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									Economy Place and Skills

Alt Steering Group
Open Evening
Monday 19th May 2009
Alt Primary School, Alt Lane, Alt
6.30 – 8.00pm

Present: 	        Robert Goodinson                       Cherry Avenue
                  J Davies                               Thorn Road
                  A and S Fletcher                       Lawn Closes
                  C Leech                                Gorse Avenue
                  S Coupe                                Cherry Avenue
                  V Leicester                            Cherry Avenue
                  S Cheetham                             Cherry Avenue
                  J Kerr                                 Cherry Avenue
                  M Kerr                                 Cherry Avenue
                  S Hession                              Thorn Road
                  Z Rigby                                Clover Crescent
                  B Slinger                              Clover Crescent
                  L Senior                               Clover Crescent
                  T Novac                                Thorn Road
                  P Gethings                             Age Croft
                  L Marshall                             Alt Lane
                  E Marshall                             Lawn Closes
                  K Deaden                               Cherry Avenue
                  Marta Lowe                             Furness Avenue
                  Hazel Lowe                             Apple Close
                  Laurie MacDonald                       Cherry Avenue
                  C Widdowson                            Furness Avenue
                  Cllr M Dinoff                          Alexandra Ward Councillor
                  Kevin Clarke                           Alt and Sholver Partnership
                  Zerg Raja                              Alt and Sholver Partnership

1     Welcomes and Introductions

      KC welcomed those in attendance and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

2     Ground Rules

      ZR referred to the letter issued to all residents of Alt and restated the aim of the Open
      Evening as establishing a resident lead steering group for the area to monitor the
      development of the regeneration proposals for Alt.
Economy Place and Skills

      Agreed: The group agreed with the need to allow everyone to speak and focus the
      discussions on the development of the Alt Steering Group.

3     Context of the Open Evening 

      Widening Involvement 

      KC reviewed the Alt and Sholver Partnerships (ASP) commitment to involving residents
      and confirmed that Alt Tenants and Residents Association (Alt TRA) has been the main
      source of local representation in the Partnership structure to date.

      KC confirmed that Alt TRA would continue to have some representation on the
      Partnership Board, with the opportunity for residents to also self nominate to take a place
      on the Board through the Alt Steering Group.

      Agreed: Representatives of Alt TRA agreed that they would hold two seats at the board
      with a further 2 representatives attending from the Alt Steering Group.

      The Alt and Sholver partnership Structure

      KC handed out copies of the ASP structure and gave an overview of the stakeholders
      involved at each and level as well as the monitoring, influencing and decision making
      powers within the structure.

      The Role of the ASP Board

      KC detailed membership of the ASP Board and the limits of its decision making powers.

      KC confirmed that the Oldham Council Cabinet is the ultimate decision making body as to
      the scale of change finally agreed.

      The Role of the Alt Steering Group

      KC explained the remit of the ASG members as exerting an influence in the regeneration
      of Alt through the Alt and Sholver partnership structure.

      The meeting clarified that ASG members would not be making any decisions on the
      demolition of properties and should not be held to account for this.

      The remit of the ASG members is defined within the Terms of reference.
Economy Place and Skills

      Open Discussion on ASP Proposals

      The group wished to highlight a variety of issues around the regeneration proposals and
      a discussion took place around these.

      The overarching points raised included;

         •	 The current stage of the Neighbourhood Plan
         •	 Timescales for the regeneration
         •	 Residents ability to plan investment in their homes given the uncertainty of the
            timescales and scale of change proposed
         •	 How the Stock Transfer will influence the regeneration plans for Alt
         •	 Why building on ‘the tip’ (open land to the north of Cherry Avenue) cant start
            before demolition and rehousing of occupied properties begins

4     Terms of Reference for the ASG

      ZR read out the Draft Terms of Reference issued to the group and asked for comments
      on the sections contained within it.

      The group discussed the terms and suggested that the ASG should require a Councillor
      in attendance at all meetings requiring a vote, in order to make them quorate.

      ZR highlighted the fact that the Sholver Steering Group’s terms of reference do not
      require attendance by a Councillor to make their meetings quorate.

      Proposed: ASG meetings should require a minimum of 4 residents and 1 Councillor to
      be quorate.

5     Expressions of Interest

      ZR circulated the Expression of Interest forms and asked anyone wishing to join the
      Steering Group to complete one, giving the information requested.

      It was agreed that anyone wishing to take the forms away should return them within the
      week to the TRA building at 50/54 Cherry Avenue or directly to ZR at FCHO Head Office
      at Medtia Square.

6     Next Steps

      ZR advised that those who expressed an interest to join the ASG would be notified of
      there position on the group by letter before the first meeting of the ASG on the date

      The next meeting of the ASG was agreed as Monday 15th June 2009 from 6.30pm –
      8.00pm at Alt School.

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