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									Supercomputing Past, Present and Future
Dr. Steve Scott, Chief Technology Officer, Cray Inc.

           March 10th ARRC Auditorium 4pm-5pm
Dr Scott is highly respected in high performance computing circles and his seminar will focus on:
   • Cray's vision for HPC - where are we going?
   • Challenges facing "break through" research
   • Trends in the various market places (including Oil and Gas and Mining Ore body discovery)
   • The Cray XD1 and Cray XT3 products

                          He has been at Cray Inc. since 1992 (originally with Cray Research and SGI).

                          Steve was one of the architects of the groundbreaking Cray T3E multiprocessor,
                          and was the chief archtiect of the GigaRing system area network. More recently,
                          Steve was the chief architect of the Cray X1 scalable vector supercomputer, and is
                          currently the chief architect for the integrated infrastructure that will drive Cray’s
                          next generation of supercomputer, an infrastructure which combines high
                          performance scalar, vector, and other processing capabilities in a common
                          technology platform. Steve is also a Principle Investigator for the Cray Cascade
                          project, which is part of the DARPA High Productivity Computing
                          Systems program targeting trans-petaflop systems in the 2010 timeframe.

                    Steve received his PhD in computer architecture from the University of Wisconsin,
      Madison in 1992, where he was a Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and Hertz
      Foundation Fellow. He holds fourteen US patents, has served on numerous program
      committees, and has served as an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on
      Parallel and Distributed Systems.

      He is a noted expert in high performance computer architecture and interconnection networks.

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