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					ournews4you                                                  March 2007
                                                             Volume 2, Issue 1

    Life in Cairo
    Eight months have already sped            here at the same time we did.
    by. Since our last installment in         We spend time with them almost
    November we’ve had holiday                every weekend. We spent
    parties, winter break from school,        Christmas Day with people from
    Boy Scout camping trips, and              Steve’s office. We had a fabulous
    visitors from the states.                 dinner and a fun white elephant
    Steve had a trip to England for           gift game. We spent New Years
    some training in December. He             Eve at home as a family. We had
    didn’t have much time for touring         a Star Wars movie marathon. Ian
    around, but maybe he’ll get back          fell asleep at about 11:00p. We
    there again.                              woke him up at midnight for
                                              confetti poppers and a toast then
    Our holidays were very different          tucked him into bed.
    than what we are used to, but still
    nice. Since everyone here is far          Julie’s mom and aunt visited for
    from family, those who weren’t            two weeks just after the first of
    traveling home got together often         the year. More about that later.
    over the holidays. We had many            The weather cooled off
    special dinners and parties to            considerably, but is very nice
    attend. We spent Christmas Eve            now.
    at home with friends who we call
    our “Egypt family”. They are a
    couple and their baby who got

    What is Coming Up?
    Julie will be working on finishing her   training for work. Then he’ll be
    Bachelors degree online beginning        taking a temporary duty trip. Julie
    in March. She should have it             and the boys will stay in Egypt and
    finished by the time we leave            continue with the day to day.
                                             We will be taking an R&R trip to
    The boys will have a week and a          Minnesota when school gets out.
    half off from school for spring          Steve will get to stay for almost a
    break. Jake will be camping with         month, but Julie and the boys will
    the Boy Scouts for part of that          be staying for almost two months.
    time. Julie and Ian may tag along        We are all looking forward to seeing
    with some friends to a military base     friends and family, shopping in
    outside of Cairo where villas can be     regular stores and eating in all of
    rented to enjoy some peace and           our favorite restaurants. We are
    quiet.                                   also looking forward to missing
                                             some of the HOT weather here!
    Steve will be going to the States for
    a short time to complete some
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              What Ian Is Up To
              Ian turned eight in January. He         is playing basketball and board
              helped decorate his own cupcakes        games and learning about iMovie.
              to share with his classmates. They
                                                      Ian has earned his Bear badge in
              looked like snowmen since we’re
                                                      cub scouts. He received it at the
              used to seeing snow at this time of
                                                      blue and gold banquet in February.
              year. He had a party at our place
                                                      An interesting difference between
              with some friends from school.
                                                      the banquet here and in the states
              They did a couple of science
                                                      is that we had Marines in
              experiments and made and tested a
                                                      attendance to do the color guard.
              couple of different paper airplane
                                                      They also performed uniform
              designs. Then they ate a cake that
                                                      inspections. What a great
              Ian had decorated to look like a
                                                      experience for the boys! Now he is
              space shuttle.
                                                      working on his boat for the rain
              Ian is doing very well in school. It    gutter regatta.
              is hard to believe the school year is
                                                      Steve, Jake, and Ian got to go
              already two-thirds finished. He is
                                                      horseback riding in the desert.
              still learning Arabic. The school
                                                      Jake’s scout group were going to
              here has some pretty awesome
                                                      take a long ride to a campsite so
              after school activities available.
                                                      Steve decided a practice run would
              Last quarter Ian was able to take
                                                      be a good idea. That was Ian’s first
              beginning tennis lessons, learn how
                                                      time riding a horse. He really
              to create a Powerpoint slide show,
                                                      enjoyed it.
              and learn Origami. This quarter he

              What About Jake?
              Jake became a teenager in January.      females from three age groups,
              He celebrated with a few friends at     both experienced and inexperienced
              our place with a Men In Black double    players. They had a lot of fun
              feature movie night. They had an        collecting data. The science fair is
              intermission between movies for         the middle of March.
              snacks, cake, and ice cream. His
                                                      The 7th grade “field trip” at the end
              cake looked like a bucket of movie
                                                      of October was a big success. They
                                                      flew to Aswan and stayed in a 5-
              Jake is still enjoying Boy Scouts. He   star hotel. They learned about
              has achieved his Second-class rank      sights in the area to support what
              and earned nine merit badges. For       they were learning in class. A little
              the January camping trip the group      different than taking a school bus
              rode horses through the desert from     down to the state capitol! What an
              Giza to Saqqara to get to their         amazing experience.
              campsite. The next camping trip is
                                                     One of Jake’s electives this quarter
              during spring break so they will be
                                                     is a technology class. They get the
              able to stay out for five days. The
                                                     opportunity to learn about a lot of
              scouts will have the opportunity to
                                                     different things. So far he has tried
              work on seven or eight merit badges
                                                     out a flight simulator, created chess
              while they are there.
                                                     pieces with a CNC lathe, and is
              Jake and his friend Autumn have        printing images on mugs and
              been working on a science fair project license plates. There is also a
              since December. They decided to        commercial embroidery machine,
              test how playing video games affects but he’s already seen that in action
              people’s heart rate and blood          at Grandma’s house.
              pressure. They had males and
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                              Reflections from Our First Visitors
                              Julie’s mom left the following note    We walked to the Nile River for a 2-
                              to be included in our next             hour ride on a sailing boat called a
                              newsletter. It should be noted that    falucca. Walks to Road 9 and along
                              the following views expressed are      Khan Al-Kalili, we discovered many
    Mailing Address:          solely the opinion of the author and   treasures to bring home, like
                              not necessarily those of the editor.   Pashminas, shisha pipes, scarabs,
    Unit 64900 Box 4
                                                                     papyrus, glass ornaments, and
    APO AE 09839              “Julie and Steve are wonderful tour
                                                                     jewelry. We toured the Egyptian
                              guides. We saw and did a wide
                                                                     Museum, Muhammad Ali Palace, the
                              range of things in the two weeks we
                                                                     City of the Dead, saw the Sound
                              were here. One word of advice
                                                                     and Light Show after dark at the
                              before coming for a visit – get in
                                                                     Giza Pyramids.
    PHONE #:                  shape and be prepared for climbing
    763-219-1752              a lot of stairs! The only elevators    Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus
                              are at their luxurious 4-bedroom       stopped in a cavern where now
    ***YES - you can
                              apartment.                             there is St. Sergius Church. We
    call us! NO – it is                                              brought up water from a well just
                              We climbed stairs to get up into the
    not an                                                           outside of that cavern.
                              Great Pyramid, up a narrow long
    international call.       passageway, almost on hands and        We tried new foods and new
    It works through          knees, to enter a small room with a    restaurants. We met many of their
    the computer.             sarcophagus. We climbed onto a         friends. They had Egyptian drivers
    We even have              camel for an exciting, wobbly ride.    take the wheel through the erratic
                              We walked to a church carved into      Cairo traffic, and treated us to their
    voicemail. Just
                              the mountain at Mokattam Hills.        humor and local knowledge.
    remember the              There were more stairs to tour the
    time                                                             This just briefly touches on some of
                              Gayer-Anderson Museum and
                                                                     the highlights. Steve, Julie, Jake,
    difference.***            adjoining mosque. Other nearby
                                                                     and Ian made us feel welcome and
                              mosques had rooftops to reach and
                                                                     comfortable. Our days went by so
                              high minarets with eagle’s eye
                                                                     quickly. It will be hard to come
                              views of buildings below.
                                                                     back to the frigid temperatures in
*   Our Website           *                                          Minnesota after enjoying days of
                                                                     60-70 degrees.”
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