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careers                                                                                               Experience. The Difference.

A Property degree is your key                     Employment snapshot
to opening many doors around                       Real Estate Agents and Property Managers
the world.                                         Job prospects:                                   GOOD
UniSA’s Bachelor of Business (Property)            Employment predictions to 2011–12:               MODERATE
graduates are ready for a career in the fast       Occupation size:                                 LARGE (69 700)
paced and progressive property industry            Ave weekly wage:                                 $900
– dealing with the evaluation, management,         % in FT work:                                    85%
transfer, development and administration of
                                                   Vacancy levels:                                  AVERAGE
what is arguably one of the most valuable
                                                   Vacancy reasons:                                 63% Job change
assets of our time – land.                                                                          31% Leaving occupation
                                                                                                    6% New jobs
Property is a dynamic, growing and global
industry. Increasing professionalism and           Valuers and Land Economists
growth in this area means that continuing          Job prospects:                                   GOOD
employment options for graduates exist in          Employment predictions to 2011–12:               STRONG
an enormous range of areas – nationally and        Occupation size:                                 MEDIUM (13 200)
internationally.                                   Ave weekly wage:                                 $1000
Combined with your core skills and knowledge       % in FT work:                                    85%
in business and management, your degree will       Vacancy levels:                                  AVERAGE
take you to places where there is a demand         Vacancy reasons:                                 79% Job change
for specialists in valuation; residential and                                                       11% Leaving occupation
commercial real estate management, sales and                                                        10% New jobs
leasing; property investment and development
analysis and property research, consultancy
and property marketing. Your specialist skills    Real Estate Agents; Property Managers;            Administration and Defence, 9.4% in
will provide you with opportunities for entry     Valuers; Auctioneers or property professionals.   Construction and nearly 4% in the Electricity,
into public and private sector organisations      As the program provides the knowledge and         Gas and Water Supply industries.
that deal directly with property development,     analytical skills that are generally useful in
                                                                                                    The employment level (‘000s of
management or valuation and your core skills      business, graduates may also find opportunities
provide the basis for positions that involve      in non-property business environments.
                                                                                                    people) for Real Estate Agents and
business and/or management ability.                                                                 Property Managers and Valuers and
Property graduates can enjoy the freedom of
                                                  Which industries?                                 Land Economists:
seeking work across a wide range of industries.   Increased growth in the property industry
                                                  around the world means that continuing              80
Which occupations?                                employment options for graduates exist in           70

Starting in a graduate entry position, this       a range of areas.                                   60

degree gives you the opportunity to progress
                                                  In Australia, nearly 93% of graduates who           40
towards roles in management, offering you
                                                  work as real estate agents and property             30
an upward career path that can be both
challenging and rewarding.                        managers will be employed in the Property           20

                                                  and Business Services sector, 2.2% in               10

A degree in Property provides wide career         Construction and 1.4% in Government                 0
                                                                                                           90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07   Year
choices extending to a wide range of areas
                                                  Administration and Defence.
and roles. Graduates may also take up or work                                                                               Valuers and Land Economists

