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									SEO expert reveals the key to search engine heaven
Search Engine Optimization is the key to heaven, honestly. Without it, your website
might as well be nonexistent because no one will ever see it, let alone buy whatever you
are offering. With SEO, you will reap the rewards of hordes of people visiting your site
and buying whatever you have to sell or offer. But how do you do it correctly?

SEO is one of the most misunderstood techniques in the internet today, and that is why to
get it done correctly, most have to pay SEO corporations upwards of $4,500-$10,000 to
optimize one site. Yes that is correct; the costs of proper SEO are up in the stratosphere.

My name is Steven Duff and I have been doing SEO for over 6 years now. I have been
hired by small businesses and individuals looking to get their sites indexed and gain
FREE search engine traffic to grow their business. I am a professional, and know how to
properly optimize any site and build Proper back-links that are necessary to dominate
Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

As a webmaster, I’m sure you know how hard it can be to gain traffic, and you probably
even resorted to pay per click search engines. Boy o boy is that a mistake nowadays…

Let’s take a look at this tale of two companies. These two companies were exactly the
same; the same monthly budget, same products, and the same website design. Company
A decided to focus all of their energy and budget on instant traffic through pay-per-click
marketing. Company B decided to focus their energy and budget on Search Engine
Optimization and link building. Company A started paying the cost of .52 cents per every
click directed to their site. They had a decent profit margin from their sales copy and
netted $9,000 a month. Not bad, not bad at all. That is until you look at what Company B
did. Company B focused their $10,000 budget on SEO and link building. As they
targeted keywords, their rankings began to rise and eventually they reached a #1 ranking
on multiple keywords that Company A paid .50 cents a click for. What were the results?
Well since Company B was getting all of their clicks for free, their net monthly income
was, wait for it, a whopping $70,000. The two companies had the same business, same
website, and the same products. There was just a different business model.

Do you see how vital proper SEO is to the fate of your website? It is the difference of
tens of thousands of dollars. Lucky for you I am offering a special SEO/Link Building
service that doesn’t’ cost anywhere near $5,000 and still gets the exact same results as
those services.

Let me run down what my SEO service includes:
• I will tell you how to perfectly optimize your onpage copy for the target keywords you
are after.
• I will tell you how to perfectly optimize your offpage copy to rank high for your
selected keywords.
• I will analyze the top sites in Google for their anchor text, title text, meta tags, and title
tags and tell you to apply that strategy to your site. ( Your site will automatically rank
well because we have copied the top ranked site in Google.)
• I will analyze the top site in Google’s back-links and find high PR back-links that you
can have linking to your site.
• I will submit your site to link directory’s that are in your sites category only. (That is the
only way to get back-links, if they are related to your site.)
• I will submit your site to all of the search engines.

Now, what I have just said is extremely powerful. Your site will immediately become a
top competitor for the keywords you choose to optimize for. How am I so sure? Well, if
you copy everything the #1 site in Google does, and you do it better, where do you think
your site will rank? Exactly. Top Ten rankings and free search engine traffic on complete
auto pilot.

My price for this professional SEO/Link Building service is $457. It is an absolutely
ridiculously stupid price for the service I am offering and if you think $457 is too much
then just remember this..

Search engine optimization is in high demand right now. People certainly know how
valuable it is, and are willing to pay a kings ransom for it. Like $5,000 a month which is
considered normal for a professional SEO company. That is 60k a year. You get my free
email support for a year, and I charge $457 as a one time fee.

Why am I charging only $457 for the EXACT same job the professional SEO companies
do? Well because I need testimonials for my new service I will be offering. The thing is, I
only have eight spots left for this price and I do not know how long they will last.

So contact me as soon as you can to get me your project info. Look forward to speaking
with you!


Call: 1-618-208-4353

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