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					                Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

              STRATEGIC PLAN
                 2005 ~ 2010

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                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

                      Executive Summary

Burley Griffin Canoe Club (BGCC) is a respected canoe club around Australia, which

strives to be the best. It has a strong and well-supported member base that is growing, as

the local community becomes aware of their presence.               The BGCC provides many

products and services and supports the paddling disciplines of marathon, canoe polo,

sprint, touring (river and lake), and slalom/whitewater.

In order to achieve the vision and mission of the club, a set of Key Result Areas (KRA)

has been established.     The KRAs are Membership, Competition/Events, Coaching/

Officiating/Skill Development, Publicity and Promotion, Management, and Environment

Preservation. Each KRA is broken down into goal, objective, strategies and performance


Contingencies have been identified to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place

to correct problems as they arise.

One important aspect of any organisation is how they evaluate themselves. At the BGCC

a detailed evaluation strategy is implemented throughout the club year.          There are

specific evaluations of each KRA through the use of a checklist and also a general

evaluation every six months.

             Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010


Introduction                                                          4
Organisation/Management structure                                     5

SWOT Analysis                                                         6

Vision                                                                7

Mission Statement                                                     7

Key Result Areas (KRA’S)                                              8

 Membership                                                           9
 Competition/Events                                                   10-11
 Coaching, Officiating & Skill Development                            12
 Management                                                           13-14
 Publicity & Promotions                                               15
 Environmental Preservation                                           16

Contingency Plan                                                      17

Evaluation                                                            18

Budget & Appendices                                                   19- 20

                  Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

The Burley Griffin Canoe Club (BGCC) is an incorporated club affiliated
with New South Wales Canoeing Incorporated (NSWCI) and Australian
Canoeing Incorporated (ACI). On 30 June 2004, the club had 148 financial
members representing the disciplines of marathon, canoe polo, sprint,
touring (river and lake), and slalom/whitewater/freestyle. The following is a
Five Year Strategic Plan and covers the period 2005 – 2010 and outlines the
framework within which the Burley Griffin Canoe Club will pursue its
primary objectives.

                 Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

Organisation & Management Structure

Burley Griffin Canoe Club

Management Structure consists of:

President         Vice President                    Editor (Blazing Paddles Newsletter)

                  Treasurer                         Club Coaching Director

                  Secretary                         Membership Secretary

                                                    Property Manager

                                                    Triathlon Coordinator

                                                    Social Coordinator

                                                    Marathon Convenor

                                                    Canoe Polo Convenor

                                                    Sprint Convenor

                                                    Whitewater Convenor

                                                    Recreation Convenor

                    Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

                          SWOT ANALYSIS

    Equipment for members.
    All disciplines of canoeing available.
    Peak organization for canoeing in ACT.
     o Receives operational assistance from ACT government
    Expertise in coaching, administration and event management.

  High turnover of committee members.
  Lack of continuity from introduction beginner days to club membership.
  Lack of juniors.
  Lack of recreational opportunities.

   Popular water sport activity.
   Olympics to create interest and awareness.
   ACT has highest participation rate in Australia.
   ACT is one of most affluent regions in Australia.
   Sport and Recreation ACT is very supportive of Sport in the ACT.
   Access to many different waterways in region.

   Seasonality of water temperatures.
   Competition from other sporting organizations.
   Perceived possible dangers of canoeing.
   High cost of equipment.
   Other users of waterways.

         Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010


To be the leading Canoe Club in the
ACT and southern NSW

Mission Statement
To develop opportunities and encourage
participation at all levels and in all
elements of competitive and recreational
canoeing in the ACT and surrounds

          Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

           Key Result Areas

1. Membership

2. Competition/Events

3. Coaching/Officiating/Skill Development

4. Management

5. Publicity and Promotion

6. Environment Preservation

                     Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

1.             Membership

        To recruit and maintain members

a) Objective
        Membership -
        To maintain the present membership base and to increase this to 200 by the year

1. Conduct and promote annual Beginner Paddlers’ Courses.
2. Encourage schools to use canoeing as a school sport, developing a junior program.

