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					    Italian Multimedia Resource Centre
Students	are	encouraged	to	use	books,	DVDs,	CDs	(including	self	
                                                                            Speak the
                                                                           most beautiful
directed	learning	packages)	from	our	Italian	Multimedia	Resource	
Centre	to	reinforce	and	enhance	their	learning	experience.	
Membership	is	included	in	the	enrolment	fee.	For	more	information	
visit	or	call	9564	0755.

                Private Italian lessons
Private	Italian	lessons	are	available	as	an	option	for	adult	learners.	
These	lessons	can	be	held	individually	or	for	a	maximum	of	two	people	
with	a	similar	level	of	Italian.
For	more	information	visit	or	call	9564	0744.

                         How to enrol
	    	        Online	enrolment	service:	Receive	a	5%	discount	
	    	        when	you	enrol	online	by	our	early	bird	dates	
	    	        (see	deadlines	for	each	term	on	the	other	
	    	        side	of	this	brochure)

                                                                                                        Photograph	by:	Caimin	Jones
	    	        By fax
	    	        Forward	your	enrolment	form	by	fax	to	9569	6648.              Passionate • Poetic • Profound
	    	        (Enrolment	form	on	the	other	side	of	this	brochure)

	    	        By post                                                     Italian Language Classes
              Send	your	enrolment	form	to:
	    	        P.O.	Box	342	
	    	        Leichhardt	NSW	2040                                  the heart of Little Italy
	    	        In person                                                      •	    New	program
	                                                                            •	    Interactive	Technology
	    	        Enrol	directly	at	Co.As.It.	
	    	        Norton	Business	Centre
                                                                             •		   More	Levels
	    	        Level	1	-	Suite	3                                              •	    Online	Resources
	    	        55	Norton	Street,	
	    	        Leichhardt	NSW	2040
                                                                             •		   European	Certification	Framework

    We	accept	payment	by	cash,	cheque,	money	order,	credit	card
                (Visa	and	Mastercard)	and	EFTPOS.
                Indulge in your passion                                      •	   Minimum	of	nine	and	a	maximum	of	17	students	per	class

                  for all things Italian                                     •	   Nine-week	terms	comprising	a	two-hour	class	each	week
                                                                             •	   Classes	are	conducted	by	qualified	teachers	experienced	in		
Whether	you	want	to	learn	Italian	                                           	    Adult	Education
•	    for	travel	to	Italy                                                    •	   Online	self-assessment	test	assists	with	your	choice	
•	    to	communicate	with	Italian	relatives                                  	    of	level	and	module

•	    for	further	study                                                      •	   Online	learning	resources

•	    to	connect	with	your	heritage                                          •	   No	textbook	required	because	our	program	is	based	on		
                                                                             	    numerous	textbooks	and	other	resources	available	in	our	
•	    for	your	career                                                        	    Italian	Multimedia	Resource	Centre.
•	    or	just	for	fun,	

Co.As.It.	provides	an	excellent	opportunity	for	adults	to	learn	Italian	                What’s included in the price?
language	and	culture	in	Leichhardt,	the	cosmopolitan	heart	of	
Sydney’s	original	Italian	district,	also	known	as	Little	Italy.              •	   Each	30-hour	module	costs	only	$275
Our	Italian	courses	are	designed	to	develop	and	promote	                     •	   Each	30-hour	module	includes	18	hours	of	face-to-face	lessons		
communication	skills	through	listening,	speaking,	reading	and	writing.       	    and	12	hours	of	self-study	online	materials.
Our	Italian	teachers	use	a	communicative	teaching	methodology	               •	   All	course	material	(online	and	in	class)	is	provided.
which	will	help	you	gain	confidence	and	achieve	fluency	in	Italian	
                                                                             •	   Free	membership	to	the	Italian	Multimedia	Resource	Centre	for		
because	you	will	be	immersed	in	Italian	dialogue	using	real-life	
                                                                             	    the	duration	of	your	course.
scenarios	from	the	beginning	of	your	course.
At	Co.As.It.’s	Italian	language	centre,	you	will	find	Italian	courses	for	
every	level,	now	recognised	by	CELI:	Italian	Language	Recognised	                                Term Dates 2010
                                                                             Term 1	       Saturday	6	February	to	Monday	12	April	
             New program features to                                         	             (5%	discount	if	you	enrol	online	by	15	January)
            advance your skills further
                                                                             Term 2	       Tuesday	27	April	to	Monday	5	July
•	    Six	main	recognised	levels	with	25	graded	modules,	based	on		          	             (5%	discount	if	you	enrol	online	by	14	April)
	     the	Common	European	Framework	of	Reference	for	Languages
•	    Sequential	structure	that	allows	students	to	enrol	directly	into		     Term 3	       Monday	26	July	to	Saturday	25	September
	     the	next	module	once	they	have	completed	the	previous	one              	             (5%	discount	if	you	enrol	online	by	9	July)
•	    Classes	have	access	to	interactive	whiteboards
                                                                             Term 4		      Monday	11	October	to	Saturday	11	December
                                                                             	             (5%	discount	if	you	enrol	online	by	29	September)

