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					                        BUYER’S CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

 2. Barry Miller Quality Cars, Racing & Classic Auto Auction, LLC, and Maple Grove Raceway
    (hereinafter collectively known as “The Auction”) does not warrant or guarantee the condition
    of any part of the vehicle mechanically, structurally, or regarding the title or odometer
    information or the history of the vehicle.
3. If Consignor/Seller accepts your bid, you are the Buyer. All sales are final. Once a sale is
    completed, the Buyer agrees to pay all appropriate costs and fees associated with the sale
    including: sale price, Buyers fees, state and local sales tax and title fees. There will be a Title
    Service Company on site to assist with title processing.
4. Vehicle will be available for inspection prior to the auction. Some sale vehicles will take a
    one-time demonstration run down the race track after which they will be staged for inspection
    and for auction.
5. All announcements regarding the condition of a vehicle or equipment are the sole
    responsibility of the Consignor/Seller. The Auction, its employees and support personnel
    including the auctioneer are not responsible or liable for any representations made by the
    Seller including information regarding the title and odometer readings. All announcements
    made in pre-sale catalogues or by the auctioneer are based entirely on the information
    provided by the consignor/Seller and are not verified or guaranteed by The Auction. The
    Auction does not verify any information provided by the consignor/Seller.
6. All payments by Buyer shall be by: cash, certified check, Travelers Check, Pre-approved
    Credit Card or pre-arranged Financing verified by a Letter of Guarantee by an approved
    financial institution. All payments must be finalized prior to the transfer of title (if applicable)
    and prior to removal of the vehicle. Payments are to be made directly from the Buyer to the
    Consignor/Seller. Payment of all fees to the Auction must be made before a vehicle will be
    released to the Buyer. Titles will be held until verification of payment has been made. No
    stop payment of checks will be accepted and Buyer shall be responsible for all costs, expenses
    and fees (including attorney and collection fees) should Buyer stop payment on a check.
7. There are no reserve prices for vehicles. Seller has the option to refuse any offers or bids for
8. All vehicles and equipment must be removed the day of sale. Vehicles not removed will be
    assessed a $100 daily charge until removed. The Auction assumes no responsibility for
    vehicles left on the premises after the sale. Vehicles left after the day of sale will not be
    released until the daily charge is paid. Vehicle left more than 5 days will be towed to a
    vehicle storage facility and the Buyer is responsible for towing and storage cost as well as
    daily charges at the race course. A transport company will be available the day of the sale to
    provide transportation of vehicles. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.
9. Once the Auctioneer announces Sold, the Buyer is responsible for purchase price and all fees.
    If the Buyer should default in any fashion including insufficient funds, the Buyer is liable for
    all fees, the full purchase price of the vehicle and any and all court costs and legal fees
    incurred by the Consignor/Seller and The Auction arising out of Buyer’s default.
10. This Agreement and/or the relationship between the parties shall be deemed to have been
    made, executed, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Buyer consents to personal jurisdiction and venue solely in
    the Courts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania regarding any and all disputes, claims, actions
    and/or litigation related to, or arising out of, this Agreement and/or the relationship between
    the parties.
11. Vehicles purchased, especially titled vehicles should be insured on the date of purchase. The
    auction is not responsible for and is not liable for any damages to the vehicle once the Buyer
    has purchased the vehicle or equipment.
12. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Barry Miller Quality Cars, Inc., Racing and
    Classic Auto Auction, LLC and Maple Grove Raceway from any claims whatsoever arising
    out of Consignor’s failure to abide by the terms of the Consignment Agreement.
13. Buyer Registration Fee is $30. Pre-Registration fee $25 dollars if received by October 11,
    2008. Bidder need to check in at the office prior to the auction in order to pick up their pre-
    registration badge (please print out pre-registration form and bring it with you at time of
    registration) or register to bid. A bidder badge will be issued at the time.
14. Buyers Fee:
    5% of total agreed purchase price when Auctioneer announces sold. Minimum Buyers fee is

I agree that I have read all of the provision in this Buyer’s Consignment Agreement and that I
accept all of the terms of this agreement

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