March 2010 Dear Member, This letter is the official

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					                                                                                              March 2010

Dear Member,

This letter is the official request for nominations for election to Council. The successful candidates will
serve for a period of four years following the Annual Members Meeting in Harrogate in September 2010.

There are three vacancies. The present members of Council are:

(a)       Officers
          Dr Richard J S Birks (Sheffield)                  President
          Dr Iain H Wilson (Exeter)                         President Elect
          Dr Ian G Johnston (Inverness)                     Honorary Treasurer
          Dr Leslie W Gemmell (Wrexham)                     Honorary Secretary
          Dr Andrew J Hartle (London)*                      Honorary Secretary Elect
          Dr Ellen P O’Sullivan (Dublin)                    Honorary Membership Secretary
          Dr Steve M Yentis (London)                        Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia

(b)       Vice Presidents
          Dr David G Bogod (Nottingham)
          Dr A William Harrop-Griffiths (London)
          Prof J Robert Sneyd (Plymouth)

(c)       Elected Members
          Dr Valerie E Bythell (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)*
          Dr Ranjit Verma (Derby)*
          Dr J Bernard Liban (London)
          Dr Paul A Clyburn (Cardiff)
          Dr Richard Griffiths (Peterborough)
          Dr Isabeau A Walker (London)
          Dr Barry J Nicholls (Taunton)
          Dr Felicity S Plaat (London)
          Dr Mansukh T Popat (Oxford)

          Dr Felicity Howard (Swansea)                Chair, GAT
          Dr Susan Williams (Swansea)                 Honorary Secretary, GAT
          *denotes retiring member. Please note that Dr Hartle will take up the position of
          Honorary Secretary from September 2010 and Dr Bythell will continue as Editor of
          Anaesthesia News

(d)       Currently co-opted advisors to Council (non-voting)
          Dr V Ramana Alladi                          Chairman, SAS Committee
          Prof Michael Y K Wee                         Chairman, Welfare Committee
          Dr Alistair G McKenzie                      Chairman, Museum & Archives Committee
          Dr Rory Page                                Convenor, Irish Standing Committee
         Dr Kathleen Ferguson                            Convenor, Scottish Standing Committee
         Dr Peter Nightingale                            President, Royal College of Anaesthetists
         Dr Jeanne M Moriarty                            President, College of Anaesthetists of Ireland
         Group Captain Neil McGuire                      Armed Forces Representative
         Dr Michael Nathanson                            Editor, Anaesthesia Cases
         Mr Richard Young                                Patient Liaison Group Representative

Nominees, their proposers and seconders must be Ordinary Members of the Association of Anaesthetists.

Nomination forms are available via the AAGBI website or alternatively from Chloë Hoy on 020 7631
8807 or Please complete the form and return to: Dr Les Gemmell, Honorary
Secretary, Association of Anaesthetists, 21 Portland Place, London W1B 1PY, or fax to 020 7631 4352
no later than Friday 16th April 2010. A copy of your personal statement should also be emailed to

A paper is available on the website which summarises the duties of Council and the commitment
required by its members.

Dr Les Gemmell
Honorary Secretary, AAGBI