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					                                                 discuss cardiac care, dementia, and
SNIPPETS                                         hospice, as well as living wills and
                                                 advanced directives. Participants will be
                                                 able to ask questions. Please register by
    FROM THE                                     calling the library. Space is limited.

                 TINTON FALLS                     Plant & Bake Sale
                LIBRARY                               5/10-17/08
                                                            Spring rains and warmer
                                                             weather have arrived, and so
VOL 20 #1            SPRING 2008                              has our annual plant and
                                                                 bake sale scheduled for
“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best                        May 10– 17th. Support our
friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to                      efforts by donating your
read.”                                           extra plants or baking a favorite family
                - Groucho Marx                   recipe. Plant donations will be accepted
                                                 beginning Monday, May 5th. Empty
                                                 1-quart pots are currently being
       Special Notice:                           accepted. Baked goods will be accepted
                                                 beginning Friday, May 9th (sign-up
   Extended Library Hours                        sheets at the front desk). Buy your
    Mondays & Tuesdays                           Mother’s Day cakes, cookies, brownies,
    9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.                        and cupcakes; the children love them.

We are always looking for ways to better
serve you. Beginning in February, we
extended our hours on Mondays and                Great Books for
Tuesdays by remaining open between                    Sale!
4:00 and 7:30 p.m. We started this on a
trial basis, but it has been so successful       Our Mini Book Sale ended on March
that we plan to make it permanent. We            31st and included mostly children’s and
are now open 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on           juvenile selections, as well as some
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.               videos, DVDs, and CDs. We raised
Our other hours remain the same.                 approximately $500. Thanks to all who
                                                 donated and participated!

 Presentation for Caregivers                     Why spend a fortune on books for
                                                 vacation or beach outings when you can
   4/17/08 11:00 – 12:00                         purchase them here? Our Big Book Sale
                                                 begins May 31st. This annual fund
On April 17th, Barbra Rustuccio, a nurse
                                                 raiser provides much needed funds for
at Monmouth Medical Center, will talk
                                                 our library and great titles (at low prices)
about all aspects of caring for those with
advanced health problems. She will
for you! We will accept donations until
April 30th.

Note: We do not accept the following:                 Vacation Reading Club
    Out-of-date textbooks and
      computer books                                      6/18 – 8/6/08
    Technical Manuals
    Encyclopedias
    Magazines
    Blank diaries and journals

We will begin accepting donations again
at the beginning of November. Thanks to
                                                  Catch the Reading Bug is the theme for
all our patrons who have once again
                                                  this summer’s Vacation Reading Club.
donated many fine selections for this
                                                  We’ll kick off our program on June 18 th
                                                  with a presentation about insects by
                                                  Diana Dove, an environmental educator.
                                                  This year you can look forward to 7
  Architect’s Presentation to                     weeks of exciting Wednesday afternoon
    TF Borough Council                            programs and activities including:

Dennis Kowal, the architect who is                      Insect origami
doing our library feasibility study, gave               Visit with a Tinton Falls
a status report to the Borough Council                   beekeeper
on 4/1/08. He summarized data collected                 Insect magic show with Drew
from residents, staff, and patrons at eight              Cardella
focus groups and a design retreat. All                  Nifty Nature Nicknacks from the
participants agreed the current library is               Monmouth County Park System
too small and hope the new library will                 Puppet show extravaganza by the
continue to serve as a community center                  TFL Puppet People
for residents of all ages. Mr. Kowal also               Fun Insect Creations with the
discussed basic points of design for the                 Monmouth County Master
new library, such as positioning the                     Gardeners
circulation desk as a central hub with                  Miss Spider’s Tea party!
quiet zones radiating outward. He told
Council members that he will present              New this year is a revision to the Middle
design options and cost estimates within          School Kids’ Choice Club. This year
6-8 weeks.                                        we will be reading for pages, not
                                                  minutes, and 300 pages will earn you a
Thank you to all residents, patrons, and          chance to win a $10.00 gift card from
staff who attended the Borough Council            Borders. Three cards will be given out
meeting and participated in the focus             as prizes at the end of the summer.
groups (February 19th and 20th ) and the          More details will be available at
design retreat (March 29 th). We                  registration in June.
appreciate your support!

                                                  library with one of their parents for an
                                                  intake interview. Program participation
Summer activity calendars will be                 is limited and not many spaces are
available when children sign up so you            available, so please sign up early! For
can be sure not to miss any of these              further information, please contact Jayne
exciting activities. Plans are still in the       at the library.
works for other activities, so please
check at the library when you register.
                                                    Book Clubs for Kids: Read
The Vacation Reading Club will run
from June 20th through August 8th for                       with Us!
children ages 2 through 8th grade. Our
closing picnic will be held on
Wednesday, August 15th with returning
guest Piccirillo Sciencetelling.

