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					                                                                                                                                 board books

                                                                       NOW available as a bOard bOOk

                                                                       Robert Munsch
                                                                       Art by Michael Martchenko
                                                                       An Oprah’s Kids Reading List selection now available
                                                                       as a board book.

                                                                       With over half a million copies in print, Mortimer is one of Robert
                                                                       Munsch’s most popular and beloved books. The story of a little boy
                                                                       who refuses to go to sleep has always resonated with young children
                                                                       — and the adults who read to them.

                                                                       Now available as a board book, this modern classic is perfect for even
                                                                       the youngest child. The revised text and child-friendly format make it
                                                                       appropriate for preschoolers, but it retains all the humor of the original
                                                                       story — giggles are guaranteed!
 Annick Press                Ages 2 to 4
                                                                       robert Munsch is one of North America’s best-selling children’s
                             26 pages
 978-1-55451-228-7                                                     authors. Together his books have sold more than 30 million copies and
 board book $6.95                                                      have been translated into over a dozen languages.
                             full-color illustrations
 ctn qty:
                                                                       Michael Martchenko has illustrated more than 40 books for children
 FebruAry                                                              and has exhibited his work throughout North America. He has won
                                                                       awards for design and illustration.

By the same author and illustrator:

                     The Paper bag Princess
                     board book $6.95

                     “Some of the best children’s books ever written
                     have been about girls — like The Paper Bag
                     Princess.” — The New York Times

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                                                  1
PICTUrE books

                                                                    rUTH OHi PiCTUre bOOk series

                                                                   ChiCken, Pig, Cow
                                                                   and the PurPle ProbleM
                                                                   Written and illustrated by Ruth Ohi
                                                                   Who ever heard of a purple cow?

                                                                   How come Cow’s spots are purple when every other cow’s are gray or
                                                                   brown? Fed up with being different, Cow sets out on a quest to change
                                                                   her spots.

                                                                   Thanks to a gravelly walkway, she soon finds lots of gray to cover the
                                                                   purple, and a squirrel in a tree provides plenty of brown by showering
                                                                   Cow with seeds. But when she arrives back home all big and bunchy
                                                                   and lumpy, Chicken and Pig hardly recognize her. When they finally
                                                                   realize it is Cow, they reassure her that she is their friend — purple
                                                                   spots and all.

                                                                   The adorable Chicken, Pig, Cow and Dog are back, and they continue
    Annick Press                   Ages 2 to 5                     to capture the hearts of young readers. The winning combination of
                                   32 pages                        simple text, expressive illustrations and lots of humor makes this a
                                   9×9                             perfect choice for toddlers and beginning readers.
    paperback $6.95
                                   full-color illustrations
    ctn qty:
                                   throughout                      ruth ohi is not only a talented writer and illustrator, she is also a
                                                                   tireless presenter at school and libraries, where she shares with
    library bound $19.95
    ctn qty:                                                       children the secrets of her trade. Ohi lives with her family in Toronto,
                                                                   Ontario. Check out her website at

By the same author:

                           Chicken, Pig, Cow                                            Chicken, Pig, Cow on the Move
                           978-1-55451-156-3                                            978-1-55451-193-8
                           paperback $6.95                                              paperback $6.95
                           978-1-55451-157-0                                            978-1-55451-194-5
                           library bound $19.95                                         library bound $19.95
                           “… perfect for sharing with a group.”
                           — School Library Journal

2                                                                                                              FireFly BookS   Spring 2010
                                                                                                                  PICTUrE books

                                                        how do You read
                                                        to a rabbit?
                                                        Andrea Wayne von Königslöw
                                                        Have you ever tried reading to an alligator?

                                                        Probably not. After all, he would most likely eat your book. How about
                                                        a bat? Maybe that’s not such a good idea either — you’d have to read
                                                        upside down and in the dark!

                                                        Youngsters will laugh out loud at the antics of the 13 animals — and
                                                        the child who tries to read to them — in this delightful picture book.
                                                        From bats to boas and camels to kangaroos, the animals demonstrate
                                                        the many challenges of reading to them: a boa might want to hug you
                                                        a little too tight, and you’d have to jump pretty fast to keep up with a
                                                        kangaroo. All ends well, however, as we see the child reading to his
                                                        parents. Now that’s something easy to do!

                                                        The comical characters and repetitive text make this an ideal book for
                                                        preschoolers, who will be only too happy to come up with a host of
                                                        other animals and the reasons why it would be difficult to read to them.

                                                        andrea wayne von königslöw is the popular author and illustrator of
 Annick Press                Ages 2 to 5
                             32 pages                   several books for young children, including the recently revised, best-
 978-1-55451-231-7                                      selling Toilet Tales. She lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario.
                             8½ × 9 ¾
 paperback $7.95
 ctn qty:                    full-color illustrations
 library bound $19.95
 ctn qty:


By the same author:
                 revised & newly illustrated
                 Toilet Tales                           “. . . sure to bring giggles and smiles to the faces of
                 978-1-55451-131-0                      toilet-ready toddlers.” — Quill & Quire
                 paperback $7.95
                 978-1-55451-132-7                      “A text that will not go out of vogue as long as humans
                 library bound $19.95                   toilet train their young.” — Toronto Star

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                                  3

    inTroDucinG THe MiGHTY MaCHiNes series                                    FireFly books             Ages 4 to 7
                                                                                                        24 pages
Mighty machines in full color for the kids who love them.                     paperback $5.95           9¾ × 10¾
                                                                              ctn qty:                  full color throughout,
                                                                                                        glossary, activities, index
In these four exciting new titles, vivid color photographs of machines
at work jump off the page. Large type describes the machines, their
parts and their uses. Glossaries explain essential terms, and suggested
activities add to the fun. The big format and vibrant designs make the
books perfect for kids to read alone or share with a friend.

With their lively designs and topics that are always a favorite with kids,
these books offer popular subject matter and excellent value.

