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2010 Meat Price List by ajk11425


									When you purchase Aullwood’s organically grown
products, you enable the public to enjoy our farm
programs, self-guided tours, trails, and interpretive
maps. You also benefit from eating healthy and
delicious locally grown food!
                                                                     Aullwood Farm offers organically and naturally grown
A la carte meat pickup is at the Nature Store located                meat on a seasonal basis.*Meat is available during
in the Marie S. Aull Education Center, 1000 Aullwood                         other months while supplies last.
Road. We offer special pricing for bulk orders! Bulk
pickup is at the Farm, 9101 Frederick Pike. For more              2010 Seasonal Meat Calendar
information call Aullwood Farm at 937/890-2968.                   Beef     January, April, July, August, Sept., October
                                                                  Chicken June, July, August, September
Thank you for supporting our efforts in sustainable               Lamb     October, November, December, January
agriculture. Check our bi-monthly newsletter for                  Pork     May, September, January
scheduled events and visit us often!

2010 Aullwood Farm Meat Order Form                                                                Date: ________________

Purchaser Name: ________________________________________________                         Phone: _____________________
Address (optional*): _____________________________________________________________________________
Email Address (optional*):__________________________________________________________________________
                  •    Supplying your address will allow us to send you information about future farm product availability.

CHICKEN                  LBS.       PRICE      TOTAL         PORK                              LBS.       PRICE       TOTAL
Whole                               2.45                     Sausage                                      3.30
2 halves                            2.60                     Bratwurst                                    3.80
Breast quarter                      4.25                     Sun dried tomato brats                       3.80
Leg quarter                         3.00                     Italian sausage                              3.25
Drumsticks                          2.75                     Pork chops                                   3.90
Thighs                              3.00                     Tenderloin                                   4.25
Wings                               2.75                     Smoked ham/steak                             3.50
Boneless breast                     5.25                     Boneless roast                               3.25
Ground                              4.25                     Bacon                                        4.25
Patties (4)                         4.50                     Spare ribs                                   4.20
Patties (20)                        4.00                     Ham hocks                                    1.50
Backs                               .50

BEEF                     LBS.       PRICE      TOTAL         LAMB                              LBS.       PRICE       TOTAL
Ground                              3.85                     Ground Lamb                                  4.00
Patties                             4.25                     Leg                                          6.00
Cubed steak                         4.65                     Chops                                        8.00
Sirloin                             4.40                     Shank                                        6.00
Club steak                          6.60                     Shoulder roast                               6.00
Porterhouse                         6.60
Rib steak                           7.70
T-bone                              7.70
Chuck roast                         3.85
Roll round                          3.90
Liver                               1.00
*Ask about whole, half, and quarter beef!
SUB TOTAL                                                    Sub Total
                                                             GRAND TOTAL

         **Prices subject to change.

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