; Origami Jumping Frog
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Origami Jumping Frog


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									Origami Jumping Frog

1. Take a square piece of paper and fold along the green lines.

2. Fold the 2 sides in to the middle to form triangle.

3. Fold up one corner to the middle.

4. Fold up the other side to the middle. Then fold the middle of this to the centre.
5. Fold in the other side to the middle. Then fold the top point out.

6. Fold out the other side to the middle.

7. Turn over and turn the side point downwards.

8. Fold the bottom points out.
9. Fold out the other side. then fold the whole thing in half.

10. Fold the top part back again to look like this.

11. Now you have finished your frog. Press on the red dot to make the frog leap!!!

Well done!!

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