                                                        Fire truCks and resCue
                                                        Jean Coppendale
                                                        The thrill of the unknown just adds to the excitement of seeing (and
                                                        hearing) a rescue vehicle. This book shows a variety of rescue vehicles
                                                        along with the personnel who work on them, including:

                                                        •	 Ladder trucks at a burning building
                                                        •	 Helicopters dropping water on a forest fire and airlifting a stranded
                                                           dog from a mountain pass
                                                        •	 Airport rescue trucks with special lights and room for passengers
                                                        •	 New York City’s harbor fire boats
                                                        •	 Helicopters and lifeboats rescuing sailors
                                                        •	 Ambulances and air ambulances helping injured drivers
                                                        •	 Police on their way to an emergency by car and helicopter
                                                        •	 A police motorcade escorting a VIP

Fire Trucks and rescue Vehicles 978-1-55407-621-5

                                                        traCtors and FarM
                                                        Jean Coppendale
                                                        Traveling down the highway, kids often see spiderlike harvesters
                                                        and dust-raising tractors working in a field and wonder what these
                                                        extraordinary vehicles are doing. This book shows all kinds of wheeled
                                                        farm equipment at work, including:

                                                        •	 Tractors and their enormous wheels
                                                        •	 Plows
                                                        •	 Seed drills
                                                        •	 Field weeders and crop sprayers
                                                        •	 Vegetable harvesters
                                                        •	 Combine harvesters
                                                        •	 Straw balers
                                                        •	 The sport and fun of a tractor race!

Tractors and Farm Vehicles 978-1-55407-620-8

4                                                                                                 FireFly BookS      Spring 2010

                                                       Jean Coppendale
                                                       Young readers will recognize this fun selection of trucks from their
                                                       everyday life and around their town. Vehicles featured include:

                                                       •	 Pickup trucks and 18-wheelers
                                                       •	 Car-carrying transporters and flatbed trucks
                                                       •	 Road trains and logging trucks
                                                       •	 Dumpers and tippers
                                                       •	 Concrete mixers and crane trucks
                                                       •	 Street cleaners, garbage trucks and snow plows
                                                       •	 Giant-wheeled monster trucks

Trucks 978-1-55407-619-2

                                                       Ian Graham
                                                       Cars are everywhere and we use them everyday. With their bright
                                                       colors, variety of shapes and revving sounds, they are a perennial
                                                       favorite of children. Cars featured in this book include:

                                                       •	 Everyday cars, including hybrids and mini cars
                                                       •	 Sports cars, including convertibles
                                                       •	 Custom-built super cars
                                                       •	 Race cars
                                                       •	 Off-road vehicles
                                                       •	 Luxury cars, with a description of the president’s car

                                                       Jean Coppendale has been involved in children’s book publishing
                                                       for many years, producing, editing and writing both fiction and non-
cars 978-1-55407-627-7
                                                       fiction, including The Great Big Book of Mighty Machines.

                                                       ian graham is the author of many children’s books.

By the same authors:
                  The Great big book of Mighty Machines
                  plastic-laminated hardcover $19.95

FireFly BookS   Spring 2010                                                                                                   5
robErT MUNsCh

                                                                    MunsCh at PlaY
                                                                    Eight Stage Adaptations for Young
                                                                    Plays by Irene N. Watts
                                                                    Original stories by Robert Munsch
                                                                    What’s even better than reading a Robert Munsch story out loud?
                                                                    Acting in one!

                                                                    In this new collection of plays based on the stories of Robert Munsch,
                                                                    experienced playwright Irene N. Watts has adapted eight of his best-
                                                                    loved tales for the stage, classroom or backyard! Complemented by
                                                                    funny, energetic illustrations, including those of long-time Munsch
                                                                    collaborator Michael Martchenko, each story is presented in an
                                                                    accessible theatrical format, making it easy for children to act out their
                                                                    own versions of the adventures of Angela, Elizabeth, Mortimer and

                                                                    These lively, interactive adaptations include suggestions to encourage
                                                                    audience participation, as well as casting ideas that can involve a
                                                                    whole class. Innovative, uncomplicated (and inexpensive!) ideas for
                                                                    props and costumes are also here. The stories included are:

                                                                    •	   50 Below Zero
                                                                    •	   Angela’s Airplane
                                                                    •	   Millicent and the Wind
                                                                    •	   Mortimer
                                                                    •	   Mud Puddle
    Annick Press                Teachers: grades 1 to 4
                                                                    •	   Murmel, Murmel, Murmel
                                80 pages
    978-1-55451-230-0                                               •	   The Paper Bag Princess
    plastic-laminated                                               •	   Stephanie’s Ponytail
                                full-color illustrations
    hardcover $24.95
                                throughout, preface
    ctn qty:                                                        irene n. watts is an award-winning playwright and children’s novelist
                                                                    and educator. Watts is a life member of the Playwrights Guild and lives
    FebruAry                                                        in Vancouver, British Columbia.

         “These wonderful adaptations
         by Irene Watts have been used in
         theaters and classrooms for many
         years and are finally available in
         book form. I am very happy with
         this volume and I congratulate
         Irene on her work.”
         — Robert Munsch

Of related interest:

                        The Munschworks
                        Grand Treasury
                        robert Munsch and Michael kusugak           “. . . a wonderful addition to a public, school or personal library.”
                        illustrated by Michael Martchenko, Hélène   — Resource Links
                        Desputeaux and Vladyana langer krykorka
                        hardcover $45.00

6                                                                                                                                FireFly BookS   Spring 2010

                                                          baCk iN PriNT
                                                          MY arCtiC 1, 2, 3
                                                          Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak
                                                          Illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka
                                                          Celebrate the 10th anniversary of a treasured book.

                                                          From one polar bear walking along the edge of a huge ice floe to
                                                          millions of berries ready for picking, My Arctic 1, 2, 3 takes young
                                                          readers on a counting tour in the Far North. With the rich Arctic
                                                          environment as a background, this classic not only provides small
                                                          children with opportunities to practice their counting skills, it introduces
                                                          them to the extraordinary animals that make the Far North their home.
                                                          Stunning artwork, the author’s memories of life in the Arctic and
                                                          information about many of the featured animals make My Arctic 1, 2, 3
                                                          the perfect book for families to share and cherish. You can count on it!

