ultimate Oregon—Tillamook Cheese Fac-
  Cash Bar:               6:00—10:00 pm           tory, Air Museum and Nehalem Winery
                                                                                                 Seaside Shopping Tour: 9:00 - 1:00
  Welcome (Bill Coakley) 6:00—6:30 pm                                                            Charter Fishing Trip:  8:00—12:00
  Light Meal              6:30—8:00 pm            Memorial Service: 5:00 - 6:00
  Door Prizes, Etc.       8:00—10:00 pm.          (Service will be held at Holiday Inn Express Men’s Business Meeting 2:30 – 3:30
                                                  Hotel and Suites on patio (providing Women’s Meeting                2:30 — 3:30
          Monday—September 13, 2010               weather co-operates; otherwise in hotel)
  Hospitality Room: 7:30 am—11:00 pm                                                             Banquet:
  Monday Day Tour: 9:00 am—1:00 pm                                                               Photos by John:           5:30 pm
  Astoria City Tour, Lewis & Clark Museum, Tuesday Night is a Free Night                         Cash Bar Available:       6:00—10:30
  Astoria Column and Maritime Museum. Lunch Enjoy an evening in one of the unique res-
  at the Holiday Inn Express following the tour. taurants within walking distance of the hotel
                                                                                                 Welcome (Bill Coakley)    6:00 pm
                                                 or take a trolley into Astoria. Pick up the     Dinner                    6:30 - 8:00
  Monday Evening, September 13, 2010             trolley behind the Holiday Inn Express Ho-      Entertainment             8:30 - 10:30
  Dinner Theatre: Dinner at 6:30 followed by     tel and Suites.
  ―Shanghaied in Astoria‖ melodrama.

         DATE                     EVENT (Transportation & Gratutity Included)                     Cost/PP      Attendees         Cost

  May be Paid First                      Registration Fee Per Shipmate                           $15.00 per       1             $15.00
  Day of Reunion           (Covers expense of hospitality room and miscellaneous items)           shipmate

  9/12/2010             Welcome Reception @ Hotel                                                  $20.00
  Sunday Evening        (Light Meal w/hot and cold hors d’oeuvres & Cash Bar)

  9/13/2010             Astoria City Tour, Lewis & Clark Museum, Maritime Museum                   $50.00
  Monday Day            Lunch included following tour at Holiday Inn Express
  9/13/2010             Dinner Theatre                                                             $45.00
  Monday Evening        Melodrama Play ―Shanghaied in Astoria‖ following Dinner

  9/14/2010             Tillamook Cheese Factory, Air Museum & Nehalem Winery                     $102.00
  Tuesday Day           Lunch included
  9/15/2010             Charter Fishing Trip (4 persons to boat)                                  $250.00
  Wed Morning           Photo Op at 5:30;, Cash Bar available at 6:00
  9/15/2010             Seaside Shopping Tour (Lunch on your own at Seaside)                       $42.00
  Wed Morning           Quaint Shops, Quaint Restaurants and Art Galleries,
  9/15/2010             Banquet and Cash Bar                                                       $50.00
  Wed Evening           Entertainment
                                                                                                                                   Page 11
                                                                                                                          US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                         FT. MYERS, FL.
                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 422

 USS Whetstone Association
 The Rolling Stone Newsletter
 6200 Emerald Pines Circle
 Fort Myers, Florida 33966
           Return Service Requested

       SHIP’S STORE                                      (Patch from page 9)

To order any Ship’s Store item please contact            he'd be and he'd said, 'Two minutes,' and in those two minutes I could have ...
Marion Goble, 6200 Emerald Pines Circle, Ft.             killed him."
Myers, FL 33966, (239)768-1449 or e-mail Marion
                                                              After the war ended in 1918, Mr. Patch returned to work as a plumber, got
Goble at When
submitting an order, please make checks payable to
                                                         married, raised a family and didn't start talking about his war experiences until
USS Whetstone Association. All jackets and golf          the 21st century. He outlived three wives and both of his sons.
shirts are navy blue with gold lettering. T-shirts are        During World War II, Mr. Patch volunteered for the fire service and helped
navy blue with gold lettering or gray with navy          in rescue and firefighting after German bombing raids.
lettering. Hats are navy blue with gold silhouette of
ship, white with navy blue silhouette of ship or red          In recent years, he and his dwindling band of fellow survivors became
with gold silhouette of ship, or camouflage with gold    poignant, and much-honored, symbols of the conflict.
silhouette of ship.                                           At 101, he received the Legion d'Honneur from the French government.
                                                         Last year, Poet Laureate Andrew Motion wrote a poem for him, "The Five Acts
Items for Sale:                                          of Harry Patch."
Ball Caps (With Silhouette)             $20.00
Cruise Books (57, 61,66,67/68 & 69)     $20.00                Last year, he and two fellow veterans - former airman Henry Allingham
DVD of Reunions (1996-2006)             $10.00           and former sailor Bill Stone - attended remembrance ceremonies in London to
DVD of 2008 Reunion                     $10.00           mark the 90th anniversary of the war's end at the 11th hour of the 11th day of
Golf Shirts (S,M,L,XL)                  $35.00           the 11th month in 1918. The three frail men in wheelchairs laid wreaths of red
T-Shirts (S,M,L,XLG, XXL)               $20.00           poppies at the base of the stone Cenotaph memorial.
Jackets (S,M,LG,XLG)                    $50.00
Jackets (XXL & XXXL)                    $52.00                Mr. Stone died in January. Mr. Allingham, who became the world's oldest
Mouse pads w/Whetstone Picture          $10.00           man, died July 18, aged 113.
Yosemite Sam Patches                    $ 8.00                At a remembrance ceremony in 2007, Mr. Patch said he felt "humbled that I
Zippo Knives w/Ship Silhouette          $20.00           should be representing an entire generation."
Zippo Lighters w/Ship Silhouette        $13.00
Whetstone Pictures on Canvas            $25.00                "Today is not for me. It is for the countless millions who did not come
                                                         home with their lives intact. They are the heroes," he said. "It is also important
        Note: All Prices Include Shipping                we remember those who lost their lives on both sides."

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