CA DIR Keys to Success and Safety for the Construction Foreman by balazon


									         Keys to Success and Safety for the                                                                                                    • Evaluate jobs in
                                                                 1. Commitment to health and safety
  CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN                                                                                                                           advance so that the
   An Ergonomic Approach to Cost Reduction                       To get workers to care about safety, management                                 hazards are
                                                                 must show that they care about them:                                            identified.
You can save company profits by:                                 • Let your workers know that safety is not an                                 • Think ahead and plan
     Increasing production and meeting deadlines                     option or convenience. It is a company value                                for the next task.
                                                                     and a requirement.
     Finishing the job within budget                             • Expect your workers to use safe work              •   Arrange for materials and equipment to be at
     Reducing injuries                                               practices.                                          the job site on time.
                                                                 • Schedule regular weekly site safety meetings      •   Teach your workers to rotate their heavy
     Increasing worker morale and work quality                       with all workers.                                   and light tasks to prevent overexertion.
                                                                 • Invite Cal/OSHA Consultation Service to
                                                                     walk your site(s) for free safety advice (you
                                         Increase                    will not get fined for safety violations from   4. Schedule enough workers to do the job
                                        Production,                  the Consultation Service).
                                                                 • Walk your site(s) daily. Correct any hazads       When the schedule is tight, workers tend to take
                                          Reduce                     you can. Report hazards you cannot correct      shortcuts and get careless. Be careful not to
                                                                     to the superintendent.                          overwork your crew:
                                         Injuries!                                                                   • Schedule a full work crew. When there
                                                                                                                        are enough workers to help each other
Unexpected production costs and missed deadlines                                                                        with heavy tasks, your chances of losing
can cut into your company's profits.                                                                                    crew members to injuries will be
• Injured workers are not as productive as                                                                              reduced.
    healthy workers.                                                                                                 • Look for signs of fatigue, especially in
• When you reduce injury rates, you                                                                                     workers who work extended hours or
    automatically increase productivity.                                                                                unusual schedules.
• Healthy workers are more likely to meet
    job requirements and project deadlines.                                                                          5. Train workers in job processes and tool use
                                                                 2. Encourage employee attitudes toward safety
 Most Frequent Injuries in Construction Trades                                                                       Although workers might have done the same job
  State Compensation Insurance Fund, 1998                        Workers with positive safety attitudes are the      before, every work environment is somewhat
   Body Part
                     Percentage of        Average Direct         keys to the success of your company:                different:
                     Total Injuries            Cost *
                                                                 • Let your workers know that safety policies        • Train new workers on your company’s
     BACK                 21%            $33,874 per claim
   FINGER(S)              10%            $10,503 per claim           and procedures are not just rules, but are           safety policies and procedures before they
     KNEE                  7%            $26,655 per claim           there to protect them from losing work time          start work.
   HAND(S)                 5%            $14,417 per claim
                                                                     and wages.                                                                • Encourage the
*Includes total incurred medical, total incurred compensation                                                                                       buddy system by
and total incurred loss expenses. Indirect costs can be 2 to 4   3. Plan and organize jobs                                                          having new workers
times this amount.                                                                                                                                  learn from
How much more work will you need to do to pay                    Pre-planning and organizing each phase of a job                                    experienced
for the cost of just one injury?                                 can help in meeting schedules while making work                                    workers.
                                                                 safer and smoother:                                                           •    Train workers to
                                                                                                                          Cal/OSHA Consultation Service
    select and use the right tool for the job, and          sure they are effective.                                          WRITERS AND EDITORS
                                                                                                                Zin Cheung, Rick Hight, Fran Hurley, Kristy McKoon-Schultz
    correct them when                                 •     Shut down that part of the job where                           PAGE LAYOUT AND DESIGN
    necessary.                                              life- threatening conditions are present.                                    Jitan Patel
•   Be sure that workers do                           •     Recognize individual workers who use safe
    not use broken or                                       work practices and serve as an example to        Our thanks are extended to the following for their support and
    defective tools. Replace                                other workers.                                   assistance in the research and development of this document.
                                                                                                             Liz Arioto - Wentz Group
    and maintain tools.                                                                                      Bo Bradley - Harbison Mahony Higgins
•   Alert workers to changing working                 8. Encourage rest breaks and frequent hydration        Ed Calderon - Shea Homes
    conditions, such as extreme heat, rain or                                                                Doug Day - Precision General Commercial Contractors, INC
                                                                                                             Kim DeRuyter - Helix Electric, INC.
    slippery surfaces.                                Workers who feel healthy and energized tend to         Bill Hopkins - Carpenters` Local 46
                                                      be more productive with better work quality,           Dorothy Ormsby - ICS Group, INC.
                                                      particularly in the afternoon hours:                   Bert Mazeau - Rosendin Electric
                                                                                                             Scott Schneider - Laborers` Health and Safety Fund of N. America
6. Consider your options                              • Be aware of fast-paced schedules, especially         Corey Strack - Carpenters` Local 152
                                                          during the summer heat. Allow a few more           Marti Stroup - Associated General Contractors of California
                                                                                                             Samantha Turner - Swinerton, INC
Work may involve heavy lifting, awkward                   rest breaks. This will reduce fatigue and may
                         postures and                     prevent costly re-work.                                         Cal/OSHA Consultation Programs
                         repetition:                  • Encourage your workers to                           Toll-Free 1-800-963-9424    Internet:

