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									              An Evening with the MBA

                       6pm – 8.30pm
      The Sir Raymond Ricketts Quadrangle, Hendon
        Campus The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

                  6pm – Drinks reception
An information stall will be available for those interested in
   MBA study. The programme team will be available to
                     answer questions.
     7pm – Welcome talk by MBA programme director,
                      Dr Anjali Bakhru
              7.10pm - Talk by guest speaker
  7.40pm – Informal Q&A with MBA programme director,
           MBA alumni and current students.

                 If you would like to attend,
              please contact 020 8411 5555.

    This is a free event. Refreshments will be provided.
               For travel directions to Hendon
       Campus, please see

          For information on the MBA, please see
   Middlesex University Business School invites you to
                  An Evening With The MBA
Join local businesses, alumni, current students and teaching staff
                           on the MBA.
    Learn more about the MBA, and the opportunities it brings.

                           3 February 2010
                    Navigating the Downturn
         Presented by Dil Sidhu, Middlesex MBA Alumni
After the success of Dil’s Evening with the MBA workshop in 2008,
 we are delighted that he will be joining us again to speak on how
the current ecomomic climate has touched just about every aspect
 of business in the UK from large corporate organisations to small
 start ups. Navigating the Downturn is a presentation that looks at
  the reasons why business finds itself in this position, but more
importantly the things that can be done now to ensure they do not
   become a statistic of the devastating effects of the economic
             recession. Specific issues covered include:

               • The importance of protecting cash flow
  • The opportunities around operational performance improvement
 • What finance providers are looking for in terms of ‘financial fitness’
              • How the ‘best’ are positioned for recovery
 • A case study to bring together all the themes and actions available
           • Hints and tips that businesses need to consider

Dil has worked within the area of Business Restructuring and Working
 Capital Management helping UK organisations of all sizes weather
    the economic downturn and also ensure survival for the upturn.

        See overleaf for programme and booking details.

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