                                                          Michael arvaarluk kusugak is the author of several books for
                                                          children, including the collaboration with Robert Munsch A Promise is
                                                          a Promise and the award-winning Northern Lights. He lives in Rankin
                                                          Inlet in northern Canada, where he writes full time. Vladyana krykorka
                                                          is a celebrated illustrator of more than 30 books for children. Born and
                                                          raised in Prague, she now lives in Toronto, Ontario.
 Annick Press                Ages 4 to 7
 978-1-55037-504-6           24 pages                     Praise for My Arctic 1, 2, 3:
                             8¼ × 10½
 paperback $7.95
 ctn qty:                    color illustrations          •	 Parent Council’s “Outstanding from a Learning Perspective” Honor
                                                          •	 Ruth Schwartz Award finalist
 978-1-55037-505-3                                        •	 Chickadee magazine Choice selection
 library bound $18.95
 ctn qty:                                                 “Emerging readers will appreciate the easy-to-read, large print . . . A
                                                          unique addition for libraries, particularly those building multicultural or
 FebruAry                                                 Arctic-region collections.”
                                                          — School Library Journal

By the same author:

                      a Promise Is a Promise                               Northern Lights
                      robert Munsch and Michael kusugak                    The soccer Trails
                      illustrated by Vladyana krykorka                     Art by Vladyana krykorka
                      978-1-55037-008-9                                    978-1-55037-338-7
                      paperback $6.95                                      paperback $7.95
                      978-1-55037-009-6                                    978-1-55037-339-4
                      library bound $16.95                                 library bound $16.95

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                                       7

Tracy C. Read
Firefly Books is pleased to present an exciting new nature series produced
especially for young readers who are eager to learn more about the wild animals
they find especially appealing. The books are packed with facts and offer
outstanding value.

Clear text in large type and vivid photographs with explanatory captions describe
the animals’ physical attributes, and storylike narratives about their daily life —
where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, how they communicate, how they
raise their young — present a complete picture of each animal.

                                                       EXPLORING THE WORLD OF
                                                       The facts and fun of life as a fox.

                                                       With their catlike faces, big ears and fluffy tails, foxes appeal to
                                                       youngsters, but children may not know that a fox can smell prey
                                                       deep in the snow and that some can climb trees. Young readers will
                                                       learn about the various fox species, such as red foxes, arctic foxes,
                                                       gray foxes and swift foxes, and they will read about what it would be
                                                       like to be a fox pup. Photographs of adult and young foxes in their
                                                       natural habitats and sidebars with storylike content round out this rich
                                                       portrayal of foxes in the wild.

    FIREFLY BOOKS         Ages 7 to 10
                          28 pages
    paperback $6.95
                          full-color photographs
    Ctn qty:
                          throughout, index
    hardcover $16.95
    Ctn qty:


8                                                                                               FIREFLY BOOKS     SPRING 2010

                                                      exPloring the world oF
                                                      A glimpse inside the daily life of nature’s masked bandits.

                                                      Children find the bandit-masked face and button nose of a raccoon
                                                      irresistibly cute, and catching a glimpse of one in a neighborhood
                                                      tree never fails to excite. Raccoons describes the natural history
                                                      of these cousins of the panda bear and explains how that heritage
                                                      helps them thrive in cities as well as in fields and woodlands. Color
                                                      photographs of adults and kits in urban and natural settings give
                                                      readers the chance to look more closely at these elusive creatures,
                                                      and children will enjoy the amusing descriptions of the raccoon’s
                                                      antics and mischief. But Raccoons also shows youngsters why they
                                                      shouldn’t feed these brazen visitors and that, even though they share
                                                      our cities and towns, raccoons will always be wild animals.

 FireFly books               Ages 7 to 10
                             28 pages
 paperback $6.95
                             full-color photographs
 ctn qty:
                             throughout, index
 hardcover $16.95
 ctn qty:


                                                                              tracy C. read is an editor and writer who
                                                                              has a special interest in nature and the
                                                                              environment. She lives in Kingston, Ontario.

Of related interest:
                  birds a to Z                                            Panda rescue
                  Chris g. earley                                         Dan Bortolotti         “Succinct introductions to the science and
                  photographs by robert McCaw                             978-1-55297-557-2      practice of wildlife conservation . . . written
                  978-1-55407-500-3                                       paperback $9.95        in accessible, lively language and nicely
                  paperback $7.95                                         978-1-55297-598-5      illustrated with exciting color photos.”
                  978-1-55407-554-6                                       library bound $19.95   — Booklist / RBB
                  library bound $19.95

FireFly BookS     Spring 2010                                                                                                                  9

                                              baCk iN PriNT

                                              exPloring the night skY
                                              The Equinox Astronomy Guide for
                                              Terence Dickinson
                                              Illustrated by John Bianchi
                                              “A great star-spotting reference.”
                                              — home education Magazine

                                              Exploring the Night Sky is aimed at novice stargazers anxious to
                                              expand their astronomical repertoire beyond the Big and Little Dippers.
                                              Dickinson has designed a superb introduction to astronomy that is
                                              clear, concise, beautifully illustrated and very “user friendly,” no matter
                                              what the child’s age.

 FireFly books       Ages 10 and up
                     72 pages
                     8¼ × 8¼
 paperback $9.95
                     full-color photographs
 ctn qty:
                     and illustrations

                                              exPloring the skY bY daY
                                              The Equinox Guide to Weather and the
                                              Terence Dickinson
                                              Illustrated by John Bianchi
                                              Winner of the Children’s Roundtable Literature Information Book

                                              Ideal for children, Exploring the Sky by Day offers fascinating insight
                                              into such phenomena as lightning, the 10 types of clouds, storms,
                                              solar halos, sun dogs and sunsets. Brought to life with dozens of
                                              photographs and the color illustrations of John Bianchi, the book
                                              provides an excellent introduction to weather and the atmosphere.

 FireFly books       Ages 10 and up           terence dickinson is a prolific science writer specializing in
                     72 pages                 astronomy. More than one million copies of his books are in print. He
                     8¼ × 8¼                  is the recipient of many national and international science awards,
 paperback $9.95
                     full-color photographs   including the New York Academy of Sciences Book of the Year Award
 ctn qty:
                     and illustrations        and the Royal Canadian Institute’s Sandford Fleming Medal. He lives
 AVAilAble           throughout               near Kingston, Ontario.

