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newspaper-advertising-34 by marcusjames


									When starting a new company or trying to build an existing company, you
are constantly thinking of ways to maximize advertising. Cost and
distribution are always a concern, and one of the most economical and
useful method of advertising is newspaper advertising.

Newspaper advertising offers a variety of options for companies. For the
first time advertiser with a lower advertising budget trying to build a
business, there are smaller classified ads or quarter page ads in black
and white. These ads are generally inexpensive but are usually read by a
variety of people. For the larger advertiser with more of an advertising
budget, newspaper advertising offers half page ads or full page ads in
color that make a large statement that is hard to miss.   These types of
ads can cost quite a bit of money but are most often read by newspaper
readers. Often if a company signs on to do an extended number of ads
there is a price break, which is quite beneficial to those looking to do
ongoing advertising.

Some say that newspaper advertising is going by the wayside because of
people getting their news from new technology like the internet.
However, some newspapers do offer their articles online as well as in
print, and many will include the advertisements. Therefore, you will not
only be advertising in the newspaper but will also be listed online as
well. This may be reflected in pricing, but it is something to consider
taking advantage of.

Newspaper advertising does have large advantages that will never go away.
A newspaper has several sections, and many times subscribers do not read
each of the sections. Some will read sports exclusively, some will read
only arts and living, and there are some that will read the entire paper.
Because of this phenomenon, you can choose which section of the paper you
would like to advertise in to reach your target demographic. For
instance, if you are a sporting goods store you would be best suited to
advertise in the sports section. If you are a spa, you would be best
suited for arts and living or even the business section to target those
in high stress positions looking for a relaxing release.

If you are looking to advertise to either build or sustain a business,
newspaper advertising is a good source to reach a large variety of people
for a relatively small amount of advertising dollars.

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