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Course:     10024 - Oil Painting Studio
Instructor: Chris Flodberg
Date:       Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Friday, July 12 -16, 2010
Time:       9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Required for first class:

    Bring all materials on the list below. In addition to these materials, you must also
    come prepared with your 20”x24” canvas board. This board must be prepared with
    at least 5 coats of gesso over and above the pre-primed factory coating. This surface
    must be sanded.
    The idea here is to get rid of as much of the canvas board texture as possible by
    burying it in layers of gesso. Canvas board by itself is an incredibly awful surface to
    paint on! Use your medium sized house painting brush. Gesso cleans up with
    You will be responsible to supply your own inspiration. This means that you should
    come prepared with a vast collection of things that you would like to paint. This
    could be photographs, magazine clippings, interesting objects, a mirror, a historical
    painting you would like to copy, etc. Think about the various standard genres:
    Figure, Still life, Landscape.

Required for Remaining class:

        •   Roll of paper towel
        •   Small bottle of canola oil or cheap cooking oil
        •   Medium-small container of Turpenoid natural
        •   Small bottle of walnut alkyd medium
        •   A small bowl or short cup to hold medium
        •   Latex gloves (optional and recommended)
        •   The largest wax paper palette available OR some kind of smooth artist's
            painting palette that can be cleaned and scraped off. (approximately 20”)
        •   2 inch wide metal putty knife (drywall knife)
        •   Medium grit sand paper
        •   Soft charcoal pencil and means to sharpen it
        •   Apron or painting clothes
        •   Acrylic gesso (at least 1000 ml)
        •   Medium sized house painting brush
        •   200ml Titanium white oil paint. (Winton or student quality)
        •   200ml Burnt Sienna. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)

                                                 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Updated 18/Feb/2010
                  •    200ml Raw Sienna. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    200ml Raw Umber. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Cadmium yellow light. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Cadmium red light. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Quinacridone red. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    200 ml Ultramarine blue. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Ivory black. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Pthalo blue. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Pthalo green. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    37 ml Sap green. Artist grade (Gamblin or similar)
                  •    Heinz Jordan Hogs Hair Filbert brush #12 series 10F
                  •    Heinz Jordan Hogs Hair Filbert brush #8 series 10F
                  •    Heinz Jordan Hogs Hair Filbert brush #4 series 10F
                  •    Heinz Jordan Hogs Hair Filbert brush #11 series 10F
                  •    Heinz Jordan Gold Sable brush #1 series 700
                  •    24”x 24”x 1/8th masonite (hardboard) can be bought in this size at Home
                  •    1 of 20”x 24” pre-primed canvas board.
                  •    4 of 24” stretcher bars
                  •    4 of 30” stretcher bars
                  •    38 inches of 60 Inch wide canvas (unprimed)

        Estimated Total Cost of Supplies                Approximately $300

        Additional Notes:

             If there is a painting surface that you would personally like to work on that is different
             than any on this list, feel free to bring it. I HIGLY recommend the color palette that
             I've provided. It is a highly effective, traditional range and is very versatile.
             Artist grade paints are much more expensive than student grade hues. It is not essential
             to purchase the highest end paints; but is highly recommended as cheap paints mix very
             poorly and yield terrible saturation.

Students: Occasionally Extended Studies must change an instructor from what was advertised. Because that may cause a
change to the course supply list, we recommend that you wait to purchase supplies for your first night until about one week
prior to class start and that you purchase your remaining supplies after your first class (unless your course is a weekend
workshop). Keep your supplies in their original packaging and keep all receipts until your instructor confirms the
supplies will be used (in case any need to be returned).
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