10                                                                                      FireFly BookS     Spring 2010

                                                       aniMal snooPs
                                                       The Wondrous World of Wildlife Spies
                                                       Peter Christie
                                                       Meet the furry and fishy detectives of the wild.

                                                       You might not imagine that animals can be highly sophisticated spies
                                                       and snoops, yet nature is filled with them. Scientists are discovering
                                                       that creatures — from bugs to baboons — are experts at watching,
                                                       listening and prying into the lives of other animals. This fascinating
                                                       book investigates how animals use secret-agent skills to find a mate,
                                                       locate food and outsmart predators.

                                                       Young readers can discover how clever male baboons intercept mating
                                                       calls to sneak a secret rendezvous with a female and how whales use
                                                       other whales’ echolocation to zero in on a tasty snack. They’ll also
                                                       learn why knife fish use electricity to cloak themselves from predators
                                                       and how sneaky gray squirrels build fake stashes of food to double-
                                                       cross eavesdropping birds. Whether it’s a rattlesnake ambush or a
                                                       canary cage match, the stakes in wild spy games are always high.

 Annick Press               Ages 9 and up              With colorful illustrations and photos throughout, this book is an
                            72 pages                   entertaining peek into the diverse undercover world of animal spies.
                            8½ × 9½
 paperback $11.95
                            full-color illustrations   Peter Christie is an award-winning science writer and editor whose
 ctn qty:
                            and photos throughout,     work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines. His previous
 978-1-55451-217-1          further reading, index     books include The Curse of Akkad.
 library bound $21.95
 ctn qty:


By the same author:

                  Naturally Wild Musicians                              Well-schooled fish and feathered bandits
                  978-1-55451-097-9                                     978-1-55451-045-0
                  paperback $9.95                                       paperback $9.95
                  978-1-55451-098-6                                     978-1-55451-046-7
                  library bound $19.95                                  library bound $19.95

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                               11

                                     BACK IN PRINT                   All titles are by Didier Boursin

                                                                     Ages 7 to 12
                                                                     64 pages
                                                                     7¾ × 10¼

                                      With their elegant and fascinating folds, these are among the most
                                      innovative origami books available. They are suited for folders of
                                      all ages and skill levels. Thoroughly tested and carefully designed
                                      instructions make it possible for anyone to achieve results on the
                                      first try.

                                      Didier Boursin is a world-renowned origami expert and author who
                                      lives in Paris. Among his books is Advanced Origami: More than 60
                                      Fascinating and Challenging Projects for the Serious Folder.

Easy Origami
$9.95 paperback
$19.95 plastic-laminated hardcover

                                                       Origami Paper Airplanes
                                                       $9.95 paperback
                                                       $19.95 plastic-laminated hardcover

                                     Origami Paper Animals
                                     $9.95 paperback
                                     $19.95 plastic-laminated hardcover

12                                                                                  FIREFLY BOOKS       SPRING 2010

                                                         inTroDucinG THe 50 QUesTiONs series

                                                        50 burning Questions
                                                        A Sizzling History of Fire
                                                        Tanya Lloyd Kyi
                                                        Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

                                                        A red-hot feast of fiery facts — the first book in Annick’s new 50
                                                        Questions series

                                                        If we took the time to examine flames in our world — fires that have
                                                        built civilizations, sparked entire religions and literally changed the
                                                        surface of the Earth — can you imagine how many questions we would
                                                        have? The 50 questions in this book may be just the beginning, but
                                                        they will intrigue and excite young readers.

                                                        From “Who’s for dinner?” (before mastering fire, humans were more
                                                        likely to be prey than predators) to “Who were the first firefighters?”
                                                        (Romans over 2,000 years ago), the amazing questions and answers in
                                                        this book reveal fire’s crucial role in our world.

                                                        With a humorous touch (“Who was the first hairy potter?”), Tanya Lloyd
                                                        Kyi presents fascinating facts alongside innovative activities for kids,
                                                        like sending breath through a glass jar and playing spy games with
 Annick Press                Ages 9 and up              a flashlight. Sidebars turn up the heat on the subject, while comical
                             104 pages
 978-1-55451-220-1                                      illustrations make for a fun and fiery visual presentation.
                             7 × 9½
 paperback $12.95
                             full-color illustrations
 ctn qty:                                               tanya lloyd kyi is the author of numerous popular non-fiction books
                             throughout, activities,
 978-1-55451-221-8                                      for young readers, including Rescues! She lives in Vancouver, British
                             further reading, index
 hardcover $21.95                                       Columbia.
 ctn qty:
                                                        ross kinnaird is an illustrator who has worked in London, England,
 FebruAry                                               Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong. He currently lives in Auckland,
                                                        New Zealand.

By the same author:                                     Of related interest:

             fires!                                                       kaboom!
             978-1-55037-876-4                                            gillian richardson
             paperback $9.95                                              978-1-55451-203-4
             978-1-55037-877-1                                            paperback $12.95
             plastic-laminated hardcover $18.95                           978-1-55451-204-1
                                                                          plastic-laminated hardcover $22.95

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                                13

                                                                jObs iN HisTOrY series
                                                               kings and CarPenters
                                                               One Hundred Bible Land Jobs You
                                                               Might Have Praised or Panned
                                                               Laurie Coulter
                                                               Art by Martha Newbigging
                                                               Ever thought of becoming a water hauler?
                                                               How about a necromancer?

                                                               Life was tough in Old Testament times. People had to cross deserts on
                                                               foot, grow food on parched land and deal with earthquakes, drought
                                                               and disease.

                                                               Had you lived then, you might not have wanted to be a water hauler.
                                                               That would have meant walking for miles with a heavy jar full of
                                                               water on your head. Perfumers had a more pleasant job, concocting
                                                               sweet-smelling fragrances their customers used to mask the smell of
                                                               unwashed bodies — and to keep flies away.

