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					An open letter from Steve Cohen, founder of The Apple of His Eye...
Shalom dear friends in Christ!

        Have you found the last couple of years challenging, even to the point of bewilderment? Does the
daily news bring more tsuris (trouble) than news? It almost reminds me of a song from the 60’s musical,
“Stop the world, I want to get off!”

         2010 marks my 34th year of missionary service. I am just as passionate now about reaching my
people as I was in the 1970’s when I began this adventure, and in some ways even more so. People are
placing their hopes in things of this world which can never satisfy... some look to the stock markets, others
to the opinion pages touting the brokenness of governments, while others look at the obit pages - some
just to see if someone they know has died recently.

       We are told in the Bible that there is nothing new under the sun. Civilizations rise and fall, govern-
ments come and go, economies swell and decline, interest rates gyrate wildly, there are wars and rumors
of wars, earthquakes, famines, floods and tragedies ... but the basics are still that: people are born in sin,
many are living lives of quiet desperation, and then perishing into a Christ-less eternity in hell.

        Meanwhile, well-meaning Christians are idling away their time hoping that something good might
happen, soon. Some are looking to their church as consumers - all they need to do is show up and take
what is presented by others. The Lord did not seek for us to be consumers but givers and receivers:

        But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the LORD
gave you: to love the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to obey his commands, to hold fast to him
and to serve him with all your heart and all your soul. - Joshua 22:5

      As I write this, we are contemplating some key moves for the future of our mission work.
Whenever someone asks me how they can pray for us, my usual response is, “Please pray for wisdom to
move us in the way that is honoring to the Lord and effective in reaching the lost.”


       Since 1996, God’s people have been generous over the years to help underwrite our mission work.
We have shared the Gospel with tens of thousands through our broadsides; we have trained hundreds
through our mission servant events, we have spoken to over 150,000 Christians in churches around the
country encouraging them in their faith and personal witness.


       We just concluded a successful mission effort in Miami. Please read on and be encouraged
even as we were in February.

       Thank you for your partnership in mission!!!

       Yours in Y’shua - Steve Cohen                                         1 Cor 15:58
     MARCH 2 0 1 0

                The Apple of His Eye
                           PO BOX 697 7
                     ST. LOUIS MO 63123                 Friends, family and Pastor Wessling during our outreach
                                                         Y’shua. While her art consumed most of her time,
                                                         she realized that deep down there is something she is
                                                         searching for to fill the emptiness.
Telling the Good News                                    Jason received a broadside and tracked us down by
in South Florida - Steve Cohen
                                                         going to our web site and grabbing my cel phone
                                                         number. He called and we spoke for a half an hour.

         N U
The winter of 2010 has been one for the books.
Cold, snow, and more snow has even halted the
                                                         He realized that his tradition is that the Messiah has
                                                         not come yet because there is no peace on earth.

                                                         But when pressed for what else Messiah would do,
Federal government in Washington DC. So the plans
                                                         he realized he did not know. He, too, agreed to take

for our outreach in Miami at the annual Coconut
                                                         a prayerful, honest look at Matthew in the New

Grove Art Festival was timely, indeed. Not only did


I have a chance to escape the cold, but we were able

to share with thousands how they could escape the

                                                         Not all the contacts we received were from the streets.
eternal heat of hell through Y’shua.
                                                         One evening we went to Bayside Center for dinner.

  G  R
We distributed nearly 4,200 Gospel tracts with           As we waited for our table, we wandered down to
                                                         the kiosk where Israelis were selling mineral salts

titles like, “Who is the greatest artist?” and “What
                                                         from Israel. There we met Hen and Amos. They are
do YOU think of Jesus?” Some of the snappy

                                                         Sephardic Jews who were willing to discuss openly
answers to the first one were, “We’ll, I am!” and one

      A         L
                                                         concerning our Messiah. They gave us their e-mail so
recipient thought for a bit and finally declared that

                                                         that we could correspond. I have already sent them a
Beethoven was the greatest artist.

