Introduction to Example Multimedia Exam - Download as DOC by zzz22140


									Introduction to Example Multimedia Mock Exam

  1. Name TWO characteristics of sound waves.                                        [2 marks]

  2. Give THREE reasons why you might use sound in a presentation.                   [3 marks]

  3. State SIX features you would expect to find in a sound editor.                  [3 marks]

  4. Give TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of using storyboards.                 [4 marks]

  5. State the formula to calculate the size of an uncompressed video file.          [4 marks]

  6. Give TWO reasons why you might use video in a presentation.                     [2 marks]

  7. Under what circumstances would you use a Cast member script rather than a Sprite script?

                                                                                     [2 marks]

  8. Give an example of a typical Frame script.                                      [2 marks]

  9. Explain how a computer based frame animation is created using the technique of tweening in

     Director.                                                                       [3 marks]

  10. Give TWO problems that can occur if multimedia is accessed via the internet.

                                                                                     [2 marks]

  11. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of current virtual reality systems.    [2 marks]

  12. Give two examples of bad typography.                                           [2 marks]

  13. Name two goals of evaluation.                                                  [2 marks]

  14. What might you test when evaluating a multimedia application?                  [4 marks]

  15. When evaluating a multimedia system at the final stages of development, what methods might you

     use to collect user data                                                        [4 marks]

  16. Give THREE examples of wearables and state how they might be used.             [6 marks]

  17. Approximately how big is the file size of 1 minute of uncompressed CD quality sound?

                                                                                     [1 marks]

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