                                                               Other jobs included necromancer (for those who liked to communicate
                                                               with the dead), date picker (not for those afraid of heights) and gold
 Annick Press               Ages 9 to 12                       jewelry maker (people thought they were magicians!).
                            96 pages
                            8¼ × 10½                           A fact-filled introduction, detailed timeline and thorough index make
 paperback $16.95
                            full-color illustrations           this book perfect for research projects, while the humorous illustrations
 ctn qty:
                            throughout, introduction,          and snappy text provide an entertaining read. Kids will look at history in
 978-1-55451-227-0          timeline, further reading,         a whole new way thanks to this unique approach.
 plastic-laminated          index
 hardcover $25.95                                              laurie Coulter is the award-winning author of six children’s books,
 ctn qty:                                                      including Ballplayers and Bonesetters. She divides her time between
                                                               Toronto, Ontario, and her cottage near Algonquin Park. Martha
 FebruAry                                                      newbigging has illustrated all five books in Annick’s Jobs in History
                                                               series. She lives in rural Ontario with her dog and two cats.

In the same series:

                Cowboys and Coffin Makers                                      Pharaohs and foot soldiers
                one Hundred 19th-Century Jobs you Might Have                   one Hundred Ancient egyptian Jobs you Might Have Desired or Dreaded
                Feared or Fancied                                              by kristin Butcher
                by laurie Coulter                                              978-1-55451-170-9
                978-1-55451-067-2                                              paperback $16.95
                paperback $16.95                                               978-1-55451-171-6
                978-1-55451-068-9                                              plastic-laminated hardcover $25.95
                plastic-laminated hardcover $25.95
14                                                                                                             FireFly BookS          Spring 2010

                                                       Polar bears
                                                       Norbert Rosing
                                                       An essential introduction to the North’s most spectacular species.

                                                       Polar Bears brings together acclaimed photographer Norbert Rosing’s
                                                       vibrant images and his firsthand knowledge of the Arctic to chronicle a
                                                       year in the life of the polar bear, the Earth’s largest land predator. The
                                                       book is organized into four sections, spring, summer, fall and winter,
                                                       each with an introductory essay.

                                                       Young readers will learn about tiny newborn cubs, weighing barely
                                                       2 pounds, and see them follow their mother across the frozen tundra,
                                                       playing and learning survival skills as they go. Informative captions
                                                       describe a polar bear’s physical characteristics and how it survives in
                                                       the bitter Arctic. The book also shows the other animals that share the
                                                       Far North’s breathtaking scenery.

                                                       Each year more than 10,000 people travel to remote Churchill,
                                                       Manitoba, to watch and study polar bears, but the Earth’s climate
                                                       is changing, and the bear’s future is in question. At this critical time
                                                       comes Polar Bears, the perfect introduction to the mighty Nanook
                                                       from one of its most impassioned advocates.

 FireFly books                Ages 9 to 12             norbert rosing is a frequent visitor to the coastal region of Hudson
                              56 pages                 Bay near Churchill, Manitoba, where he photographs polar bears. He
 978-1-55407-623-9                                     has received many awards for his work, is a frequent contributor to
                              8 × 10
 paperback $9.95                                       National Geographic magazine and is the author of The World of the
                              full color throughout,
 ctn qty:                                              Polar Bear.
 hardcover $19.95
 ctn qty:


Of related interest:

                  arctic a to Z                                             bears, bears, bears
                  Wayne lynch                                               Wayne lynch
                  978-1-55407-578-2                                         978-1-895565-69-0
                  paperback $7.95                                           paperback $9.95
                  library bound $19.95

FireFly BookS     Spring 2010                                                                                                     15

                                                                revised ediTiON
                                                                dear diarY, i’M Pregnant
                                                                Ten Real Life Stories
                                                                Interviews by Anrenée Englander
                                                                “All teens need to read this book.” — Katherine A. Kelly, RN, BSN,
                                                                CEN, Nursing Director for Emergency Services, Rideout Memorial
                                                                Hospital, California

                                                                “. . . provides a much-needed voice — that of personal experience
                                                                — to the literature on the subject.” — school library Journal

                                                                Chosen by the New York Public Library’s “Books for the Teen Age” list
                                                                and hailed by the Globe and Mail for its “. . . frank, revealing and brave
                                                                conversations,” this is a must-read book for young women looking for
                                                                reassurance that they are not alone.

                                                                In poignant and insightful interviews, Anrenée Englander presents the
                                                                voices of 10 pregnant teens as they discuss their experiences and
                                                                choices around motherhood, adoption and abortion. First published to
                                                                critical acclaim in 1997, this new edition updates the original interviews
                                                                and includes a new introduction and a new resources section.

                                                                Presenting different points of view, Dear Diary, I’m Pregnant is a
                                                                nonjudgmental source of information for all teens that provides support
                                                                and guidance for those who find themselves in this difficult situation.

  Annick Press                   Ages 13 and up                 anrenée englander is interested in women’s health issues, particularly
                                 168 pages                      as to how they affect youth. She canvassed and interviewed teenage
                                 6×9                            girls throughout North America for this award-winning collection of
  paperback $11.95
                                 illustrations throughout,      personal testimonials. Englander currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.
  ctn qty:
                                 preface, introduction,
  978-1-55451-237-9              resources
  hardcover $21.95
  ctn qty:


previous edition: 978-1-55037-440-7

Of related interest:

                The Little black book for Guys                                 The Little black book for Girlz
                St. Stephen’s Community House                                  St. Stephen’s Community House
                978-1-55037-962-4                                              978-1-55037-954-9
                paperback $9.95                                                paperback $9.95

                “purchasing this book would indeed be a smart                  “. . . passionate, open, and honest. . . . Highly recommended for public library
                decision.” — ForeWord                                          teen spaces and progressive high schools.” — VOYA

16                                                                                                                   FireFly BookS            Spring 2010

                                                  FreestYle soCCer
                                                  street MoVes
                                                  Tricks, Stepovers, Passes
                                                  Sean D’Arcy
                                                  A pro freestyler’s guide to soccer’s hottest moves.

                                                  A brief survey of videos of soccer tricks on YouTube reveals the
                                                  enormous popularity of “the beautiful sport” and the jaw-dropping
                                                  talent of its star players. One video of a duel between master tricksters
                                                  Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo has clocked 28 million views.
                                                  Without a doubt, soccer fans are thrilled by the magical moves of the
                                                  sport’s star players.