                                                         copy of the Messianic version of Matthew and will
                                                         correspond in continuation with them.
South Florida is home to a substantial Jewish

population with nearly 700,000 residing in Palm
                                                         Leigh was waiting in line in a restaurant right behind

Breach, Broward and Dade counties. Of that figure,
                                                         us when we struck up a conversation. She is from

nearly 99% do not confess Jesus as their Messiah…
                                                         New York City and transplanted when her husband

                                                         took a medical job in Miami. She seemed quite
                                                         lonely, so we invited her to share dinner with us. She
M. was one of the artists who had her colorful
                                                         spoke for some time of life in Miami and when we
creations on display, including a hand painted
                                                         asked if we could continue to share with her, she gave
vintage Rolls Royce for sale. We chatted a couple of
                                                         us her address for follow-up. Alan was going to invite
                                     times and she
                                                         her to a Purim Party that he was holding in Boca
                                     ultimately said
                                                         Raton. Please pray for the followup!
                                     that she would
                                     be willing
                                                         HUGE thanks go to Alan Butterworth for logistics
                                     to receive
                                                         and running this special event, as well as to Jerry
                                     literature from
                                                         Lucas, our new mission advocate in Washington DC
                                     us and consider
                                                         and Maralyn Smith, a volunteer from Sarasota.


                                            The Tea Party!
It seems to me that the Tea Party has become very             The wonderful thing about this event is that it can be structured in many
popular this year and last, at least for the conserva-         different venues. The Sister Tea Party; the Mother/Daughter Tea Party;
tives. Of course the Mad Hatters Tea Party was                           the Neighbor Tea Party; the Best Friends Tea Party and so on.
always interesting for the un-birthday
celebration. And little girls have long                                             This unique vehicle to reach both the community and/
enjoyed playing ‘Tea Party”.                                                     or instruct our church ladies is phenomenal and exciting.
                                                                                    It is fellowship with teaching and serves to be motiva-
Wellll, The Apple of His Eye is joining                                             tional as well. This is an opportunity you will want to
the fun and we are now introducing the                                              consider for your church. We are ready to answer any
Friendship Tea Parties!! We would                                                of your questions and would love to send you one of our
love to give your church a tea party (for                                         brochures. Call Lisa at 636-326-4040 to schedule one
the ladies of missions and anyone else                                                                                  in the near future.
                                                                                  Have you set a goal for reaching the lost this year? Be
Through a two-hour Tea Party, we                                                  equipped and eager. We want to serve you as we serve
will introduce methods of reaching the                                             the Lord in preparing the believer to win those nearest
community for Christ (the Jew first)                                              Hell. I’m excited…. & I hope to hear from you, love, n
and how to develop relationships with the un-
churched women in your community. Every party                  “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that need not to
is designed to meet your churches particular need               be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15 KJV
and interest.

                                                                                       synagogue’s Chanukah party we enjoyed singing,
                                 From our new Missionary                               eating and dancing as the men danced in Orthodox
                                                                                       tradition. We observed a candle oil making
                                       Candidates:                                     demonstration, Chanukah story dramatization and
                                 Brian & Kim Borcherding                               public menorah illumination. These reminded us
                                                                                       how God saved His people from destruction.
                         Shalom! Greetings in the Name who is Peace-Jesus
                                                                                                Lately, in between attending Christmas
                         the Messiah!
                                                                                       worship, our Israeli friend treated us to an Israeli
                                                                                       feast-including homemade gefilte fish, matzo ball
The Borcherdings are missionary candidates who pray that all people be saved
                                                                                       soup among other delights! We pray our friends
and come to the knowledge of truth-Jesus.
                                                                                       might know the Friend, Jesus.
        We are training to be missionaries with the Apple where God leads
                                                                                                 As we speak at churches, in homes and on
us. The Living Word is teaching us with many experiences in and out of the
                                                                                       the streets we thank God for your encouragement
classroom as we come from teaching backgrounds.
                                                                                       and prayers. Please let us know how we may pray
                                                                                       for you- “God has big ears,” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-
          While Kimberly, with an elementary education degree from
Concordia-Irvine, has had mission work in various classrooms, Brian, with
a music education degree from Indiana University, has had notes of outreach
in different musical settings. We combine praising and teaching that name of
Jesus so others might know of His glory, Luke 2:14.
                                                                                        Please pray for Brian and Kim as
         Even while we are raising our support to begin with Apple, the                 they raise their startup missionary
Lord is providing ways to send the Gospel. On a trip to a mission fair, in the          base fund of $85,000 needed prior ot
Midwest, we visited a family with Jewish members AND we also later met a                going onto the field. If you wish to
Jewish unbeliever. He requested that we pray for his study of faith.                    help with a startup gift, send it to The
                                                                                        Apple of His Eye earmarked for The
         We also have been blessed with our Israeli friend who has been
helpful in demonstrating Hebrew-language and culture. Recently at their                 Borcherdings.
                                               A note from                      the Russian-speaking Messianic leaders. During a week we,
                                                                                Russian-speaking Jews believing in Christ, prayed together,
                                               Alexey Shepelev                  talked to each other and studied. Of course, we were also

