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Titanium is a very strong and durable metal. Much stronger than gold and most other
metals, a titanium ring will last a lifetime.

When shopping for a women’s titanium ring, women could go to the local jewellery or
department store and see a selection of rings. These rings, however, were bland gold
rings or cheap, imported rings of dubious quality.

Nowadays, many women have discovered a relative newcomer to designed jewelry-
titanium rings. Available since the mid-1990s, titanium rings have taken the jewellery
industry by storm. The unique features of titanium, design options, price point of titanium
rings have made them the hottest item for unique women's rings.

Titanium Properties
Titanium is an excellent ring material. Extremely light-about 30% the weight of platinum
and much lighter than gold-titanium rings are very comfortable for the wearer. In
addition, titanium is hypoallergenic, which means it will not react with human skin. The
days of rings causing irritation are in the past for those who have discovered titanium

Not only is titanium hypoallergenic, it is also non-reactive to most chemical and
corrosive agents. This means that a ring made from titanium will not corrode or tarnish
when taken for a swim in the ocean or exposed to household cleaning agents.

, Ring Design Options
Titanium has been hugely popular as a ring material because of the large range of design
options. For example, because of titanium's strength, it can be inlaid with a wide variety
of materials. Titanium rings with inlays are some of the most popular rings designs these
days. Inlay choices include exotic hardwoods, mineral, gold, silver, minerals and
gemstones. No other ring material allows for such a wide range of unique inlaid ring

Titanium, unlike gold and titanium, has not seen huge price swings in the price of the raw
metal. Women's gold ring, as man people know, have become very expensive and are
often priced outside of the price range of many shoppers for women's rings. Platinum has
always been an expensive metal and will continue to be long in the future due to limited

On the other hand, women's titanium rings are usually affordable for most ring buyers.
Unique ring designs can, of course, make for expensive rings, but an excellent,
handcrafted ring is usually priced in the hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. Many of
today's value and style conscious ring buyers recognize the value in titanium rings and
have made them one of the hottest sellers in online ring shop.
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