                                                  Freestyle Soccer Street Moves is freestyler Sean D’Arcy’s guidebook
                                                  for the countless young soccer fans who want to emulate their heroes
                                                  and learn how to master their signature moves.

                                                  The book includes:

                                                  •	 Tricks that range from simple nutmegs to trick passes and
                                                     complicated beat moves
                                                  •	 Over 100 step-by-step color photographs of young players that show
 FireFly books            Ages 11 and up             body positioning clearly
                          128 pages
 978-1-55407-583-6                                •	 Straightforward instructions that break down every step of every trick
 paperback $14.95                                 •	 Sidebars that give tips for and solutions to common problems
                          full color throughout
 ctn qty:                                         •	 “Remix” variations that give players innovative ways to personalize
                                                     their repertoire
                                                  Freestyle Soccer Street Moves shows exactly how to do the tricks
                                                  that every keen fan wants to master.

                                                  sean d’arcy performed soccer tricks at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
                                                  He has also published a DVD called Tricks of the Trade and runs the
                                         website. He is the author of Freestyle Soccer Tricks.

By the same author:                               Of related interest:

                 freestyle soccer Tricks                             soccer skills
                 978-1-55407-404-4                                   Ted Buxton; foreword by gordon Jago
                 paperback $14.95                                    978-1-55209-329-0
                                                                     paperback $16.95

                                                                     “With instructions on proper technique, this book guides you on
                                                                     making the most of your practice time.” — Children’s Digest

FireFly BookS    Spring 2010                                                                                                           17

                                                ThE 2010 WorLd CUP of soCCEr WILL bE CoNTEsTEd
                                                IN soUTh afrICa ThIs JUNE aNd JULy

                                                world CuP oF soCCer
                                                The Complete Guide
                                                Edited by Chris Hunt
                                                For soccer fans of all ages, this is the ultimate guide to the 2010
                                                World Cup.

                                                Bursting with all the action and passion of the world’s most popular
                                                sport — and up-to-date information — this colorfully illustrated
                                                guide to the World Cup was put together by the award-winning
                                                team responsible for Match, one of the world’s best-selling soccer

                                                World Cup of Soccer is a superb guide to the 2010 World Cup,
                                                plus the preliminary and qualifying tournaments. Fans can follow the
                                                competitions on maps that show where and when matches will be
                                                played and check out stadium guides. The expert authors also give the
                                                inside scoop on the players to watch for this year.

                                                Packed with 200 color and vintage photographs and dozens of charts,
 FireFly books       Ages 11 and up             timelines, sidebars and panels, the book’s other features include:
                     192 pages
                     7½ × 8¾                    •	 The origins and significance of the World Cup
 paperback $19.95
                     200 color and black-       •	 A tournament-by-tournament history of the competition
 ctn qty:
                     and-white photographs,     •	 A nation-by-nation guide to the 76 World Cup finalist countries
                     charts, maps, timelines,   •	 Special four-page features on the most successful clubs
                     index                      •	 Biographies of the 40 greatest managers in World Cup history
                                                •	 Biographies of the 100 players who have had the greatest impact on
                                                   the World Cup

                                                World Cup of Soccer is ideal for the fan eager to get the most out of
                                                every match this coming summer.

                                                Chris hunt was managing editor of the soccer weekly Match and is
                                                now a freelance sports journalist. He lives in England.

18                                                                                       FireFly BookS    Spring 2010

                                                                  bMx riding skills
                                                                  The Guide to Flatland Tricks
                                                                  Shek Hon
                                                                  A comprehensive guide to the “king of street sports.”

                                                                  Intense racing, jaw-dropping stunts and freestyle tricks make BMX a
                                                                  favorite among youth. BMX Riding Skills is about the tricks, guiding
                                                                  readers through the maneuvers, techniques, clothing and equipment
                                                                  that add up to competition-worthy skills and a pro street image.

                                                                  Packed with hundreds of illustrations and action photos and written in
                                                                  a laid-back style typical of its audience, the book features:

                                                                  •	 35 of the most popular BMX tricks
                                                                  •	 The origins and culture of BMX
                                                                  •	 Types of BMX riding
                                                                  •	 The rules of this “rule-free” sport
                                                                  •	 Competition and events
                                                                  •	 Types of BMX bikes, materials and components
                                                                  •	 Choosing the right wheels and tires
                                                                  •	 The best in protective equipment and clothing
                                                                  •	 How to avoid injury when falling

                                                                  All of the tricks are described in step-by-step photographs and graded
 FireFly books                  Ages 11 and up                    by difficulty, progressing from basic to intermediate to advanced. There
                                128 pages                         are also valuable tips and visualization techniques used by pro riders to
 978-1-55407-400-6                                                control nerves.
                                7½ × 9½
 paperback $16.95
                                color photographs
 ctn qty:
                                throughout, index,                shek hon has been an avid BMX rider for 26 years, and he has
                                glossary                          performed at and competed in BMX demonstrations. He has also
                                                                  organized, judged and acted as a commentator at BMX events.
                                                                  He has been contributing to BMX publications and media for 14 years.

Of related interest:

                 skateboarding skills                                            The skateboarding field Manual
                 Ben powell                                                      ryan Stutt
                 978-1-55407-360-3                                               978-1-55407-362-7
                 paperback $16.95                                                paperback $19.95
                 “Children and young adults will appreciate the                  978-1-55407-467-9
                 chance to learn the secrets of professional                     plastic-laminated hardcover $29.95
                 moves.” — School Library Journal

FireFly BookS      Spring 2010                                                                                                        19

                                                for aLL ThE CaMP sTaff Who NEEd rEsoUrCEs ThIs sUMMEr

                                                the 175 best CaMP gaMes
                                                A Handbook for Leaders
                                                by Kathleen Fraser, Laura Fraser and Mary Fraser
                                                Illustrations by Bernice Lum
                                                “A treasure trove of games and activities suitable for children
                                                in early-elementary- through upper-middle-school grades . . . .
                                                Clear, easy-to-follow instructions . . . augmented by Lum’s
                                                humorous cartoon illustrations and completed with extra hints
                                                and tips for leaders . . . a great resource.” — kirkus reviews

                                                Games for kids 4 to 16, plus tips on keeping play fun and fair for all

                                                A successful summer camp keeps campers busy and having fun. Here
                                                are the very best camp-tested games for boys and girls aged 4 to 16,
                                                with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful illustrations. The book
                                                includes rainy-day indoor games and lots of outdoor games for small
                                                and large groups. All of the games give every camper an active role in
                                                the fun and require little or no special equipment.

