This agreement is between the Station Family Fund (hereinafter the “SFF”), a Rhode
Island not-for-profit corporation registered as a 501(c) (3) charitable organization with
the Internal Revenue Service, and ________________________________________
(hereinafter the “Fundraiser”), located at ______________________________________


In this agreement the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings,
unless the context otherwise requires:

       1. logo - the logo of SFF which is shown on its website

       2. name - “Station Family Fund”

       3. term - a period of __________ days


The purpose of this agreement is to raise funds for the SFF by holding the following
event: ________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ (hereinafter the “Event”).

In addition, the SFF is the owner of its name and logo, and wishes to temporarily license
said name and logo to the Fundraiser to promote the Event.


In consideration of the undertakings given by the Fundraiser in this agreement, the SFF
hereby appoints the Fundraiser as its non-exclusive licensee to use the name and logo in
connection with the Event for the term of this agreement.

     1. The Fundraiser will be responsible, financially and otherwise, for operating
        the Event and in no event will the SFF be liable for any claims or liabilities,
        no matter by whom made, in connection with the Event;

     2. The Fundraiser agrees to indemnify the SFF for any costs, claims, loss or
        liability whatsoever suffered by the SFF (including reasonable legal costs and
        disbursements) as a result of any breach by the Fundraiser of any of the terms
        of this agreement

     3. If liability insurance is required, the Fundraiser will secure such insurance and
        provide a certificate of insurance to the SFF (naming the SFF as loss payee
        and additional insured if so requested by SFF), evidencing such insurance
        coverage prior to the Event;

     4. The net proceeds of the Event must be presented to the SFF ____ days after
        the Event, unless otherwise cleared by an authorized officer of the SFF. For
        the purposes of the Agreement, the term “net proceeds” shall mean the gross
        receipts of the Event less any expenses reasonably incurred by the Fundraiser
        in holding and promoting the Event provided that no such expenses may be
        payable or paid to any individual or organization sponsoring the Fundraiser
        without the prior written consent of SFF. Upon completion of the Event, the
        Fundraiser shall provide the SFF with a complete written accounting of the
        proceeds and expenses incurred in connection with the Event;

     5. The Fundraiser hereby agrees that it shall not bring the name or the logo into
        disrepute in any way whatsoever;

     6. The Fundraiser hereby agrees that it shall create and manage all promotional
        and advertising materials relating to the Event.


     1. The SFF shall be entitled to terminate this agreement forthwith if:

            (a)   the Fundraiser fails to pay any sum due to the charity after the due
                  date and the SFF has given the Fundraiser 30 days written notice
                  requiring it to pay and the Fundraiser has failed to pay in the 30 day

            (b)   the Fundraiser does anything which in the reasonable opinion of the
                  charity brings or is reasonably likely to bring the name, logo or
                  reputation of the charity into disrepute or the Fundraiser otherwise
                  violates this Agreement;
              (c)   a resolution is passed for the voluntary or compulsory liquidation of
                    the Fundraiser, or a receiver is appointed over all or part of its
                    business, or if the Fundraiser as an individual has a bankruptcy
                    petition presented against him or her;

      2. Upon termination of this agreement, either by the SFF or upon expiration of
         the term, the Fundraiser will no longer be authorized to use the name and
         logo, and will cease immediately the distribution and sale of any existing
         products and promotional materials bearing the name and/or logo;

      3. Subject to the SFF’s right to terminate, this agreement shall last for the term.
         Upon termination by the SFF, the Fundraiser shall have the right to sell all
         existing copies of any product which bears the name and/or logo, as if
         termination had not taken place and in accordance with this agreement and it
         shall account to the SFF for all payments in respect of such sales and the
         rights of the SFF under this agreement shall continue during that period.


     1. No amendment or addition to this agreement shall be made unless made in
        writing and executed by the parties.

     2. The parties are neither partners nor joint venturers, nor is the Fundraiser entitled
        to act as, or to represent itself as, agent for the SFF, nor to pledge the SFF’s

     3. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Rhode Island and
        Providence Plantations.

                                     For the Station Family Fund

                                     Print name: ________________________________


                                     For the Fundraiser
Print name: ________________________________


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