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									          APC, by Schneider Electric
                Partners in Critical Power
                 and Cooling Solutions

Dimension     Data     partners      with
APC, by Schneider Electric              to
plan, build, support and manage
organisations’ end-to-end power and
cooling infrastructures. We utilise
APC and MGE’s portfolio of solutions
to   ensure   that   organisations    are
equipped with 99.999% availability, as
well as redundant, scaleable, modular
solutions for both today’s computer and
hosting rooms and for future designs
of environmentally sound data centres
and telecommunication rooms.
A c o m b i n e d a n d differentia ted v a lue pro po s itio n

S YSTEMS I N TE G RAT O R                 | Dimen s io n Da ta’s str eng ths:

Dimension Data has been providing data centre and hosting environments to the private and

public sector for more than 25 years. We offer a full turnkey solution from conceptual design

through to system design, system build and implementation, as well as our Managed Services.

With our project management methodology, Primer, we are able to deliver according to world

class standards – on-time and on-budget.

As an APC, by Schneider Electric authorised partner, Dimension Data engineers are

knowledgeable about the APC, by Schneider Electric portfolio, and have successfully completed

the relevant design, engineering, installation and maintenance training courses. Our experts

include master electricians, electricians and wiremen with a number of years’ experience. All

our installations adhere to SABS standards (SANS10142). On completion of installations, we

back up all our installations with valid certificates of compliance.

Business continuity of a data centre is crucial. Dimension Data’s Managed Services provide

specialised IT support and are designed to ensure that our clients’ data centre infrastructures

are running optimally at all times. We proactively detect problems, deploy our expert resources,

and then fix the problem. This ensures that the highest Service Level Agreement (SLA) levels

are met, if not exceeded, and that total peace of mind is assured.

Dimension Data’s Environmental Monitoring solution is able to detect and monitor an IT

infrastructure remotely, providing clients with instant notification of serious problems with their

physical IT infrastructure, particularly with their power and cooling systems. Our GSM or IP-

SNMP-based monitoring systems include external sensors to monitor components such as

temperature, humidity, flooding, moisture, mains power, UPS, power backup generator, air

conditioners and fire detection panels.
VEN DOR         | A PC, by S c hn eider E lec tric s treng ths:

APC, by Schneider Electric provide tools to quantify, plan and manage the power and cooling

challenges of an organisation’s data centre. We provide products and solutions for all critical

applications, focusing on the small to medium-sized business as well as the enterprise market

in the IT facilities management, process control or medical fields.

APC, by Schneider Electric has a global footprint and is able to support Dimension Data

worldwide. The company’s expertise in designing data centre cooling and power spans more

than 1500 dedicated professionals and almost 100,000,000 man-hours in field expertise,

across more than 100 countries.

APC, by Schneider Electric is able to maintain and support their product and clients are therefore

not at risk of implementing equipment without having the necessary support. Dimension Data,

as a Value-Added Reseller, conducts preventative maintenance and callouts in conjunction with

APC, by Schneider Electric. We deliver our newest professional services or proactive

maintenance programmes across all APC, by Schneider Electric product lines.

We have made a substantial investment in research and development and are committed to

delivering the most innovative solutions, such as the award-winning and patented InfraStruXure®

power and cooling architecture and the MGE GALAXY™ range, now powering some of the

largest data centres in the world. The benefits of APC, by Schneider Electric product range for

organisations include a reduction on power requirements and therefore a return on investment,

as well as cooling blade server cabinets efficiently. Lastly, the trend is moving towards green

data centres and APC, by Schneider Electric designs conform to this.
w e h e l p y o u a d d res s

•   Design a power or cooling solution or infrastructure

    that meets the business needs of today i.e. scaleable,

    modular and of high availability?

•   Understand the dynamics of the cooling challenges

    in today’s data centres as a result of high density

    servers (such as blade servers)?

•   Scope a data centre from a power and a cooling

    requirement upfront, and thereby limit risk in the

    computer room?

