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Show Societies Grant

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									Show Societies Grants Program
These guidelines are current as of November 2009.

1 Program overview                                       Where the Minister approves an organisation that is
                                                         not either a member of the QCAS or a council, that
In recognition of the significant cultural, social and   organisation will be required to:
economic contribution that annual shows make to
their local communities, the Queensland                   be incorporated under either the Corporations
Government provides financial support to the               Act 2001 or the Associations Incorporation Act
Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies and            1981
its member organisations to conduct their annual          provide evidence of appropriate insurance
shows.                                                     coverage for their shows
The Show Societies Grants Program has been                report attendance figures each year and costs
allocated $10 million over five years from 2006–           from their most recent annual show.
2011. The grant is awarded annually to eligible
show societies and the Queensland Chamber of             4 Eligible costs
Agricultural Societies.
                                                         Funding provided under this program can be used
2 Program objective                                      to pay for show related purchases, operational
                                                         costs, and the maintenance of existing assets
The Show Society Grants Program provides                 essential to the operation of the annual show.
financial support to eligible Queensland show
societies to meet the operational costs (excluding       5 Ineligible costs
salary or wage related costs) and asset
maintenance costs associated with the conduct of         Ineligible costs are those that are not directly
their annual shows.                                      associated with the conduct of a show, such as:
                                                          construction of show related assets
3 Eligible organisations
                                                          wages and salaries for staff engaged by the
Grant recipients under this program are:                   organisation.
 Show societies, councils or other incorporated
  entities that:                                         6 Funding details
   o meet the affiliation criteria of the Queensland     The funding period for this program is each
     Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc (QCAS)        financial year until 30 June 2011.
     and conduct an annual show                          Eligible organisations will receive between $5000
   o are the owner or trustee of the showground          and $150 000 per year. Grants are based on a
     (where the applicant is not the owner or            minimum of $5000, with additional funding
     trustee, a grant will be considered subject to      calculated using the annual show attendance from
     confirmation from the owner about suitable          the previous year, weighted to compensate for
     arrangements for the society to hold annual         locality and economies of scale. Grants will be
     shows on the land).                                 capped at a maximum of $100 000 for show
                                                         societies with the exception of the Royal National
 Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies
                                                         Agricultural and Industrial Society of Queensland
                                                         (RNA), which receives $150 000 annually.
 Other organisations deemed by the Minister to
  be an eligible recipient under this program.
                                                        11 Right to Information (Freedom of
7 Conditions of funding
Recipient organisations are required to enter into a
funding agreement with the Department of                Right to Information is the Queensland
Infrastructure and Planning. The funding agreement      Government's approach to giving the community
contains general conditions of funding (Head of         greater access to information.
Agreement) and conditions specific to the Show          The Queensland Government has made a
Societies Grants Program (Sub-agreement).               commitment to provide access to information held
The funding agreements will be forwarded to             by the Government, unless on balance it is contrary
recipient organisations after the annual approval of    to the public interest to provide that information.
grants, usually in August each year.                    New legislation replacing the Freedom of
                                                        Information Act 1992 came into effect on 1 July
8 Reporting requirements                                2009:
Show societies are required to provide a Show            Right to Information Act 2009 (     1.1 MB)
Summary and an Expenditure Report each year to
the department on show activities, attendance            Information Privacy Act 2009 (     1.1 MB).
records and how the grant was expended.
                                                        12 Prescribed forms
This information is required within three months of
the conduct of each show and the data will assist       The following forms can be found on the
the department in calculating the following year’s      department’s website at or by
grant amount for each eligible organisation.            contacting the department on the contact details
9 Important timeframes                                   Show Summary and Expenditure Report
Show Summaries and Expenditure Reports are due             template (   55 KB)—to be completed and
to the department within 3 months of each show             returned each year within three months of the
being conducted.                                           show being conducted.
Grant payments will be made to eligible
organisations following the annual approval of
grants by the Minister responsible for local
                                                        Contact information
government.                                             Department of Infrastructure and Planning
                                                        Local Government Funding Branch
Grant payments each year will be subject to the
                                                        PO Box 15031 City East Qld 4002 Australia
organisation providing all relevant documentation
                                                        tel +61 7 3225 8695
to the department. Payments will be made via
                                                        fax +61 7 3225 8685
electronic funds transfer usually within ten working
days of documentation being received by the

10 Application of GST
The grant funding paid to recipients by the
department is a “taxable supply” of services within
the meaning of the GST Act. As a result, recipients
must issue a valid tax invoice for the supply of the
service or enter into a Recipient Created Tax Invoice
Agreement with the department.

2                                                                    Guidelines—Show Societies Grant Program
Published January 2010

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