Performance indicator
•    Achieve 200 members by 2010.

b) Objective
        Membership services -
        To provide quality services to members

1. Provide a monthly newsletter to all members.
2. Encourage member participation at club meeting by providing a comfortable and
   friendly atmosphere.
3. Provide access to appropriate and safe equipment.
4. Provide public liability and personal accident insurance.
5. Provide a friendly, helpful and supportive environment in which people can enjoy and
   learn about all aspects of canoeing.
6. Survey members about satisfaction with club membership.

Performance indicator
•    Publish 11 newsletters per year
•    11 monthly meetings and an annual AGM
•    Insurance for all members
•    Well maintained equipment
•    Member satisfaction

                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

2.              Competition/Events

        To provide opportunities for club members and others to compete in events

a) Objective
        Major competitions -
        To conduct one canoe polo and two flat-water competitions annually

1. Conduct the 2-day “Burley Griffin Bash” Marathon Races of Divisional Races of 20
   km, 15 km and 10 km and Bash and Mini-Bash of 30 km and 14 km plus a 24-hour
   Relay Challenge event.
2. Continue to have BGCC included in the NSW Marathon Winter Series Divisional
   Race Series as part of the “Burley Griffin Bash”.
3. Continue to have the “Burley Griffin Bash” included in the Summer Series of
   Marathon Races.
4. Field a competitive team in the annual Australia-wide 24 hour event.
5. Conduct the Canberra Canoe Polo Invitational competition.

Performance indicator
•    Host two flat water and one canoe polo competitions annually.

b) Objective
        Club competitions -
        To conduct local flat water and canoe polo competitions for club members.

1. Run weekly 10km and 5km time trials for flat-water members.
2. Run weekly canoe polo competitions at Tuggeranong pool.

Performance indicator
•    Run time trials and polo competition.

                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

c) Objective
       Encourage members to compete at State, National and International events.

1. Provide coaching to interested members.
2. Provide financial support for members to travel to National and International
   competitions whenever possible.

Performance indicator
•   State and National representation and results.

                     Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

3.             Coaching, Officiating and Skill

        To provide relevant skill development opportunities for coaches and officials
        which, in turn, enhance the participation value for BGCC members

a) Objective
        Coaching -
        To increase the number of nationally accredited coaches from 4 to 10 by 2010.

1. Conduct or sponsor attendance at one Level 1 flat water and one Level 1 Canoe Polo
   coaching courses annually.
2. Provide information on all Board of Canoeing Education Programs and coaching
   courses held Nationally via the club newsletter.
3. Provide funding for members to attend advanced level coaching courses where
4. Provide members with opportunities to gain coaching experience

Performance indicator
•    Ten Nationally Accredited coaches by 2010.

b) Objectives
        To increase the number of canoe polo Referees from 4 to 10 by 2010.
        To increase the number of Marathon Officials from 2 to 4 by 2010
        To gain 2 qualified Sprint Officials.

1. Provide training to interested Referees and Officials.
2. Encourage members to referee and Officiate on a roster basis.

Performance indicator
•    Achieve Referees and Officials numbers by 2010.

                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

4.              Management

        To maintain and enhance an effective club management

a) Objective
        Administration -
        To have an enthusiastic and co-operative club committee to administer the club
        activities effectively

1. Elect competent and enthusiastic club committee at the Annual General Meeting.
2. Conduct club committee meetings monthly.
3. Ensure communication between committee and members remain a priority by inviting
   input from all members in club decisions and by publishing meeting minutes in the
   club newsletter.
4. Warmly welcome junior member involvement at club meetings by valuing their
   suggestions and input on club issues.

Performance indicator
•    Committee operating effectively.
•    Club members' satisfaction.

b) Objective
        Finance -
        To administer club funds openly and effectively.