                                                  We welcome all newcomers to our book
    Teen Advisory Council:                        clubs for kids with open enrollment 12
                                                  months a year (as long as we have
   Volunteers in the Library                      room):
                                                         The Books for Brains Book
New enrollment for the T.A.C. program                     Club is for children in grades 4
will be starting in May! At that time, we                 and 5.
will accept applications for student                     The Garden State Book Club
volunteers entering 6th or 7th grade in the               is for middle-school aged youth
2007-08 school year. We have two                          in grades 6-8.
volunteer programs available:
                                                  Each club meets once a month on a
       Pajama Storytime for 6th graders,         Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.
        which meets two Monday                    Refreshments are served. Members of
        afternoons a month and one                these two book clubs read books from
        Monday evening a month.                   recommended reading lists and are
                                                  allowed to choose for themselves what
       Weekly Wednesday Volunteers               they read. We have lots of fun
        for 7th and continuing 8th graders.       discussing all sorts of things and
        This program meets on                     exchanging ideas for great books to
        Wednesdays, from 2:30-4:00 pm,            read. These clubs continue to meet over
        12 months a year.                         the summer (although due to conflicts
                                                  with the Vacation Reading Club, we
Jayne Cleveland will post a sign-up               will meet on Thursdays). A list of dates
sheet on the wall across from the                 is available at the library.
circulation desk and notify you in June
about orientation arrangements.
Prospective volunteers must come to the
      “Tons of Fun” Book Club                              Pajama Story Time
            Grades 2&3
                                                 The schedule for our teen-led Pajama
Starting on May 12th, we will launch a           Story Time, which runs from 7-7:45
new book club for children in grades 2           p.m., is as follows:
and 3. This club will meet one Monday
afternoon a month from 4:30-5:15 p.m.            Mon. 4/23       Sweet Tooth
Volunteer Barbara Kulberg will lead the
group. The goal of this club is to               Mon. 5/18       Something Fishy at the
promote the enjoyment of reading.                                Seashore!
Registration is limited to 12 children, so
please register early! Contact Jayne             Mon. 6/30       Creepy Crawlies, Bug
Cleveland for more information.                                  Out!

                                                 Don’t forget to wear your PJs and bring
        Book Bingo Grades K-3                    a stuffed animal to keep
                                                 you company! For further
                                                 information, please
                                                 contact Jayne Cleveland
                                                 at the library.

Once a month on a Monday evening, we                          TFL Puppet People
hold several rousing games of book
bingo in our back room. Everyone is a            The schedule for our teen-led Puppet
winner, come join us! Scheduled dates            Show, which runs from 7-7:45 p.m., is
for bingo are Mondays, April 14, May             as follows:
12, June 9 & July 14 at 7:00pm.
                                                 Tues. 5/13      Little Cockroach Martina

      Children’s Programs
                                                        Wednesday Story Times
       Special Author Reading
                                                          with Miss Renee
                                                 Our regularly scheduled Wednesday
On Wednesday, April 23rd from 4:15-
                                                 programs are as follows:
5:00 p.m. we will be hosting author Lin
Fong O’Neil. Join us as Lin reads her
                                                 Baby (ages 10-24 months) 9:40-10 am.
new book Tiger! Tiger! Tail on Fire,
which addresses the topic of bullying.
                                                 Toddler (ages 2-3) 10:15-10:35 am.
This program is aimed at children in
grades K through 5, and registration is
                                                 Preschool (ages 3-5) 1:00-1:30 pm.

After School (ages 5 & up) 4:15-5 pm.

         Miss New Jersey                        To achieve the first goal, the Task Force
                                                is sponsoring a Slogan and Logo
          Teen Night:                           Competition, which is open to all Tinton
            April 21st                          Falls residents (adults and children).
                                                The competition guidelines are as

                                                   1. The Slogan and Logo should
                                                      reflect the library’s value to our
Did you know that Tinton Falls
Borough is the home of Miss New                    2. The competition will begin on
Jersey Teen? Yes, indeed, Michelle                    April 1, 2008 and end on April
Leonardo from Tinton Falls was                        30, 2008.
awarded this honor last October. As
part of her duties as Miss NJ Teen,                3. Winners will be selected on May
Michelle has volunteered to come to the               6, 2008.
library and do a program on Monday
evening, April 21 at 7:00 pm. She will             4. A $25.00 gift certificate to a
be wearing her crown and sash. This                   local bookstore will be awarded
program is geared toward primary and                  to the winner in each category.
elementary students. See you there!
                                                   5. The logo is limited to white and
                                                      one other color.

