Oregon Adaptive Sports

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					Oregon Adaptive Sports
PO BOX 1737
Bend, OR 97709

Contact: Kendall Cook
Phone 541-848-9390
Email: oasbend@gmail.com
Website: www.oregonadaptivesports.org

Financial Contributions to OAS
Please print and send the completed form by mail to:
Oregon Adaptive Sports
PO Box 1737
Bend OR 97709

YES! I want to help. Enclosed is my gift of:

Benefactor $500+ ____ Sustaining $250 ____ Donor $100 ____ Family $50 ____ Individual $25 ___

Other (any contribution is greatly appreciated) $ ___________

Name _____________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

City ______________ State _____ Zip ____________________

       Please send an acknowledgment/tax receipt to the above address.

My gift to OAS is in honor/memory of:

(A special person, family or occasion)

Please send an acknowledgment to:

Name _______________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________

City _______________ State _____ Zip ____________________

____ Please send me information about becoming a OAS volunteer.

Your tax-deductible donation supports OAS’s mission to provide affordable inclusive physical
and recreational activities that build health and confidence.

Thank you for your generosity from all of us at Oregon Adaptive Sports.