I was asked to send a letter to two by ajk11425


									                                  February 12, 2010

To: Manassas Park Governing Body

From: Lana Conner, City Clerk     d@c
Re: Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

        I was asked to send a letter to two members of Parks and Recreation Advisory
Commission asking them if they wish to continue serving the Board because they were
not attending the meetings.

        Noel IMontessa, sent me a letter stating that he would like to stay involved but
because of work could not attend the meetings. As you know, you cannot hold a
meeting without a quorum which was a problem for Parks and Recreation Advisory
Commission. With the new community center and its many programs and issues, these
meetings become more important. The Board must have at least three members-
attending the meetings.

        Martha Collier has indicated that she would like to be appointed to this
Commission. She worked for Fairfax County in the parks & recreation field and is very
familiar with our recreation policies and procedures. I talked with Catherine Morretta,
Director of Parks & Recreation, and she stated she would like to see Ms. Collier
appointed because of her expertise in this field.

      The Department recommends that Martha Collier be appointed to Parks and
Recreation Advisory Comrr~ission serve the remainder of the term of Noel Montessa,
December 31, 201 1.

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