Mailing list by ajk11425


									1) Mailing List Management

                             creates a new mailing list
                                                          add / remove bulk email to mailing list
                     delete a mailing list                see next screenshot
2) Mail Templates

You can create as many templates you like creating 5 custom jpg images
3) Mail Sending

This is the form for sending custom email
The website where i use this framework publish a lot of news/articles, and you can also send them via email if you need

                                                                    Send Link

When you click on the send link you get a Modal Dialog asking you with group shold receive email:

The fist group is a special group that send email to yourself ( for checking, if you want )

after you choose Send ( Invia ), the MailTask runs.
Some exampe result, with different templates:
Some code pieces...

generate html code from template + mailbody + attachments

for each send the email get personalized replacing a placeholder that is in the template

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