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Children of all ages need to know about how to behave
responsibly on public and school transport, and children in P7
are no exception. Although, at the top end of primary school we
tend to think of them as being able to behave responsibly, it is
important to reinforce this safety message, as when together in
a group, children can forget the basic safety rules.

Teachers are ideally placed to reinforce the travel safety
message, especially in relation to the journey to and from school
as well as when the children are out and about with their friends
or on a school outing.

‘Translink’ have a wealth of resources for teachers and pupils in
relation to bus safety. For a copy of their pack and Travel Safe
DVD please contact the marketing department in Central Station,
Belfast, which is free to all teachers.

‘Translink’ also have a number of leaflets which outline bus
safety issues and the following safety rules have been taken
from their leaflet: ‘Bus Rules for Safety:’

1. Signal. Let the driver know you want on the bus.
2. Stand back from the kerb when the bus approaches.
3. Wait for the bus to stop & always let passengers off first.
4. Never distract the driver.
5. Don’t push or shove.
6. Store your bags safely.
7. Stand behind the driver when waiting to get off the bus.
8. Never walk in front or behind a bus as the driver has
   restricted view and might not see you.
9. Give your seat up for the elderly & disabled.
10.Always wear your seatbelt where there is one provided.
It also enforces the following safety messages:

   Respect other passengers

   Say no to stones

   Don’t graffiti buses

   CCTV is in operation on all buses

   When using the bus – follow the rules & travel safe.

           For further information contact Translink:

      Telephone: 028 90 66 66 30 or www.translink.co.uk

‘Translink’ also have a specialist safety bus staffed with two
education safety officers who travel around schools and present
an excellent bus safety programme to primary and post primary
pupils. The bus and officers also attend a number of the Bee
Safe events around Northern Ireland as well as other events.

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