                                                The 175 Best Camp Games also includes advice that will help both
                                                new and experienced leaders:
 bosTon Mills Press   160 pages
                      8½ × 11
 978-1-55046-505-1                              •	 Choose the right game for the situation
                      60 color illustrations,
 paperback $19.95                               •	 Start and end games
                      bibliography, index
 ctn qty:                                       •	 Deal with rule breakers
                                                •	 Modify games for varied abilities
 AVAilAble                                      •	 Assure safety and good supervision

                                                This practical guide is easy to use. The games are divided into five

                                                •	 Break the Ice (Name Dropping, Life Raft)
                                                •	 Take It Easy (Speed Rabbit, Electricity)
                                                •	 Get Them Moving (Soh Koh No, Kitty Wants a Corner)
                                                •	 Run Them Ragged (Pairs Tag, Fox in the Henhouse)
                                                •	 Wet and Wild (Battleship, Sharks and Mermaids)

                                                Though written with camp leaders in mind, the book will appeal also
                                                to youth activity directors, counselors and counselors-in-training,
                                                coaches, Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders, teachers, parents and any
                                                other adult looking for creative group activities for children.

                                                laura and Mary Fraser are accredited teachers who have spent a
                                                combined 16 years as camp leaders and activity program directors.
                                                kathleen Fraser is an editor, writer and the parent of grown camp
                                                leaders. bernice lum is an award-winning artist and illustrator of 40
                                                books, including 3 Little Firefighters, Mighty Maddie and Stuff to Hold
                                                Your Stuff.

20                                                                                       FireFly BookS    Spring 2010

                                                         Stuff That Happens to Define Us
                                                         Edited by Kate Scowen
                                                         Illustrated by Peter Mitchell
                                                         Some things can change you forever.

                                                         This is a book about identity. Everyone remembers the life events that
                                                         shaped their identity. That first love. The first all-out fight with a parent
                                                         or sibling. The feeling of being let down by someone you love. Losing
                                                         something or someone that matters to you. Struggling to fit in. I.D.
                                                         collects 12 first-person accounts about life’s pivotal moments and
                                                         offers each as an incisive graphic narrative.

                                                         Illuminated by Peter Mitchell’s bold, gritty illustrations, these true stories
                                                         tackle the universal experiences from childhood and adolescence
                                                         that stay with us forever. Each anecdote and accompanying reflection
                                                         reveals how individual identity can be shaped by common themes.

                                                         By turns thoughtful, painful, funny and fierce, I.D. powerfully
                                                         demonstrates that what defines us in youth doesn’t have to confine
                                                         us forever.

 Annick Press                Ages 13 and up              kate scowen has worked with teens and families for over 20 years
                             160 pages                   as a youth counselor, the manager of an inner-city youth center and a
                             6×8                         consultant. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and three
 paperback $12.95
                             full-color illustrations    daughters.
 ctn qty:
                             throughout, introduction,
 978-1-55451-225-6           resources                   Peter Mitchell is an award-winning illustrator whose work can be
 hardcover $24.95                                        found in the LA Times, the Boston Globe and the Globe and Mail.
 ctn qty:                                                He lives with his young family in Toronto.


By the same author:
                My kind of sad
                978-1-55037-940-2                        “Highly recommended for school and public libraries.”
                paperback $12.95                         — VOYA
                hardcover $19.95

FireFly BookS     Spring 2010                                                                                                     21
 inTroDucinG THe siNGle vOiCe series            Annick Press is pleased to announce the launch of single Voice,
Melanie Little, Editor                          a groundbreaking and provocative new young-adult fiction series
                                                in which no subject is off limits. These tightly paced stories deliver
                                                blow after powerful blow with their unflinching honesty, original
“There’s an urgency to the stories — they       subject matter and startling twists. Told in the voice of teen
read in one go. Like a punch in the stomach.    narrators at crucial moments in their lives, each story explodes with
In your head. In your heart.”                   the urgency, drama and confusion of adolescence.
— le Vif / l’express
                                                Most importantly, these short yet finely honed literary works will
                                                appeal to both avid and less experienced readers. Each book
                                                consists of two separate but thematically connected stories with
                                                distinct inverted covers in an alluring “flip-book” format.

                                                Under the guiding hand of series editor and award-winning author
                                                Melanie Little (The Apprentice’s Masterpiece, Confidence), the
                                                series is comprised of works from distinguished writers whose
                                                fiction has been recognized internationally.

                                               desCent into Paradise
                                               Vincent Karle

                                               a PlaCe to liVe
                                               Jean-Philippe Blondel
                                               Friendships confront the force of authority in these raw, powerful

                                               When the new kid from Afghanistan is put in Martin’s class, Martin
                                               ridicules his clothes and nicknames him “Taliban.” But the two realize
                                               they have more in common than they thought and unexpectedly
                                               become friends — until a brutal drug bust at school tears them
                                               apart . . . maybe forever. Descent into Paradise confronts the
                                               hypocrisies of Western society and questions whether we aren’t
                                               all just strangers in a foreign land.

                                               When a teenage boy starts making movies of his classmates
                                               kissing, some people think it’s odd. But in A Place to Live, the
                                               aspiring filmmaker’s project turns into a compelling protest against
                                               authoritarianism that could get him kicked out of school, and it also
                                               risks exposing his surprising feelings for his best friend.

                                               These two provocative tales reveal the consequences of standing up
                                               for yourself — and for your friends.

                                               Vincent karle is an author, poet and journalist who lives in the French
                                               Alps. His first novel was published in 2006. Jean-Philippe blondel is
                                               the author of numerous novels for adults and young adults. He lives in

                                                Annick Press             Ages 14 and up
                                                                         168 pages
                                                                         4¾ × 7
                                                paperback $9.95
                                                ctn qty:
                                                hardcover $19.95
                                                ctn qty:


22                                                                                        FireFly BookS   Spring 2010

                              Just Julie
                              Nadia Xerri-L.

