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					Introduction to
  >>Ronco Professional Services Labs

                                                                                        Our Professional Services Lab is
Introduction to Ronco Labs                                                              Used For:

Ronco Communications & Electronics, Inc. offers a full palate of                        • Testing standard and enhanced
professional services for communications applications. Traditional services, such       features of Symposium influenced
as standard field service, installation, and project management are our                 applications
cornerstones. However, when the technical job requirements exceed these
traditional services (as primarily offered by many of our competitors), Ronco is        • Emulation of existing customer
well positioned to provide a higher level of technical services. Ronco Professional     applications and data
Services is that extended level of technical communications expertise.
The Ronco Professional Services operation consists of a core group of highly            • Debugging multi-system
experienced and creative engineers. This group is located together with the             problems
laboratory in Rochester, NY. By leveraging a pool of technical support staff
                                                                                        • Research and development for
through out Ronco’s corporate enterprise allows the flexibility to deliver services     CTI, Web and new custom Ronco
to various locations as necessary. It is typical for any one of our people to have      applications
27+ years of specialized knowledge in, voice, data, WAN/LAN, IP,
telecommunications, IVR, Call Center, real-time software development, multi-            • Training for internal Ronco
vendor problem ownership/resolution, wireless, etc.                                     technical staff and external
                                                                                        contracted events
Ronco is extremely dedicated to developing, conceptualizing, implementing, and
testing of customer applications, proof-of-concepts, and new product                    • Promotion of stress-free learning
integrations. Our goal is to provide the absolute best-of-class engineered              experiences, as all systems can be
solutions. These are proven solutions and techniques that add value to our              very quickly restored to working
                                                                                        order should a configuration or a
customer's business model. To fully accomplish that task, Ronco has established
                                                                                        test of a "what if" idea causes
a $750,000 Professional Services laboratory. It is a fully independent and              corruption of any server or
physically secure facility.                                                             software component.
Technology and equipment in the Ronco Professional Services Laboratory are
constantly being kept up to date. A current sampling of the components,
infrastructures, and software include the following:

• Nortel CSE 1000 IP telephony system            • Symposium Call Center Server
• Complete Cisco AVVID IP telephony system       • Symposium Web Client Server
• QSIG interfaces for multi-vendor interfacing   • Symposium Web Portal Server
• Microsoft Visual Studio development            • Symposium Agent/ TAPI Server
                                                 • Symposium Agent
• Exclusive class B network for lab use          • Symposium RTD, RSM and HDX
• Full Active Directory Implementation           protocols
• Microsoft SQL Server 2000                      • Optivity Telephony Manager
• Microsoft Exchange 2000                        • Dedicated set of DID numbers
• Meridian Mail & CallPilot                      for real-world telephony experiences
                                                 • PRI ISDN trunks to Ronco’s
• Fully-equipped multi-cabinet Option 11 PBX
                                                 enterprise network
• ITG IP Line with IP Telephones
                                                 • Selective packet routing with
• ITG IP Trunk
                                                 Ronco’s corporate data network

 To learn more about our Professional Services capabilities,
 contact your local Ronco Sales Rep or email

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Custom Applications By

          >>Ronco Professional Services

Custom Applications Created by Ronco Professional Services                             Our Professional Services Lab is
                                                                                       Used For:
 • IVR (Integrated Voice Response) Systems - Over 25 custom                            • Testing standard and enhanced
 applications for various levels of IVR have been implemented throughout               features of Symposium influenced
 Ronco's geographic footprint.                                                         applications

 • BOSS - Bridge Observe Supervisory System - A Ronco-designed                         • Emulation of existing customer
 software/hardware product that facilitates monitoring of call center agents           applications and data
 from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Specifically, it enables a         environments
 company that hires a call center the ability to listen in on live calls between the
                                                                                       • Debugging multi-system
 call centers agents and the hiring company's customers from any phone in the
 world, undetected, and specifically unannounced. (Typically the end customer
 may be advised up-front, ...this call may be monitored for quality purposes.          • Research and development for
 This condition varies by state and location). There are over 20 BOSS systems          CTI, Web and new custom Ronco
 installed at various customer sites internationally. Specifically, AT&T for certain   applications
 sales campaigns specifies a Ronco BOSS system as a condition of contract for
 the call center obtaining their business.                                             • Training for internal Ronco
                                                                                       technical staff and external
 • Phone Connect - A Ronco-designed IVR connection to a school systems                 contracted events
 district-wide data base, typically via a Meridian system. Parents can dial-up via     • Promotion of stress-free learning
 voice access (password ID) and can check on their student’s attendance and            experiences, as all systems can be
 grades.                                                                               very quickly restored to working
                                                                                       order should a configuration or a
 • The School Observation & Supervisory (SOS) System - A Ronco-                        test of a "what if" idea causes
 designed system that integrates with a Meridian 1 PBX, and is used by the             corruption of any server or
 school district system administrator for monitoring, reporting, and notification      software component.
 of the following features within the PBX Record-a-call, Malicious Call Trace,
 Internal 9-1-1 Notification, Automatic Diagnostics, E-mail & Web integration.

   To learn more about our Professional Services capabilities,
   contact your local Ronco Sales Rep or email

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