                  •      Provide mechanical               take short walks                                  FRESNO – CENTRAL VALLEY
                         equipment or co-worker           to pick up tools. This                            1901 N Gateway Blvd., #102
                                                                                                            Fresno, CA 93727
                         assistance when possible.        provides a few minutes                            (559) 454-1295
                  •      Rotate individual job            of rest.
                         tasks among workers          • Provide plenty of water and                         OAKLAND – SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA
                                                                                                            1515 Clay Street, #1103
                         within the same job and          encourage your workers                            Oakland, CA 94612
                         skill level when machines,       to drink frequently.                              (510) 622-2891
  tools or equipment are not available to do          • Remember, heat illness can
                                                                                                            SACRAMENTO – NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
  the work. By sharing jobs, workers are less             kill in less than one hour of exposure to         2424 Arden Way, #410
  likely to get injured.                                  extreme heat and humidity.                        Sacramento, CA 95825
                                                                                                            (916) 263-0704

7. Learn from your past accidents and                 9. Promote health and fitness                         SAN BERNARDINO - INLAND EMPIRE & ORANGE CO.
 near-misses                                                                                                464 W 4TH Street, #339
                                                                                                            San Bernardino, CA 92401
                                                      Workers who are fit are less likely to be injured.    (909) 383-4567
You can prevent future                                If they do get injured they heal faster:
injuries if you understand                            • Working in a physical job is not a substitute       SAN DIEGO
                                                                                                            7575 Metropolitan Drive, #204
what caused an accident or a                               for doing exercises that can help to increase    San Diego, CA 92108
near miss:                                                 strength and flexibility.                        (619) 767-2060
• Investigate accidents                               • Encourage your workers to incorporate               SAN FERNANDO VALLEY –
     and near misses to                                    personal fitness by working out, doing           SANTA BARBARA & NORTH WEST L.A. CO.
     find their causes.                                    stretching exercises, eating a balanced diet,    6150 Van Nuys Blvd., #307
                                                                                                            Van Nuys, CA 91401
• Brainstorm with                                          and getting plenty of sleep.                     (818) 901-5754
     your workers to discuss
     how the job can be improved.                         As a foreman, you are in a key position to help   SANTA FE SPRINGS – L.A. METRO AREA
                                                                                                            10350 Heritage Park Drive, #201
• Make changes and then follow-up to make                 increase your company`s work production while     Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
                                                          reducing on-the-job injuries.                     (562) 944-9366

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