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                                                        2010 Faith festival dates
          E ngland
                                                    This calendar has been produced by the East of England Faiths
          Faiths                                    Council based on information from representatives of the nine faiths
          Council                                   currently in membership. The faiths involved have selected the dates
                                                    and other information they wish to share, with the purpose of
                                                    assisting the planning of meetings and consultations. The practice of
                                                    no-work days varies within faiths and from culture to culture, below
                                                    are some basic guidelines.

The East of England Faiths Council has been for med to facilitate the faiths of the reg ion in making
input to reg ional strategy and issues, and to act as a contact point for reg ional gover nance and other
public bodies. It is the nominating body for the faiths representative on the East of England
Reg ional Assembly.

     Baha’i                                                           Islam
Commerce is suspended on the following days:                    Believers are expected to observe sacred days of
Festival of Ridvan (holy days are 21 Apr il, 29                 Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. Fr iday is the day for
Apr il, 2 May), Naw Ruz, Birth of Bab,                          services of prayer and instruction — usually at
Declaration of Bab, Martyrdom of Bab, Birth of                  about noon. The beginning of each Islamic
Baha’u’llah, and Ascension of Baha’u’llah.                      month is subject to confirmation of successful
                                                                sighting of the new moon.
The nearest Sunday to each of the five main                            Judaism
festivals is a no-work day. Differing Buddhist tra-
                                                                No work is to be done on the Shabbat, which
ditions may use alter native dayes to those wown
                                                                begins at dusk on Fr iday and ends after dark on
                                                                Saturday, or on major holidays, which begin at
                                                                dusk the evening before and end after dark on
     Christian                                                  the day. The major holidays are the first two and
Good Fr iday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day                   last two days of Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh
are no-work days. Sunday is the most important                  Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first two days of
day for worship; acts of worship can also take                  Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah.
place on other days of the week.
                                                                There are no specific no-work days, but most
Most Hindus will make the following a no-work                   Sikhs will take a day off on the birthday of Guru
day: Janmashtami (2 September); Diwali (5                       Nanak (21 November).
November); and Hindu New Year (6

