Slim down and look sizzling for summer with sumo sized salads

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					Media Release                                                                                                      For Immediate Release
                                                                                                                           August 2009

           Slim down and look sizzling for summer with sumo sized salads
The warmer weather is fast approaching and so is the deadline to get your body in shape! We all know it’s hard to keep healthy and full
throughout summer, especially with the temptation of bulging burgers and greasy chips. But SumoSalad is here to help, rolling out all
the nutritional and delicious salads they have to offer and with 97% fat free and low G.I. options, you will be looking good in no time!

SumoSalad is THE healthy fast food alternative and you won’t find any naughty hidden surprises within their salads. The highest quality
ingredients are used and SumoSalad also banishes all unnecessary fats and unwanted artificial colors and flavorings notoriously
lurking in your usual fast-food options. So whether you’re after sweet or spicy, cold or warm, SumoSalad will have the perfect salad
suited for you and your diet!

                                             If you like the taste of Asia, why not try a classic like the tender Thai Beef Salad. As the
                                             salad with the least amount of fat on SumoSalad menu, the cool chilli lime dressing and
                                             crunchy veggies will keep you feeling fresh and full of zest all day long and take you to that
                                             Thai beach getaway.

                                             But if you prefer a real Aussie summer why
not tempt your taste buds with the Spicy BBQ Prawn salad. Low in fat and carbs, the rich
flavour and aroma of red tomatoes, roasted capsicums and basil will tingle your taste
buds, and the kick from the Sweet Tomato Chili Dressing, will leave you craving more!

One of the all time favourites on the SumoSalad menu is the Grilled Chicken Low G.I.
salad, famous for just that – delivering a tasty and healthy salad which is Low G.I. and high in energy! Designed by SumoSalad’s
nutritionist, this balanced salad has been extremely popular since 2003. Grilled free-range chicken blends beautifully with the creamy
avocado, crumbly feta, cos lettuce, cucumber and carrot, making this salad a perfect meal to fill your hunger and maintain your energy

So this summer, ditch the other fast food enemies and head down to a SumoSalad near you. Don’t forget, you can still get your wrap
and roll on, in addition to all the other favourites including freshly made to order warm and cold express salads, hearty organic
soups, delicious long rolls and toasties, hot pasta salads, toasted wraps and healthy breakfast options.

                                     - eat large, stay thin!
                                                                - ENDS -

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