•   Proactively address failures in the data centre and

    thereby assist in less downtime and less critical



Dimension Data implemented a new data centre for the financial services company using

Schneider Electric’s MGE UPSes. The ten APC racks supplied allow for the necessary airflow to

the equipment.


Dimension Data implemented a solution for the bank to ensure power protection. The solution

consisted of two 300kVA, two 200kVA, and two 100kVA Schneider Electric’s Galaxy UPSes The

benefits of this solution include minimum downtime for the bank, a reduction in equipment failure due

to power spikes as well as preventing loss of critical information in the event of a power failure.


Dimension Data implemented 60kVA and 40kVA Schneider Electric’s Galaxy UPSes and eight APC

racks to ensure the necessary airflow to the equipment in the software giant’s data centre.


Dimension Data designed an end-to-end scaleable power and precision cooling infrastructure. This

included the APC InfrastruXure solution with APC UPS/Rack/PDU (60 and 40 kW). As a result, the

Council is now ensured of a reduction in downtime, as well as in loss of critical information in the

event of a power failure.


Dimension Data installed APC In Row air conditioning units to solve hotspots in the data centre.


 Integration of best-of-breed technologies from our technology partners, such as APC,

 by Schneider Electric, which we configure and integrate to deliver customised client-

 specific solutions, including:

 •	 Computer	and	network	room	environments

 •	 Access	control/	security	systems/	CCTV

 •	 Access	flooring

 •	 Partitioning/	building	work	

 •	 Climate	control	including	air	conditioning	

 •	 Filtration	and	clean	rooms

 •	 Environmental	monitoring	

 •	 Fire	detection	and	suppression	

 •	 Water	sprinkler	systems

 •	 UPS	systems

 •	 Generator	systems	

 •	 Rectifiers	and	voltage	regulators	

 •	 Surge	and	lightning	protection	

 •	 Primary	and	secondary	electrical	reticulation	

 APC, by Schneider Electric Offers

 •	   Equipment	 that	 protects	 against	 power	 outages,	 utilising	 a	 wide	 range	 of	 	 single	

      and three phase Uninterruptible Power Solutions (UPSes)

 •	   Cooling	solutions	for	the	data	centre	through	innovative	In	Row	technology

 •	   Best	of	breed	rack	solutions	and	a	wide	range	of	accessories	for	ease	of	deployment

      of rack equipment

 •	   Data	centre	software	management	of	infrastructure	and	security	through	one	device

 •	   Professional	services	and	proactive	maintenance	in	conjunction	with	

      Dimension Data
Dimension Data is a specialist IT services and solutions provider with expertise in networking,

security, operating environments, storage and customer interaction technologies. We understand

the needs of the modern IT infrastructure. Our team of skilled professionals has the expertise to

plan, build and support an organisation’s entire technology infrastructure. We create value for clients

by providing a single point of contact for services, solutions and support. To deliver highly secure,

flexible and customised IT infrastructures, we have selected a portfolio of world-class business

partners. As such, our solutions are built to operate optimally and deliver the business benefits of

uninterrupted availability.

For more infromation please visit : www.dimensiondata.com/za

ABOUT APC, by Schneider Electric:
APC, by Schneider Electric, a $3 billion (2.4 € billion) leading global provider of Critical Power and

Cooling Services and a company of Schneider Electric, offers the industry’s most comprehensive

product and solution range for critical IT and process applications in industrial, enterprise, small

and medium business and home environments. APC, by Schneider Electric solutions include

uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), precision cooling units, racks, and design and management

software, including the industry’s only integrated power, cooling, and management solution. Backed

by the industry’s broadest service organisation and an industry-leading R&D investment, APC,

by Schneider Electric 12,000 employees help customers confront today’s unprecedented power,

cooling and management challenges. Schneider Electric, with 105,000 employees and operations

in 190 countries, had annual sales of $18 billion (€ 13.7) billion in 2006.

For more infromation please visit : www.apc.com
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