JANUARY 2010                                                     FEBRUARY 2010
 5        Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh        Sikh               8     Par inirvana – Nirvana Day               Buddhist
 6        Epiphany                         Christian             12     Mahashivratr i                             Hindu
14        Losar                            Buddhist              14     Losar (3 days)                           Buddhist
14        Makar Sankrant                     Hindu               15     Nirvana Day (alter native date)          Buddhist
14        Maghi                                Sikh              17     Ash Wednesday                           Christian
17        World Religion Day                                     17     Lent                                    Christian
19        Shahrevar roj Parab             Zoroastrian            25     Fast of Esther                             Jewish
                                                                 26     Milad un Nabi (Prophet’s Birthday)          Islam
20        Vasant Panchami                     Hindu
                                                                 26 –Mar 1 Intercalary Days (Preparation for Fast) Baha’i
27        Holocaust Memorial Day
                                                                 28     Pur im                                     Jewish
30        Magha Puja                        Buddhist
30        Mahayana New Year                 Buddhist             MARCH 2010
30        Tu Bishvat                          Jewish              1      Sushan Purim                              Jewish
30        Jashn-e Sadeh                   Zoroastrian             1      Holi                                      Hindu
31        Birthday of Guru Har Rai              Sikh              1      Hola Mohalla (3 days)                       Sikh
 2      Meher roj Parab                          Zoroastrian    19       Qadimi Navroze                    Zoroastrian
 2 – 20 Fasting Per iod                              Baha’i     20       Tisha B’Av                            Jewish
 3      Milad un Nabi (Shia)                           Islam    23       Birthday of Guru Har Krishen            Sikh
 8      Aadinath Jayanti                                 Jain   24       Khordad Sal (Qadimi)              Zoroastrian
14      Mother ing Sunday                          Christian    26       Asala – Dhar ma Day                 Buddhist
16      Bikarami Samvat – Varsha Pratipada            Hindu     26       Lailatul-Bara’at                       Islam
20      Hamaspathmaedaya                         Zoroastrian
                                                                AUGUST 2010
21      Naw-Ruz (New Year)                           Baha’i
21      Jamsheedi NoRuz                          Zoroastrian     9 –18   Muktads                           Zoroastrian
24      Rama Navami                                   Hindu     11       Ramadan (start)                        Islam
24      Swaminarayan Jayanti                          Hindu     15       Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
26      Ava roj Parab                            Zoroastrian               Christian
26      Khordad Sal                              Zoroastrian    19       Shahenshai Navroze                Zoroastrian
28      Palm Sunday                                Christian    24       Raksha Bandhan                        Hindu
28      Mahavira Jayanti                                 Jain   24       Khordad Sal                       Zoroastrian
29      First night of Passover (Fast of the Firstbor n)        SEPTEMBER 2010
30 – 31 First and Second Day of Pesach (Passover) Jewish         2       Janmashtami (Krishna Janma)           Hindu
30      Theravada New Year                         Buddhist      5       Lailatul-Qadr                          Islam
30      Hanuman Jayanti                               Hindu      5       Digambara Paryushan (10 days)            Jain
30      Magha Puja (Sangha Day)                  Ther Budd       6       Fravardin roj Parab               Zoroastrian
                                                                 9 –10   Rosh Hashanah                         Jewish
APRIL 2010                                                      10       Eid-Ul-Fitr (End of Ramadan)           Islam
                                                                11       Ganesh Chaturthi                      Hindu
 1–4    Intermediate Days of Pesach               Jewish
                                                                12       Fast of Gedaliah                      Jewish
 1      Maundy Thursday                        Christian
                                                                18       Yom Kippur                            Jewish
 2      Good Fr iday                           Christian
                                                                20       Ardibehest roj Parab              Zoroastrian
 4      Easter Sunday                          Christian
                                                                23 –24   First and Second Days of Sukkot       Jewish
 5–6    Seventh and Eighth Days of Pesach (Passover)
           Jewish                                               25 –29   Intermediate Days of Sukkot           Jewish
 9      Chaitr i Poonam – Patta Darsham              Jain       30       Shemini Atzeret                       Jewish
12      Yom Hashoah                               Jewish        OCTOBER 2010
13      Vaisakhi (Baisakhi)                         Sikh
                                                                 1       Simchat Torah                         Jewish
14      Birthday of Guru Nanak                      Sikh
                                                                 1       Jashn-e Mehergan                  Zoroastrian
17      Akhatr ij (Akshay Tr itiya)                  Jain
                                                                 8       Navaratr i (9 nights)                 Hindu
18      Yom HaZikaron                             Jewish
                                                                 9       Birthday of Guru Ram Das                Sikh
18      Birthday of Guru Angad Dev                  Sikh
                                                                14       Saraswati Puja                        Hindu
18      Birthday of Guru Tegh Bahadur               Sikh
                                                                17       Dussera                               Hindu
19 – 20 Yom Ha’Atzma’ut                           Jewish
                                                                20       Birth of the Bab                      Baha’i
21      First Day of Ridvan (12 day Festival)     Baha’i
                                                                20       Guru Granth Sahibji                     Sikh
24      Adar roj Parab                        Zoroastrian
                                                                23       Khordad roj Parab                 Zoroastrian
28 – May 1 Theravada New Year              Ther Buddhist
29      Ninth Day of Ridvan                       Baha’i        NOVEMBER 2010
                                                                 1       All Saints’ Day                 Christian
MAY 2010                                                         2       All Souls’ Day                  Christian
 2        Last Day of Ridvan                         Baha’i      5       Diwali                             Hindu
 2        Lag B’Omer                                 Jewish      5       Diwali                                Jain
 2        Birthday of Guru Arjan Dev                   Sikh      5       Diwali                               Sikh
12        Yom Yerushalayim                           Jewish      6       New Year Day                       Hindu
13        Ascension of Christ                     Christian      7       New Year Day                          Jain
16        Dae Mah Roj Hormazd                    Zoroastrian    10       Gyan-Panchami (Laabh Pancham)         Jain
19 – 20   Shavuot                                    Jewish     12       Birth of Baha’u’llah               Baha’i
22        Shantinath Jayanti                            Jain    15       Hajj                                Islam
23        Declaration of the Bab                     Baha’i     16       Eid-Ul-Adha                         Islam
23        Pentecost – Whit Sunday                 Christian     21       Kartiki Poonam – Patta Darsham        Jain
23        Birthday of Guru Amar Das                    Sikh     21       Birthday of Guru Nanak               Sikh
26        Zarthosht-no-Diso                      Zoroastrian    24       Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur       Sikh
27        Vesak or Buddha Day                      Buddhist     26       Day of the Covenant                Baha’i
29        Ascension of Baha’u’llah                   Baha’i     28       Ascension of Abdu’l-Baha           Baha’i
30        Tr inity Sunday                         Christian     28       Advent Sunday                   Christian
                                                                29       Tir roj Parab                  Zoroastrian
JUNE 2010                                                       DECEMBER 2010
16        Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev                  Sikh      2       First Day of Hanukkah                 Jewish
16        Bahman roj Parab                       Zoroastrian     7       Al-Hijira (Islamic New Year)           Islam
29        Fast of Tammuz                             Jewish      8       Bodhi Day                           Buddhist
                                                                11       Parchvanath Jayanti                      Jain
JULY 2010                                                       16       Ashura                                 Islam
 1        Jashn-e Tirgan                         Zoroastrian    17       Fast of Ten of Tevet                  Jewish
 5        Birthday of Guru Hargobind                   Sikh     20       Shab-e Yalda                      Zoroastrian
 8        Lailat al Miraj                             Islam     23       Amardad Parab                     Zoroastrian
 9        Martyrdom of the Bab                       Baha’i     25       Chr istmas Day                     Christian
19        Aspandar mad roj Parab                 Zoroastrian    26       Zarthost-no-Diso                  Zoroastrian

This calendar is produced by the East of England Faiths Council — the regional voice of the faith
communities — Unit 37, St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Rd, Cambr idge CB4 0WS, tel: 01223
421606, fax: 01223 421839, email:, web site:

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