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					                                                                                                      Volume 6, Issue 1
        Helensburgh Little Athletics
                                                                                                      O c t o b e r 2 0 06

                                   MESSAGE                          FROM THE PRESIDENT
The President Speaks           1

Committee Notes                1   Welcome all athletes and
                                   parents to a new season,
News in Brief                  1   our 37th , at Helensburgh
                                   Little Athletics. It promises
From the Canteen               2   to be another exceptional
                                   year with registrations cur-
Coming Events                  2   rently at 233. Our season
                                   has begun well with plenty of
Handy Hints                    2   new faces and willing hands
                                   to help with the parent
                                   helper roster.
                                   I would like to begin by
News in Brief                      thanking everyone who
State Relays                       helped to mark the fields at
                                   the start of the season. This
Senior Relays will be held         task, invisible to most mem-
on Sat. 25th Nov. 2006 &           bers, is critical to our season
Juniors Relays Sunday 26th         and has to be repeated
Nov. 2006 at Homebush.             every three weeks. We are
                                   always grateful if some par-
                                   ent wishes to help.                  Dave Scott in earlier days, but, remove the
Any athletes wanting to
                                                                        wires, and he still looks much the same.
compete or parents willing
to help in the organizing of       We have made some impor-          The championship night is        your Little As and remem-
our teams please see Dave          tant new purchases in the         used to select our team for      bering that Little As is
Scott or Garry Temple for          off season: a new high jump       the Zone championship held       about FUN, FITNESS AND
details.                           cover and hurdles and they        early in 2007.                   FAMILY and achieving
                                   seem to be working very           I would encourage all our        your own personal best.
Noticeboards                       well.                             athletes to put some
                                   We are also very busy at the      thoughts now into what           Dave Scott
On the notice board hang-          moment organizing our relay       events you would like to en-
ing precariously in front of
                                   teams for the state relays        ter and have a go at the zone
the canteen, there are vari-                                         in January.
                                   and making preparations for
ous courses, Gala Days, as
                                   our championship night.           I hope you are all enjoying
well as progress in the point
score listed

Please check this important         NOTES FROM THE COMMITTEE MEETING
information source each              Little Athletics require all       •   No board shorts are        Seen an athlete whose
week.                                athletes to meet the terms             worn                       performance deserves
                                     of contract to their spon-         •   Briefs cover the hip       recognition? Jot down a
Safety Message                       sors. So, can you please               bone                       few notes, hand it to the
                                     ensure that:                                                      old graybeard at the track
For the safety of all, ath-
letes are asked not to play          •   Age patches are fixed          Note: that athletes failing    finishing line and we will
on the high jump bags be-                correctly with the red         to meet the dress require-     try to put it in the next
fore the commencement of                 border visible                 ments will not be allowed      newsletter.
competition.                                                            to compete at zone level.      Got a photo? Even better!
Page 2                                                                                                     Volume 6, Issue 1

Training Details
                               FROM               THE            CANTEEN
                               T-shirt Pickup                  Clothing Pool
Dave—track 5pm-6pm
Glenn– field 6pm
                                                                                                 Please Note:
                                                               I am currently trying to estab-   Any Prohibited Person
                               T-shirts are now available
Wednesday                      for pick up from the can-
                                                               lish a second hand clothing       under The Child Pro-
                                                               pool in the club.
Garry—relays 4-6pm             teen.                                                             tection Act July 2000,
                               If you have yet to pay          If you have any old uniforms      is not allowed to work
                               please see Michelle.            or running shoes at home that     with children at the
                                                               you would like to donate          centre.
                               Tots Pickup                     please bring them to me, Mi-
                                                               chelle, in the canteen.
New Records!!                                                                                    If you are unsure of
                               If you are a tots parent that   Money raised from the re-         your status in relation
Jesse Cobb                     is not rostered on for the      sale of these items goes to-      to this issue can you
U-11 100 metres 13.63          night can you please pick       wards making a better club
                               up your child from the field    for us all.
                                                                                                 see Dave Scott?
Brinley Trigg                  at around 7:15 pm.
U-12 100 metres 13.76                                          Michelle.
Congratulations to them both

                                Warning!                          Photos                           Early Starters
Special Thanks                  Areas of Little Athletics         At times there will be a         Helpers are needed who
                                can be dangerous espe-            photographer on the              can arrive earlier, say at
Are you seeing your scion       cially around the shot put,       grounds taken shots for our      5:15pm to help set up the
more clearly on Friday          discus, javelin and track.        newsletter and for publicity     equipment for the night.
nights?                                                           purposes.
                                Can all age managers              If you do not wish your          At the moment the burden
You can thank Guy Picken                                          child to be included in a        falls on the shoulders of
(Rexel Lighting) who do-        please take particular care
                                when crossing the track           photograph can you contact       the few.
nated the new flood light                                         Carol McCaughey and fill
and John Dawes from             and passing the junior shot
                                put and discus rings when         out the appropriate form.        If you can arrive at the
Coastline Energy who                                              Athletes names will not be       earlier time roll up and see
kindly installed. the light.    heading across to the 200
                                metres start?                     used with photos without         one of the officials. You
                                                                  their permission.                would be most welcome

                                                  HANDY HINTS
                                1. Track                          2. Shot Put
Have your money ready for       Athletes, when you finish         Putters, when you finish
our October raffle.             your event in the track,          your throw, you must exit
                                can you remain standing           the circle by the back or
Prizes include:                 in your lane until the            your throw will be ruled a
Gifts from Ambience,            place judge awards you            foul.
vouchers from Four Quar-        your placing.
ters and Rebel Sports and a     It makes it a lot easier to
                                                                  3. Place Judges
fruit bowl.                     sort out who finished             Place judges, when judg-
                                where, if you are not a           ing tight finishes, please
All just in time for Xmas.                                        ensure you stand on the
                                moving target.
                                                                  tiered dais to avoid paral-
                                Remember, to the judges,          lax error.
                                all athletes look alike.
                                                                                                   Putting in the effort

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