                                               in Moscow, our
                                                                                traveling a lot across the country, visiting the Biblical
                                                                                places. When I had such an opportunity, I tried to tell my

                                               wandering Jew
                                                                                brothers in Christ about the AOHE ministry among the
                                                                                Russian-speaking Jews, to share our materials and to engage
                                                                                them in the development of the first Messianic Russian
                                                                                radio . Over 10 ministries showed their
                                                                                interest in participating in the work of our radio. They were

           October the Lord allowed me to visit Minsk             from seven different countries: Israel, USA, Australia, Germany, Russia,
           - the capital of Belarus. A few years ago I got        Ukraine and Moldova. In Israel the Lord surprised me once more.
           acquainted with a pastor of the local Messianic        Though I’m always ready to preach Christ among the Jewish people,
congregation – Nikolay Haskin. Sometimes we complain              this time He made me a preacher for Israeli Arabs. This is one of my
that there isn’t democracy in Russia, but what I’ve seen in       conversations with them: “How do you think, when will the peace come
Minsk surprised even me. I had an impression, that I was          to Israel?” I answered him, “It is said in the Koran, the Moslems’ book,
carried away for about 20 years to the past and appeared          that the new peace will come when Issa ben Mariam returns.” He looked
to be in the USSR again. The people are afraid of talking         at me with surprise, “You mean that it is said in our book?” “Sure, even
about the authorities. The opposition as such has almost          the Koran speaks about Christ.”
disappeared. KGB taps the phone-calls and inspects
correspondence. The churches are full of agents.                  On my way home the Lord brought me for one day to Riga – the capital
                                                                  of Latvia. Together with my old friend Pavel Levushkan (editor of the
But enough about terrible reality in Belarus. I’d better tell     Baltic Christian Web-portal ) we were planning long
you about pastor Nikolay and his congregation. Nikolay            ago the arrangement of a conference devoted to the tragedy of the Jewish
preaches the Gospel to the Jewish people since early 90’s,        people. Not far from Riga there is a place – Rumbula forest – where
and despite his being a handicap he aims all his strength         during the war tens of thousands of Jews were killed by the Nazis. Next
at witnessing of Christ to his nation. Nikolay isn’t only a       year we are planning to organize such a conference, where we will
pastor in the Jewish congregation with about 50 members           discuss that the Holocaust should never be repeated; the only way to
(almost all of them are Jews believing in Christ), he is also     avoid it – is to preach the Name of Christ among all the nations. My
a gifted musician, singer and composer. As it was during          arrival was marked with the beginning of real Russian winter. Almost
the persecutions in the Roman Empire, this congregation is        two months the temperature wasn’t more than -50F and decreased at
under the constant pressure of the officials, but nevertheless    times to -86F. However, due to the frost and winter we were able to
our brothers and sisters believe in the Name of Christ,           breathe quite fresh air (taking into account almost 4,000,000 cars in the
despite all the difficulties.                                     streets of Moscow).