      SNL TASK FORCE                               6. Entries must be submitted on 8 ½
                                                      x 11 paper.
The Support a New Library (SNL)
Task Force was recently created to:                7. Entries are limited to one per
                                                      person. You may enter one or
   1. Develop a plan to make our                      both competitions.
      library more visible and known
      in the Tinton Falls community.               8. Name, phone number, and e-mail
                                                      (optional) must be on the back of
   2. Foster appreciation for the library             your entry.
      and the need for a new building.
                                                   9. The SNL Task Force will use the
   3. Visit community organizations                   winning slogan and logo to
      and make our library known.                     promote community awareness
                                                      and support for a new library
   4. Enlist supporters for a new                     building.

    Community Member Database                                   Code Red

We are putting together an updated               Tinton Falls now has a high-speed
database of community residents who              telephone emergency notification
would like to receive updates on the             system. If you sign up for this program,
efforts to garner support for a new              you will be automatically notified about
library. Our old database has non-               local emergencies (e.g., road closure, gas
functioning email addresses. Please              leak, flooding). To sign up online, go to
register by emailing Rosemary Kochman            the Borough website. If you do not have
(                  Internet access, you may complete a
                                                 Code Red form at the library and we will
                                                 deliver your completed form to Borough
         Adult Book Club
Our adult book discussion group is still
going strong after 2 years. However, it is                  Adult Volunteers
currently full. Several patrons have
expressed interest in joining an adult           Are you a young mother who would like
(men and women) book discussion                  to volunteer for just 2 hours a week? We
group that meets on a weekday morning.           are always looking for volunteers to
If you are interested in participating,          work at the circulation desk, assist
please call the library or sign up at the        patrons, shelve books, help staff with
front desk.                                      computer-related projects and much
                                                 more. If you are interested, please call
                                                 the library or stop in and fill out an
                                                 application. Computer literacy is

          Mitten Tree Update
                                                            Television Please?
Thank you to everyone who contributed
to our Mitten Tree in December!
United Way donated our mittens, hats,
and scarves to the Bradley Beach Food
Pantry. The Pantry Steering Committee
sent us a lovely letter acknowledging our
contribution and expressing their                Do you have an unused television that
gratitude: “Without the help of friends          you don’t need any longer? We would
like you, we would not be able to                like to replace the television in the back
continue in this outreach.”                      room for an updated model. Our
                                                 “dinosaur” set is unable to cope with the
                                                 attachments necessary for DVD players

and other electronic activities. We are           We’re always looking for items of
looking for a model with at least a 25”           interest to display. The display cabinet
size screen. Please call us at 732-542-           is locked, so items are safe. Please call
3110 and speak with Rosemary if you               us if you’d like to display your
have a donation.                                  collection.

       Video Volunteer Needed!
                                                               Lost & Found
We are looking for a high-school student
or an adult to create a video of library          If you can’t find a favorite hat, scarf,
activities that will be used to foster            ring or pair of glasses, you may have left
community awareness of our library’s              it at the library! Please check our Lost &
needs. This would be an excellent idea            Found crate near the front door (or ask a
for an Eagle Scout or Community                   staff member) during your next visit.
Service project. If interested, please
contact Jayne Cleveland at the library.

                                                            Personal Notes
          Magazine Collection
                                                  We are sad to announce the passing of
We are increasing our magazine                    our dear friend, Florence Cohen, on
collection and would be pleased to                January 27, 2008. Florence was a
receive your suggestions for titles you           member of the library from its first days,
would like us to carry. Please give your          and she was a long-time volunteer. She
recommendations to Emily at the                   regaled staff and patrons alike with her
circulation desk.                                 cheerful chat. We miss her.

           E-bay Book Sales

As reported last spring, a local teacher is                  2008 Closings
selling books on E-bay for us in return
for 50% of the selling profit. Since we                  May 26          Memorial Day
normally sell books for a maximum of                     July 4          Independence Day
$2, this has proved worthwhile. So far                   Sept. 1         Labor Day
this teacher has raised over $300 for us!                Oct 13          Columbus Day
If you have older or signed books in                     Nov 11          Veterans Day
good condition (i.e., not damp or                        Nov 26          Close at 1:00
mildewed), please drop them off at the                   Nov 27          Thanksgiving
library.                                                 Dec 24          Close at 1:00
                                                         Dec 25          Christmas
                                                         Dec 31          Close at 4:00
            Display Cabinet
                                                  For alterations and additions, please
                                                  keep your eye on the Borough website at

                                              7 and choose
“Library” from the side bar.


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