Enough is enough by sofiaie


									Enough is enough. Our elected representatives in Washington DC have already
trashed Social Security, Medicare and MedicAid. Now they want to get their hands
on your health insurance.

The health care legislation before congress, as proposed by the Democratic
Leadership will cost you, the taxpayer, money! It will be in the form of increased
premiums from:
      1. Taxes on health care insurers. The legislation proposes new taxes on
health insurance providers, to help pay the cost of insuring those who can't pay.
Guess who pays for the increased costs? Health Insurance carriers will pass along
increased costs to policyholders. Who pays? You do.
      2. Taxes on 'high cost' policies. The legislation proposes new taxes on 'high-
end health insurance policies, to help pay the cost of insuring those who can't
pay. Again, you, the consumer, the taxpayer, pays.
      3. Pass through costs to recover under-reimbursement by government
health insurance. Hospitals and doctors receive less than their costs in
reimbursement from Medicare, MedicAid and other government health
insurance. They have to make up the difference somewhere, and they do it by
charging more to private insurers. And those costs get passed right along from
the insurer to the person paying for the insurance. Again, you, the consumer, the
taxpayer, pays.
      4. Increasing numbers on the 'public option'. As businesses and individuals
see costs increase for private insurance, they’ll drop the private insurance and go
for the public option. This will lead to spiralling costs for those left on private
insurance. See all of the above. You pay.

You can read the independent report from PriceWaterhouseCooper in the
Washinton Post.

       Here's one of the findings: "On average, the cost of private health
       insurance coverage will increase 26 percent between 2009 and 2013
       under the current system and by 40 percent during this same period
       if these four provisions are implemented."

All of the above are in addition to higher federal income taxes on individuals and
corporations to help pay for insuring the uninsured. Corporations pass on their
operating expenses to their customers. They have to, in order to make money for
new equipment, research, or an expanded workforce. As corporate taxes increase,
guess who pays for that? Again, you, the consumer. So, you get hit twice - higher
taxes from the government, and higher costs for goods and services.
If we, as a country and society feel it is necessary to provide free
services to anyone, it should be through charities and voluntary
donations, not through the government. The government; any
government, any time, any where, is the most inefficient means of
redistributing wealth. In order for a government to administer
something, additional departments, bureaus and offices are created,
all of which require staffing. Hundreds of jobs created to administer
something that was done at no cost by volunteers of charitable and
religious organizations. And all those new jobs cost money. Again,
YOUR money. Not the government's money, not congressional
money, not the President's money - your money. Taken out of your
pocket by our elected representatives. I, personally, would rather
give $100 to my local soup kitchen than to any government agency.
The $100 the soup kitchen gets will buy $85 or $90 worth of food,
with 10 - 15% going to electricity, rent, and minor administrative
costs. Most government grants don't go to individual institutions.
They go to a lower level agency to distribute. That's 2 or 3 levels of
administration, each costing money, each taking 10 - 15%
administrative cut out of that $100 that I gave. The soup kitchen
will be lucky to get $50 to buy $40 worth of food. They still have
operating expenses.

When are our elected officials going to learn from history? No
country, society or civilization, anytime, anywhere, ever taxed itself
into prosperity. There has been a point, in most societies, at which
the government bureaucracy has grown, until it is unsustainable.
The bureaucracy reaches a point where the society does not produce
enough to sustain the itself. too many resources are absorbed by
the government, and there is not sufficient remaining for business
expansion or personal use. Archeaologists have found bags and urns
filled with coins, buried in the remains of houses from the period of
the late Roman Empire. Why would someone bury money? They
did have banks in Rome. There were investment opportunities,
businesses and consortiums looking for capital to expand or buy
materials. Why would someone bury money? Only one reason, to
hide it to prevent government taxation. In the later Roman Empire,
the government bureaucracy grew. As it grew, taxes increased.
Taxpayers hid their money in cellars. There weren't any off-shore

There is only one way for a country or society to be prosperous -
allow individuals and companies to profit from their effort, and
from their inventiveness. These businesses provide jobs. People
with jobs pay taxes. If the taxes are not exorbitant, they have money
to spend, and buy things. When people buy things, businesses
prosper, and pay more taxes! Reward success! Allow failure to be
it's own punishment. Businesses that blunder badly should not be
rescued by the government. They should be allowed to fail, or
absorbed by successful businesses. That will encourage other
businesses to view risks more realistically. Propping up a failure
only costs money. It costs more, in the long run, to prop up or
sustain a failure, than it would to start a new venture. For a
concrete example, try getting an estimate to insulate, rewire and
replumb a 60 year old house. Add in the cost of windows and a new
roof. Check the foundation. Add in paint and refinishing the
floors. A new house is cheaper, and, in the long run, will cost less
to maintain.

The best government is a small one. Only large enough to perform
required functions. Excess functionality costs money. Let me
repeat: There is no such thing as 'government money'. It's all your
money, taken by the government, to perform it's functions. It is
the function of the federal government of the United States to
promote the general welfare, not to provide welfare. It is the duty of
the federal government is regulate interstate commerce, not engage
in it. Check the US Constitution. It's there in black and white. It
doesn't need interpretation or clarification. It's written
in very legible, understandable English.

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