towards positions such as Building Managers;      For Valuers and Land Economists in Australia,                             Real Estate Agents and
                                                                                                                            Property Managers
Property Portfolio Officers; Real Estate Agency   nearly 70% will find employment in Property
Managers, Salesperson or Sub-agents;              and Business Services, 11.3% in Government
Professional Recognition                             You may want to be specific about the            discussing and tackling issues within a
                                                     courses and topics that you studied by           group environment through tutorials.
This program is accredited by Australian             providing examples.
Property Institute, Singapore Institute of                                                            Are committed to ethical action and
Valuers and the Malaysian Institute of Valuers.      Are prepared for lifelong learning
                                                                                                      social responsibility
Graduates can go on to become members of             Tell employers that your degree provided you
these professional bodies as well as the Real                                                         Underpinning all UniSA programs is a
                                                     with a broad theoretical and practical base in
Estate Institute of Australia.                                                                        commitment to ethical practice. As a graduate
                                                     property – providing a foundation that can
                                                                                                      of the Property program, there were many
                                                     be built on in the years to come. Let them
Graduate Qualities and Employers                     know that your program also included elective
                                                                                                      opportunities for you to nurture your personal
                                                                                                      commitment to ethical action through the
Employers look for graduates who have not            courses that helped to strengthen your general
                                                                                                      study of professional practice standards,
only strong academic records and relevant            knowledge and skills and broaden your
                                                                                                      key concepts of marketing as a business
qualifications, but also the personal skills and     outlook and appreciation for further study and
                                                     lifelong learning. Provide examples of some of   philosophy in the context of strategic and
qualities needed to do the job well. As you
                                                     these courses and discuss any plans you may      ethical trade and exchange.
will know, UniSA programs are designed to
develop a range of Graduate Qualities that are       have for further study. Let employers know
                                                     that you understand the strategies, avenues
                                                                                                      Communicate effectively
highly valued in the workplace.
                                                     and information required to help keep your       Indicate that one of the fundamental skills you
With the Graduate Qualities you’ll be able to        professional skills and knowledge up to date.    developed in the Property program was the
approach employers knowing that you stand                                                             ability to think logically and to communicate
out from graduates of other institutions.            Are an effective problem solver                  clearly and effectively. This was further
As a graduate of the Property program,               Inform employers that the range of areas you     enhanced through topics that developed
the combination of your core business and            covered involved study that challenged and       different aspects of your communication skills
management skills and your specialist property       honed your decision making skills and included   such as communication concepts and theories;
skills and knowledge will help you present           subjects such as: quantitative methods for       intercultural and non-verbal communication;
yourself as the best candidate for the job.          decision making in accounting; the economic      organisational communication; presentation
You’ll be aware that it’s not enough simply to       decisions faced by individuals, firms and        and public speaking; principles of business
possess the graduate qualities, you’ll also need     governments and the alternative mechanisms       writing and business correspondence;
to be able to explain how you’ve developed           for solving them and analysing financial         employment communication; emerging
them and how they can help you in your               statements and using them for decision           communication trends and computer-
work. You may be able to use examples from           making. Let them know that you can apply         mediated communication. Where relevant,
previous work or life experience, but you can        the principles of decision-making in a work      provide examples of when and how your
also refer to your program. So, for example,         environment. If you were faced with particular   communication skills were put to use.
you might want to tell potential employers           challenges regarding decisions that you had to
that you:                                            make in any practical or theoretical component   Demonstrate an international perspective
                                                     of your course, tell employers about this too.
                                                                                                      Explain that your degree emphasised the need
Have an ability to operate with a body                                                                to maintain an international perspective and
of knowledge                                         Can work autonomously
                                                                                                      that this was fostered through topics such
                                                     and collaboratively                              as: the international business environment;
You should emphasise that your program
                                                     Make employers aware that effective              production in Australia and in an international
offered the most recent discipline knowledge
                                                     management skills in working alone and           context and Australia’s changing role in the
designed to develop a broad foundation
                                                     in a team environment are emphasised             global market and in international trade
knowledge in a range of areas that gave you a
                                                     throughout your studies and that these skills    – just to name a few. You might also want to
solid foundation in business essentials and          were developed and honed as your studies         tell employers about the many international
provided the critical knowledge, skills and          progressed through specific subjects such        students studying at UniSA campuses in
experience required for specialist studies in        as people at work, roles and organisational      Australia, who provided the opportunity for
property. Your learning also extended to an          culture and control. Through a series of         you to share knowledge and perspectives with
understanding of geographic, economic,               lectures and tutorials, you were able to         a range of cultures.
legal, business and management principles            develop the discipline and skills needed to      Note: Statistical data and occupational classifications
and skills in economic, statistical, financial and   work and study alone and complemented            used in this brochure have been sourced from
operational analysis.                                these skills with practice in debating,          Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

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