                                                                                                     Class Times
                                                                             Week days:	         Day	classes		        10.00	–	12.00
                                                                             	   	   	           Evening	Classes		    18.30	–	20.30

                                                                             Saturdays:	         Day	classes		        10.00	–	12.00
                                                                             	    	   	          	         	          and	13.00	–	15.00

                                                                             Please	note	that	levels	taught	each	day/evening	change	from	term	to	
                                                                             term	according	to	demand	and	teacher	availability.
CELI Certification
Co.As.It.	Sydney	is	now	an	authorised	CELI	(Italian	Language	Recognised	Certification)	exam	centre	where	you	can	register	to	sit	for	official	exams.	
CELI	is	an	exam	that	assesses	an	individual’s	level	of	fluency	in	Italian	based	on	the	standards	established	by	the	Council	of	Europe	for	the	learning	
of	modern	languages.	It	is	awarded	by	the	Universita’	per	Stranieri	of	Perugia	and	is	accepted	as	an	official	qualification	by	the	Italian	Ministry	
of	Education	and	Research	and	the	Italian	Ministry	of	Foreign	Affairs.	It	is	one	of	a	few	qualifications	used	by	foreigners	to	gain	entry	into	Italian	
universities.	In	2010,	Co.As.It.	will	be	holding	CELI	exam	sessions	for	adult	students	in	June	and	November.

Which course is right for you?
There	are	25	different	modules	on	offer	as	part	of	6	main	levels.	Each	module	consists	of	30	hours	of	tuition,	including	18	hours	of	face-to-face	
lessons	and	12	hours	of	self-study	online	materials.	In	2010,	Co.As.It.	will	be	holding	CELI	exam	sessions	for	adult	students	in	June	and	November.

                    LEVEL                   MODULES                                                                                 DESCRIPTION

                                          A1.1	(30	hours)                       Understand	and	use	familiar	everyday	expressions	and	basic	phrases	for	general	
 Basic User

                    A1                    A1.2	(30	hours)                      communication.	Introduce	yourself	and	others	and	ask	and	answer	questions	about	
                                          A1.3	(30	hours)                       personal	details	such	as	where	you	live,	people	you	know	and	things	that	you	do.

                                          A2.1	(30	hours)                      Provide	basic	personal	and	family	information,	including	shopping,	local	geography	
                    A2                    A2.2	(30	hours)                         and	employment.	Describe	in	simple	terms	aspects	of	your	background,	your	
                                          A2.3	(30	hours)                                        immediate	environment	and	immediate	needs.

                                          B1.1	(30	hours)                      Understand	and	discuss	familiar	matters	regularly	encountered	in	work,	school	and	
 Independent User

                                          B1.2	(30	hours)                      leisure	and	manage	situations	most	likely	to	arise	whilst	travelling	in	Italy.	Describe	
                    B1                    B1.3	(30	hours)                        experiences	and	events,	dreams,	hopes	and	ambitions.	Give	brief	reasons	and	
                                          B1.4	(30	hours)                                             explanations	for	opinions	and	plans.

                                          B2.1	(30	hours)
                                                                                  Understand	the	main	ideas	of	complex	text	on	a	variety	of	topics.	Interact	with	a	
                                          B2.2	(30	hours)
                                                                                  degree	of	fluency	and	spontaneity	that	typical	of	regular	interaction	with	native	
                    B2                    B2.3	(30	hours)
                                                                                 speakers.	Produce	clear,	detailed	text	on	a	wide	range	of	subjects	and	explain	the	
                                          B2.4	(30	hours)
                                                                                            advantages	and	disadvantages	in	relation	to	a	topical	issue.
                                          B2.5	(30	hours)

