Report of Ticket Sales by tsw71223


									                                                                         South Kitsap School District
                                                                                     (Name of School)

                                                                         Report of Individual Ticket Sales
                                                                   (Individual Ticket Sale & Reconciliation Form)

           Name of Event:                                                                    School Ticket Manager:

              Date of Event                                                                   Person Selling Tickets:

          Tickets Issued by School Ticket Manager                                                                                    Change Fund
                                                                                            Change Fund Issued (**Each change fund must be turned back in to the person that
                                                                                            it was checked out from (usually your school bookkeeper). Change funds must not be
                                                                                            deposited with the money that was fundraised)

Price of the Tickets*:                                                   A                  Nickels:                                                                               $              -

Ending Ticket Number:                                                    B                  Dimes:                                                                                 $              -

Beginning Ticket Number:                                                 C                  Quarters:

Number of Tickets Checked Out:                     (B minus C, plus 1)   D                1 One Dollar Bills:

Ticket $ Value:                                    (A multiplied by D)   E       $    -     Five Dollar Bills:

                                                                                            Ten Dollar Bills:
    Note: All UNSOLD tickets are considered cash. Each ticket seller is responsible
                         for turning in all unsold tickets.                                 Total Cash Fund Checked Out:                                                       Z   $              -
   Ticket Seller's Acknowledgement of Receipt and Value of Tickets:                                      Ticket Seller's Acknowledgement of Received Change Fund:

        ▲ Signature of Ticket Seller (as described above) ▲                                                                ▲ Signature of Ticket Seller (as above described) ▲

                                                                                                                                                                                       Verified by:
              Accounting of Tickets After the Sale                                                             Ticket / Cash Reconciliation                                            (School Ticket
                                                                                            Total Cash/Checks
                                                                                            Turned In: (includes change
Price of Tickets * :                                         Equals A            $    -     fund)                                                              J
                                                                                            Change Fund Turned In:
Number of Unsold Tickets                                                                    (**Change Fund is not to be deposited
Returned:                                                                    F              with fundraised $)                                     Equals Z         $      -
                                                                                            Total Cash Sales:
                                                                                            (cash/checks on hand, less
Number of Tickets Sold:                                                   G                 change fund):                                                      K    $      -
Total Number of Tickets                                                                     Value of Total Tickets
Accounted For After Sale:                                   (F plus G)    H               0 Sold:                                                   Equals I        $      -

Value of Total Tickets Sold:                   (A multiplied by G)           I   $    -     Cash overage or shortage:               (K minus I) L $     -
                                                                                            Explanation of overage/shortage or other concerns/notes regarding the ticket
   Written explanation from the ticket seller is required if H does not equal D
            School Ticket Manager's Acknowledgement of UNSOLD
                             Tickets Turned in:

                          ▲ Signature of School Ticket Manager ▲

                                                 Post Ticket Sales - Confirmation of Reconciliation as Described Above:
Signature of person selling the tickets
Signature of the Advisor or Principal
Verified by Bookkeeper
 *Note: This form was designed for one ticket color. Tickets sold at different costs must have different color tickets assigned. If more than one ticket
                            color is used, use a second Report of Ticket Sales and summarize both sheets at the bottom

                                                                                                                                                                   Business Office contact:
                                                                                                                                                                    K. Hawkins, 874-7015

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