1. Develop and adhere to annual budget.
2. Continue fundraising via ACT Triathlon rescue, sponsorship, hosting competitions
   and barbeques.
3. Carefully monitor all club spending to benefit the majority of club members.
4. Maintain reasonable club fees.

Performance indicator
•    Club operates in surplus.
•    Audited club books presented at end of each financial year.

                       Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

c) Objective
        Risk management –
        To prevent accidents and injuries to club members and the general public

1. Promote safe practices among club members through coaching programs and club
2. Develop and maintain a risk management plan and policy.
3. Maintain records of injuries and accidents.

Performance indicator
•    Reduction in accidents and injuries.
•    Specific risk management plans in place for all events.

d) Objective
        Recognition -
        Recognise outstanding contribution by club members.

1. Presentation of awards at club birthday dinner presentation night.
2. Publicly thank volunteers through club newsletter.
3. Nominate athletes for Sport Awards where appropriate.

Performance indicator
•    Retention of volunteers

                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

5.              Publicity and Promotions

        To promote the Burley Griffin Canoe Club to the ACT and surrounding region.

        To raise awareness of canoeing and lift the profile of the Burley Griffin Canoe
        Club so as to attract new members

1.   Promote introduction days through local press, club newsletter and canoeing outlets.
2.   Publish notices of upcoming events and competition results in local press.
3.   Continue to develop the club web site
4.   Continue membership of the Ausport Club Development group.
5.   Continue membership of ACTSport.
6.   Develop the club brochure and annual Handbook.

Performance indicator
•    Ask new members how they heard about the club.

                      Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

6.              Environment Preservation

        To increase awareness and respect of the natural environment in which the canoe
        club undertakes its activities.

        To encourage and promote to all club members the preservation and conservation
        of the Molonglo Reach and other waterways in the ACT and surrounding region.

1. Raise awareness of club members of conservation issues through club newsletter.
2. Remain aware of any ACT Government or NCA decisions affecting the Molonglo
   Reach, Lake Burley Griffin and other waterways in the ACT and surrounding region.

Performance indicator
•    Reduction in waste and increase in cleanliness of the Molonglo Reach area.

                       Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

Contingency plan

The Burley Griffin Canoe Club’s KRAs target that which is essential to successful club

operation. However, as with all small businesses, goals and objectives are sometimes

difficult to fully achieve.

If the goals identified in this strategic plan are not fully achieved, remedies should be

developed during the annual review process. The most important factor within the

BGCC is the membership through which the club has developed to its current level and

through which appropriate changes and directions will come.                     Ideally, membership

numbers will stay at a consistent level and not drop below the previous year’s numbers –

this will maintain functional viability.         If membership numbers drop, changes in

marketing and promotion will be enacted in order to increase numbers. The target

population may also need reassessing to increase the uptake of canoeing enthusiasts or to

tap into specific less organised disciplines of canoeing.

The BGCC is relatively small and does not record high profits.                      If facilities and

equipment start to deteriorate and cannot run in a suitable working order, the focus will

change to restoration and development rather than purchasing new items. However, the

BGCC will never knowingly adopt strategies that detract the safety and well being of


                       Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010

The evaluation process of the strategic plan will be a detailed and ongoing process.

Within the strategic plan there are six key result areas that contain goals, objectives,

strategies and performance indicators. These items will be evaluated via the checklists

provided. These indicate what has to be done and associated timing.

As well as a specific evaluation of all the KRA’s a general evaluation will take place

every six months. This will take all aspects of the club’s activities into consideration and

be reported to all members of the club. The general evaluation will not only include

information about the KRA’s but also any club activities that have occurred in the

previous six months.

A general evaluation every six months may seem excessively frequent. However, given

the club’s size and vulnerability to external influences, sudden changes in the industry

can force major changes at any time. Anything can change from rules and regulations

regarding the environment, management structure or new competition from outsiders.

         Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010


Burley Griffin Canoe Club – Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010


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