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                   Human Services Allocations Committee

The Human Services Allocations Committee is a citizen group, appointed by the
Board of County Commissioners (BCC), whose purpose is to review funding
requests from non-profit organizations that provide needed services to low-
income Flagler County residents and make funding recommendations to the
BCC. The Director of Community Services provides administrative support and
acts as staff advisor to the Committee.

                          Application Review Guidelines

The Committee has the option to review application packets, conduct interviews,
make site visits and/or request additional written documentation, as deemed
necessary. Agencies that wish to have an interview with the Committee must
submit a request with their application. Only completed applications that are
submitted by the deadline date will be considered.

Two primary concerns of the Committee in evaluating funding applications will
be; 1) to determine if a necessary service is being proposed in the request, and
2) to assess an agency’s delivery capabilities. The determination of service need
will be based on information made available to the Committee either in the
funding request or from any other reliable source. In assessing an agency’s
capability to deliver a service, the Committee will examine eight (8) basic
components of the agency’s operation, to include:

   1)     history of effective service delivery
   2)     ability to demonstrate the need for the proposed service
   3)     demonstrated appropriate programmatic effectiveness
   4)     demonstrated sound management practices
   5)     qualifications and capabilities of paid staff and volunteers to provide
          proposed service
   6)     fiscal soundness
   7)     board support and activity
   8)     planning capabilities

County funds will not be allocated to provide start-up funds to a new agency.
Only those requests that demonstrate a high ranking in the aforementioned
review components will be considered for funding.

The Committee’s work will be completed in such a time period as required for
their recommendations to be included in the Community Services budget
proposal, which is due in April. Agencies will be informed in writing of their
recommended grant amount in April.

                                Appeals Process

Appeals that will be considered by the Committee will be limited to whether
the established review process was properly followed. The Committee will
not entertain appeals regarding dissatisfaction with recommended grant

Agencies that wish to appeal the application review process will have the
opportunity to submit their appeal in writing prior to the final adoption of the
budget by the Board of County Commissioners, which is scheduled each year in

Appeals must be presented in writing to the Director of Community Services
within twenty (20) business days of receiving funding notification and must
include a statement explaining why the agency feels the Committee review
process was not properly followed.

A majority vote of the Committee will determine whether the appeal merits
consideration. If the appeal is deemed to be valid and appropriate, an appeal
meeting with the Committee and the applicant will be scheduled.

Adopted 12/7/04
Flagler County Board of County Commissioners