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Help keep you and your family on the road to good health
Attend a sponsor name preventive care workshop

Do you know if your health plan covers preventive care? Sponsor name and the
Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) HelpLine are sponsoring a
workshop on date designed to help you navigate your health insurance coverage. The
workshop is open to anyone who has private health insurance, is enrolled in Medicare,
or who participates in a public health program.

Preventive benefits may include exams for baby and adult wellness check ups, blood
pressure, immunizations, cancer, diabetes, and much more.

For children and young adults, preventive benefits focus on maintaining or creating
healthy lifestyle habits and eliminating high-risk behaviors. For adults, the focus
continues on eliminating high-risk behaviors, as well as screening for chronic and life-
threatening diseases.

Find out what benefits your health plan offers, and if you don’t have coverage, find out
how you can get these services covered. Sign up today with sponsor name for a free
SHIBA HelpLine workshop on preventive care in name of City/Town:

                 Date: Month, Date, Year
                 Time: XX PM or AM
                 Location: Building/business name, Street address
                 Call to reserve your space: Sponsor phone number

A free public service, offered by the Office of Insurance Commissioner, SHIBA HelpLine
volunteers serve people of all ages. Over 400 trained volunteers statewide provide free,
informed, and impartial health insurance counseling and education to people in their
local communities. Volunteers answer questions, make referrals, help evaluate and
compare options, give presentations, provide translation assistance, and much more.

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