                              i aM not eMManuelle
                              Carine Tardieu
                              Two heart-wrenching tales of sibling secrets, loyalty and loss.

                              Julie’s idolized older brother is about to be tried for murder, but she
                              can’t bring herself to go to court; she knows more about the crime
                              than she wants to reveal. As she probes her brother’s silence — and
                              the mystery of the missing murder weapon — she must make difficult
                              choices. Just Julie is the story of one girl’s struggle to make the most
                              fateful decision of her life, and the surprising result.

                              In I Am Not Emmanuelle, stealing a pack of gum launches 13-year-old
                              Adele into a caustic, funny and poignant monologue about what she
                              sees as her flaws: her bushy eyebrows, her lack of generosity and the
                              scars on her earlobes that she picks until they bleed. But what bothers
                              her most is that she’ll never measure up to her perfect sister, who died
                              — and Adele can’t shake the feeling that her parents wish she had died

                              This powerful pair of stories explores the teen psyche with unflinching

                              nadia xerri-l. is an author, playwright and theater director.

                              Carine tardieu is an author, screenwriter and film director.

                               Annick Press             Ages 14 and up
                                                        144 pages
                                                        4¾ × 7
                               paperback $9.95
                               ctn qty:
                               hardcover $19.95
                               ctn qty:


FireFly BookS   Spring 2010                                                                        23

          nothing but Your skin
          Cathy Ytak

          the Pool was eMPtY
          Gilles Abier
          Two fearless explorations of the depths of teenage passion.

          Louella hates her name, is obsessed with colors and yells herself
          hoarse when she gets upset. People call her “slow,” but Lou knows one
          thing for sure: she wants to be with her boyfriend — no matter what
          her parents or doctors think. Poignantly and sensitively told, Nothing
          but Your Skin chronicles the aftermath of a mentally challenged girl’s
          decision to have sex.

          In The Pool Was Empty, 16-year-old Celia’s boyfriend, Alex, dies after
          falling into an empty swimming pool — and his mother accuses Celia
          of his murder. As Celia tries to clear her name and move on from her
          devastating loss, she reveals that the shocking events of that fateful
          day may not be what they seem.

          The intensity of first love is laid bare in these strikingly emotional

          Cathy Ytak has written books for children, adults and young adults.
          She divides her time between Paris and a small village in eastern

          gilles abier is an author, actor and theater director who has lived in
          London, Manchester and Paris. He has written novels for both adults
          and young adults.

           Annick Press               Ages 14 and up
                                      168 pages
                                      4¾ × 7
           paperback $9.95
           ctn qty:
           hardcover $19.95
           ctn qty:


24                                                     FireFly BookS    Spring 2010
                                                                                        baCkLIsT hIGhLIGhTs

                books about the aFriCan exPerienCe
     h “Haunting . . . the drama                                           h “A hard-hitting
     of betrayal is riveting.”                                             eyeopening novel.”
     — booklist                                                            — school library Journal

                                   shadow of the Leopard
                                   by Henning Mankell
                                   Ages 14 and up
                                   240 pages · 5 × 7½
                                   978-1-55451-199-0 $10.95
                                   978-1-55451-200-3 $19.95
                                   plastic-laminated hardcover
                                   with jacket

                                                secrets in the fire
                                                by Henning Mankell
                                                translated by
                                                Anne connie stuksrud
                                                Ages 10 and up
                                                176 pages · 5 × 7½
                                                978-1-55037-800-9 $10.95
                                                978-1-55037-801-6 $17.95

     “Crucial and broadly                                                  “[Mariatu’s] narrative is
     relevant.”                                                            honest, raw, and powerful.”
     — booklist                                                            — library Journal

                                   Chanda’s secrets
                                   by Allan stratton
                                   Ages 14 and up
                                   200 pages · 5 × 7½
                                   978-1-55037-834-4 $11.95
                                   978-1-55037-835-1 $19.95

                                                The bite of the Mango
                                                by Mariatu kamara with
                                                susan Mcclelland
                                                foreword by ishmael beah
                                                Ages 14 and up
                                                224 pages · 5½ × 8½
                                                978-1-55451-158-7 $12.95
                                                978-1-55451-159-4 $24.95
                                                hardcover with jacket

FireFly BookS   Spring 2010                                                                             25

                                               BACK IN PRINT IN TIME FOR BACK TO SCHOOL

                                               SCHOOL YEAR CHRONICLES
                                               The Best of In-School and After-School
                                               Dania Lebovics
                                               Illustrations by Lam Quach
                                               A fun and interactive way to record your child’s school years.

                                               When completed, School Year Chronicles becomes a child’s own
                                               personalized yearbook. The roomy notebook format provides the
                                               perfect spot to collect all those mementos, keepsakes and memories
                                               from nursery school to fifth grade. The creative pages guide
                                               and motivate the child and parent(s) to record details that would
                                               otherwise be forgotten and lost forever.

                                               The book is specially designed to be completed first by the parents
                                               and then later by the child, as his or her writing skills develop. Clear
                                               plastic sleeves are included — great for collecting those special
 KIDDY CHRONICLES        64 pages              souvenirs.
                         11 × 11¾
                         color illustrations   School Year Chronicles is organized to keep or record:
 hardcover, loose-leaf
 ring binder
 $19.95                                        •   Report cards, class pictures and school highlights
 Ctn qty:                                      •   Diplomas and other records of achievement
                                               •   Details of after-school activities
 AVAILABLE                                     •   Mementos of birthday celebrations
                                               •   Holiday photos
                                               •   Memories of summer vacations
                                               •   Medical history
                                               •   And more

                                               A signature sheet is provided to capture a child’s handwriting
                                               development, and a special page for recording the signs-of-the-time
                                               captures current trends and fads.

                                               School Year Chronicles is ideal for busy children and their parents.

                                               Dania Lebovics is the mother of three young children and created
                                               this second book to meet the demand from the thousands of families
                                               who used her Baby Chronicles and wanted a book to record all the
                                               steps their children were taking through the early school years.

26                                                                                        FIREFLY BOOKS     SPRING 2010

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