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									             Annan Hotel Access Statement

1    Introduction

This Statement describes the facilities and procedures employed at
The Annan Hotel
The text used in this statement is 13.5 pt.

2    Accessibility to Hotel

The main building includes the lounges, bar, restaurant, ground, first,
and second floor accommodation.

We have a large car park, surfaced with Tarmac and a space for each
room with a reserved white lined parking bay. There are 2 entrances
and exits from the hotel car park and the Arvon Avenue entrance/exit is
extra wide for larger vehicles.

The building entrance is accessed by 6 shallow depth steps (each 16
cm height 200 cm wide and 44cm deep ) to the porch. The main inner
doors, leading directly into the main building, have a sill of about 6 cm
height from the outside and is flat on the inside. The main doors can be
opened out for wide access to 1 metre 26 cm.

Access to the steps is by way of the tarmac pathway from the car park.
Annan Hotel staff are happy to provide assistance for wheel chair users
until the accessibility is improved.
3    Accessibility within Main Building

The main reception is on the ground floor and has been redesigned
with low level desk and removable seating to allow for wheelchair
access. There are no steps within the ground floor area. Carpets are
all low pile.

The dinning room is on the ground floor and has a wide door of 83 cm.
We have dining tables of different heights and therefore we suggest
that you advise us of any special requirements.

There are toilets on the ground floor. Currently these toilets have not
been modified for people with disabilities.

The residents lounge is also on the ground floor and has a wide door of
83 cm.

4    Accommodation guest rooms

There are 3 bedrooms on the ground floor. There is one twin en-suite,
one single en-suite and one double en-suite – all with shower. Entrance
is via doors that are 82 cm wide all bathrooms doors are standard width
of 70 cm. Accommodation on the First Floor is via a stairway
comprising 21 standard height carpeted steps with a turn and half
landing after the first 8 steps with handrails on the left hand side.
There are 5 double rooms, 2 singles and one twin on the first floor and
all are fully en-suite with a shower, hand basin and WC. Four rooms
also have bath. Currently there are no handrails in any of the shower
cubicles or bathroom.

As standard throughout all rooms have an electric kettle, hair-drier,
clocks radios, and television. A refreshment tray is provided in each
Each bed is provided with a continental duvet. If required, sheets and
blankets could be provided instead. Each bed has sufficient pillows for
2 per person. However, additional and hypoallergenic pillows are
available on request.

5    Emergency Actions

Each floor is and bedroom is fitted with an audible fire alarm. The
owners and staff at the Annan Hotel have the responsibility to ensure
that all guests are evacuated in the event of fire or any emergency
requiring evacuation. Emergency lighting is fitted on all floor areas.

The Annan Hotel is a No-Smoking Hotel.

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