                                          C1.1	(30	hours)
                                          C1.2	(30	hours)                            Understand	a	wide	range	of	longer	texts	and	express	yourself	fluently	and	
 Proficient User

                                          C1.3	(30	hours)                          spontaneously.	Use	language	flexibly	and	effectively	for	social,	academic	and	
 Proficient User

                                          C1.4	(30	hours)                         professional	purposes.	Produce	clear,	well-structured,	detailed	text	on	complex	
                                          C1.5	(30	hours)                                                           subjects.
                                          C1.6	(30	hours)

                                          C2.1	(30	hours)
                                                                                 Summarise	information	from	different	spoken	and	written	sources,	reconstruct	
                                          C2.2	(30	hours)
                    C2                    C2.3	(30	hours)
                                                                              arguments	and	accounts	in	a	coherent	presentation.	Express	yourself	spontaneously,	
                                                                                            very	fluently	and	precisely	in	more	complex	situations.
                                          C2.4	(30	hours)

    Important:	If	you	enrol	in	a	level	that	is	too	easy	or	too	challenging,	please	contact	the	office.	All	requests	will	be	accommodated	provided	that	the	alternative	level	is	offered	and	places	are	still	available.
                            Did you know...                                                           Enrolment Form 2010

                                                                                      Name	_____________________	Surname	__________________
     		     Over	 50%	       of	students	surveyed	in	2009	chose	the	
     	      Co.As.It.	Italian	language	program	because	of	the	high	                   Street	_______________________________________________
     	      quality	of	teaching.
                                                                                      Suburb	________________________	P/Code	_______________

            88%	of	students	surveyed	are	satisfied	or	very	satisfied	
            with	the	program.
                                                                                      Telephone	numbers
                                                                                      Daytime	_________________	Evening		_____________________

            Over	 80%	    of	students	surveyed	said	what	they	liked		
            most	about	the	program	was	the	quality	of	teaching	and	the	
                                                                                      Email	________________________________________________

     	      relaxed	environment.
                                                                                      How	did	you	hear	about	the	Co.As.It.	Italian	language	program?
                                                                                      Re-enrolment		      	         	       q
                                                                                      Word	of	Mouth		     	         	       q
                                                                                      Casa	d’Italia	Window	Display			       q
                                                                                      Co.As.It.	Website		 	         	       q
                                                                                      Co.As.It.	E-newsletter		      	       q
                                                                                      Personalised	Letter/brochure		        q
                                                                                      Internet	(specify	website)	________________________________
                                                                                      Brochure	(specify	location)	_______________________________
                                                                                      Advertisement	(specify	publication)	________________________
                                                                                      Article	(specify	publication)	_______________________________
                                                                                      Event	(specify)	_________________________________________

                   Conditions of Enrolment                                            Other	(specify)	________________________________________

•	        Enrolments	are	open	to	anyone	that	is	over	the	age	of	16	years.
•	        Enrolment	forms	and	payment	must	be	received	prior	to	the	course		          Pay	by:
	         commencing	in	order	to	secure	your	place	in	the	course.	Without	this		
	         information,	we	cannot	guarantee	your	place	in	the	course.	                 Cash	q Cheque	q	Money	Order	q	Visa	Card	q	Mastercard	q	
•	        Classes	can	be	cancelled	due	to	insufficient	numbers.	If	a	class	does		     Card	number	__________________________________________
	         not	commence,	payment	will	be	refunded	in	full.
                                                                                      Expiry	Date	______	/________	/________	Amount	$__________
•	        Missed	classes	cannot	be	made	up	by	joining	other	courses	on	a		
	         different	day	and	time.                                                     Cardholder’s	name	_____________________________________
•	        Once	enrolled	in	a	course	fees	cannot	be	refunded.	Co.As.It.	accepts		
	         no	responsibility	for	changes	to	students’	personal	circumstances	that		    Signature	_____________________________________________
	         prevent	attendance.
•	        Credit	notes	are	only	granted	in	exceptional	circumstances	such	as	a		
	         students’	serious	and	extended	illness,	and	only	if	accompanied	by	a	       Mail	or	fax	enrolment	form	with	payment	to:
	         doctor’s	certificate.	The	period	of	absence	from	class	needs	to	be	         Co.As.It.,	P.O.	Box	342,	Leichhardt	NSW	2040
	         included	in	the	certificate.	Deferrals	are	valid	only	for	the	subsequent	   Phone:	9564	0744	Fax:	9569	6648

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