The Lord gave me a chance to share with them the Word             I’m very sorry to say that on January, 9, 2010 my father-in-law Stanislaw
that He placed in my heart that very day. That was a real         died. After his death our family had to face a really hard period. It is over
blessing for me to remind my brothers and sisters that the        a month and a half that my mother-in-law Irina (baptized less than a year
God of Israel is alive; and to encourage them in their trust. I   ago after my wife Anna and I witnessed to her of Christ for almost 20
decided to engage Nikolay in the online-radio www.mashiah.        years) is laid up with a hard chest infection. She is still unable to recover.
info work as a presenter, sound producer and composer.            Moreover, my wife Anna and I had to take upon ourselves all the worries
Besides, by supporting Nikolay personally we may support          concerning the funeral (it is a very uneasy bureaucratic procedure in
his entire congregation as well. They are not able to pay their   Russia) and other paper work.
pastor and have difficulties with paying the rent of the place
for the devotions. Of course, it is difficult to find even the    We resist despair and hopelessness only by the
minimal funds during the financial crisis, but we believe that
                                                                  means of prayer and faith in Christ. Though the
the Lord will encourage the beginning of the AOHE ministry
in Belarus through its friends all over the world. If the Lord    world says that we are weak and unable to resist
moves you to participate in it by your prayers and funds, we      it, we know that we can do all things in Christ
inform you that we are waiting for the Lord’s gift of $8,000      who strengthens us, who gives us not only the
annually.                                                         hope but also the strength to go on living and
This is my second trip to Israel. Last year AOHE team had
                                                                  serving Him. We want to express our gratitude to
an Evangelizing campaign. Now the Lord brought me to the          all our friends, who’ve been supporting our family
Holy Land as a participant of the second world meeting of         all this time.
Multi-Ethnic Symposium Statement February 2, 2010
The Second Multi-ethnic Symposium, “Conversations of Hope” convened at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis on Feb-
ruary 1-2, 2010. The focus of these conversations addressed concerns voice by the participants along two lines, theo-
logical and sociological/anthropological.

The unity expressed as LCMS Lutherans surfaced along the expected theological lines as we share one hope, one faith
and one baptism, committed to Lutheran theology and doctrine and practice. Unity within the body of Christ also recog-
nizes, respects, and celebrates the diversities of our human condition. This unity does not mean, for example, complete
or cultural uniformity in the practices of our faith, including worship, where language, culture, history and ethnicity
inform and impact who we are and how we express our love for the Lord and for each other.

The wide ranging discussion on diversity brought out many God-given differences as to how we live our daily lives
within our distinct cultures. Differences are not the problem, they are just that – differences, and they should be cel-
ebrated. The problem is sin and that has expressed itself historically in our church so that non-anglo-saxons minorities
are marginalized and seemingly voiceless in our structures.

We call on the church at large to take bold steps to move...
                • from suspicion to trust,

                • from closed mindedness to open heartedness,

                • from indifference towards compassion,

                • from ignoring or avoiding the needs of minorities to integrating them into the overall mission
                        of the church,

                • from isolated assumptions to intentional discussions with those of other ethnicities and

                • from fearfulness to beautiful risk taking

                • to engage the whole church in taking full responsibility for the evangelization of all ethnic
                        groups within the United States

                • to the end that we might become the mature body of Christ which welcomes all, loves all,
                         reaches out to all and embraces the hope we have in a fallen world.

We call on the church to move forward not only in developing practical theological applications to our aspirations, but
also through real dialogue leading to healthier relationships, growth and discipleship as members of the Church at large.
In the end, we are all immigrants on this earth; therefore as we each journey towards our ultimate home with the Lord,
let us remain faithful to the very end. Eph 2:12-20

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men
will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

      This statement was unanimously approved at the Apple of His Eye Board Meeting on February 3, 2010!
 Skilled servants sought for
 volunteering opportunities:
• Can you type? Use a computer? Use office equipment?

• Can you do data entry with precision?

• Do you like to talk on the telephone?

• Can you join us out on the streets with the Gospel?

• Can you help with sending out materials?

• Would you like to help with our Friendship teas?

••• You do NOT have to be Jewish to join with us...


               CALL IVAN AT 636-326-4040 EXT 1
                    TO FIND OUR MUCH MORE!