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The World’s Largest Dedicated Digital Film Festival Launches New DVD Series

Title: onedotzero_select dvd 1
RRP: £17.99
Outlets: all good retail outlets, independent music stores and select bookshops
Distributor: Vital UK Ltd UK and EIRE
Catalogue number: odzdvd001
Release date: 5th May 2003
Avaliable from Larger HMV , Virgin & Sanity stores nationwide.
All FOPP Stores nationwide.

Top London Independents;
Rough Trade
Beggars Banquet
Sister Ray

Indie stores outside of London:

Avalanche - Glasgow & Edinburgh
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Reveal - Derby
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onedotzero, the events and production company which pioneers development in digital film and
moving image, releases its first collection of shorts on its own onedotzero label.

The DVD series brings together the world’s best and most innovative talent in filmmaking, music
video, motion graphics and club visuals. Featuring a collection of rare gems and recent
masterpieces along with award winning short films from past festivals, the DVD also features music
by Plaid, FC Kahuna, Prefuse 73 and exclusive shorts by Shynola and Tim Hope. The first DVD has
already proven a hit in Japan where it has sold-out, and is currently going to a second print run.

Already established at the forefront of digital film through its internationally renowned annual
festival and its notable Channel 4 television series, onedottv, onedotzero is highly regarded across
the globe by directors, animators and designers as being at the forefront of future film. In
recognition of this, onedotzero was named by Screen International as one of the Top Ten
Visionary’s in UK film, breaking new ground along with Mike Figgis, Tony and Ridley Scott and Lynne
Ramsey. The DVD marks seven years of innovation from onedotzero, confirming its position as the
authoritative organisation championing the work of the next generation of directors.

The release of the DVD will precede onedotzero7, the largest dedicated digital film festival in the
world, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (16 – 25 May).

DVD includes:
The future of moving image, these films push digital tools to their most progressive limit from Flash
to CG, live action to motion graphics.

unit9: full moon safari
(Directed by Ben Hibon, Creative Director of Unit9)

adventures in moving image
212c curtain house 134-146 curtain road london ec2a 3ar t 020 7729 0072 f 020 7729 0057 e info
A skilful, twisted flash animation from the dark side. A hungry werewolf on the prowl with a hushed
highway as his stomping ground. Full Moon Safari was short-listed for the 2002 New York Flash
Forward Festival, and picked up Best Flash Animation at the 2002 OFFF in Barcelona.

Lynnfox: Hayling / music: FC Kahuna
A superb, stand out previously unreleased promo that pushes and cultivates a rich organic look
pulsating with sublime aquatic imaginings. An underwater love story, a music video for the band FC
Kahuna on London’s City Rockers record label. A pre-cursor to the new Bjork promo by Lynnfox.

Richard Fenwick: RND #24 Artificial Worlds + RND #06 Underworld
The RND series is about human interactions with technology. Underworld examines the data
hungry, peer-to-peer ubiquity of our communications-era world, revealing the manic byte-driven
underside of a tranquil suburb. In Artificial Worlds, the rural idyll of the past is disassembled into
the digital fragments of the present.

Run Wrake: What is that?
A work in progress preview to what will eventually be a 10-15 minute short from long time animation
talent famed for his Howie B collaborations. Made during the snatches of time between jobs, with the
music as starting point to Wrake's surreal universe.

Tim Hope: Jubilee Line
A highly distinctive and undoubtedly London based short that works beautifully with the addition of
an almost fashion catwalk from designer, Shelley Fox’s collection.

Jake Knight: Salaryman 6
A modern tale of the day and life of a salaryman. Shot in Tokyo, it boasts exceptional footage of
everyday vistas of this metropolis. The mundane and repetitive routine is shown in detail as he
attempts to piece together his life using the aid of a pocket camera after losing his memory.
Commissioned and produced by onedotzero and winner of Best Short Film in the Rushes Soho
Short Film Festival and second prize at the London Film Festival’s Turner Classic Movies Short
Film Award 2002.

Andy Martin: Beyonder
onedotzero regular Martin has deliberately moved his illustrative style on from formal moving
exercises of his distinct illustrations, to evocative waking dreams. Martin’s full repertoire of work
from illustration to sculpture comes through in this piece.

Le Cabinet: Streets
A onedotzero commission for onedottv, Streets is standout piece exploring the fragile trajectories
of the brittle skies and streets of our endangered cityscapes.

Twenty2product: Reunion / music: Sohichiro Suzuki
Reunion is a short personal film commissioned by onedotzero for onedottv. It uses beautiful old
16mm home movie footage from cinematographer Norman Nolson to evoke magical childhood

Shynola: The Littlest Robo
The Littlest Robo captures the daily experience of a lonely boy isolated from his father in a
desolate landscape. A rare chance to catch their work in a pure form, a foretaste to the success of
Shynola’s outstanding music video work, premiered at onedotzero.

The Light Surgeons: The Wildman of New York
A special remix from the Light Surgeons spectacular live mixed media performance, APB - All
Points Between. The critically acclaimed event has developed through the surgeons
experimentation’s over the years and forms a unique narrative based performance that is part film,
part theatre, part club experience. It uses original visual and sonic material recorded by the
surgeons that is cut, layered, and fused on stage to create an exploded widescreen documentary.
Original music in this segment is by Scanone.
D-fuse: Endeka / music: Fluid
Travelling beyond visual electronica as the D-fuse collective delve into hypnotically abstract
imagery for Fluid’s track, Endeka. Musically-synched, graphically-bold repetition for the digital age
in a remarkable music promo for the UK’s No Bones record label.

Mitget: Half of What: Prefuse 73
Mitget are Paris based designers Cedric Perrier and Naomi Tamura. Their graphic studio was
pressed into service after winning the Warp/Creative Review competition. They created the viceo
for this Prefuse 73 track, Half of What, for the UK electronic label Warp.

Pleix Collective: Itsu: Plaid
A wry and intelligent take on mass production, greed and corruption with a great sense of fun –
pork has never looked so appealing in this live action and graphic mix piece from Warp.

Tomato: Alphabet
An original piece of motion graphic history from seminal design collective Tomato. It is a layered
and sensuous visual poem with symphonic musical accompaniment. An evocative expression of a
world made of light and words.


Notes to editors:
• ‘ onedotzero’ is always written in lower case letters and always as one word.
• To interview onedotzero or the DVD contributors, please contact the onedotzero press office
    as below.
• Full DVD contributor’s biographies are available from the onedotzero press office.
• For further onedotzero7 festival information please contact the press office as below.

Press office:
Cliff Joannou / Lindsay Edmunds
telephone: 020 7729 9353
fax: 020 7729 0057

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