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									                                                      Phalen Lake Second Grade Core Knowledge
                          September                October             November              December                  January                  February                    March                   April             May

    History                                                                                                      Modern Japan: flag,       American Westward         Civil War: Slavery,      Civil Rights      Civil Rights
                      Review First Grade                  Ancient Greece:               Ancient China:           origami, kimono           Expansion:                Harriet Tubman,          Susan B.          Immigration and
                      Material:                  Sparta                                 Confucius                American                  Pioneers, American        Underground              Anthony           Citizenship:
                      History of Man &           Athens                                 The Great Wall           Government: James         Indians, Oregon Trail,    Railroad, Union vs.                        Ellis Island
                      Study of Early             Persian Wars                           Chinese New Year         Madison, Constitution     Sequoyah, Trail of        Confederacy, Grant       Immigration and   “e plurilous
                      Civilizations              Great Philosopher                      Hmong History            War of 1812: British,     Tears,                    & Lee, President         Citizenship:      unum”
                                                 Alexander the Great                    Inventions               Star Spangle Banner,      Early Transportation:     Lincoln, Clara Barton,   America           Statue of Liberty
                                                 Olympics                               Silk                     Old Ironsides, flag,      Steamboat,                Emancipation
                                                 Democracy                                                       The White House           Railroad,                 Proclamation, U.S.
                                                                                        Ancient India:           Civil Rights – see        Pony Express              Symbols & Figures,
                                                 Introduce Hmong History & New Year     Religions                stories below             Extinction of Buffalo     Lincoln Memorial
    Geography         World Geography:         Geography of       Geography of          Geography of China       Geography of Japan:       United States             United States            United States     South America:
                      7 Continents             Asia- largest      China: Yellow &       and India: Major         Islands, Sea of           Geography: Oceans,        Geography: 50 states     Geography:        Countries, rivers,
                      4 Oceans                 continent          Yangtze Rivers.       cities, rivers, and      Japan, Pacific            The Great Lakes,                                   Name your         mountains, rain
                      Poles, equator,          Geography of                             land features,           Ocean, Mt. Fuji,          major rivers,                                      continent,        forests,
                      Hemispheres,             Greece:                                  Laos, Thailand: &        Tokyo                     mountains, territories,                            country, state,   languages.
                      directions,              Mediterranean &                          Vietnam,                 Geography of North        and states                                         city, town,       Central America:
                      maps, keys/legends       Aegean Seas,                             Mekong River.            America: Canada,                                                             community         Gulf of Mexico,
                      Terms: coast, valley,    Locate major                                                      United States &                                                                                Caribbean Sea,
                      desert, oasis            cities                                                            Mexico                                                                                         West Indies
    Language          Sayings, Phrases &       Sayings, Phrases   Sayings, Phrases      Sayings, Phrases &       Sayings & Phrases         Sayings & Phrases         Sayings, Phrases &       Sayings, Life     Sayings, Phrases
    Arts              Poetry                   & Poetry           & Poetry              Poetry                   Japan: The Tongue-        American Indian           Poetry                   Stories: Susan    & Poetry
    Literature                                 Greek Gods &       Hmong: Nine-In-       A Christmas Carol        Cut Sparrow               Iktomi Stories            How the Camel Got        B. Anthony,
                      Charlotte’s Web          Goddesses,         One, Grr! Grr!        China: The Magic         Life Stories:             Tall Tales: Paul          His Hump                 Eleanor           Hispanic
                                               Greek Myths        Beauty & the          Paintbrush               The Story of Martin       Bunyan, Johnny            Life Story of Clara      Roosevelt,        Folktale: El
                      Poem: Bee! I’m           The Emperor’s      Beast                 India: The Blind Man     Luther King, Jr.,         Appleseed, John           Barton                   Mary McLeod       Pajaro Cu
                      Expecting You            New Clothes        The Fisherman         and the Elephant         Rosa Parks & Jackie       Henry, Pecos Bill &       Poems:                   Bethune,          Selections from
                      Poem: Caterpillars       Poem: Hurt No      and His Wife          India: The Tiger, The    Robinson                  Casey Jones               Harriet Tubman,          Florence          Peter Pan
                                               Living Thing       Poem: Buffalo         Brahman, and the         West Africa: Talk         Poem: Lincoln             Windy Nights             Nightingale
                                                                  Dusk                  Jackal                   Poem: Discovery                                                              Poem: Smart;      Poem: Bed in
                                                                                        Poem: The Night                                                                                       Who Has Seen      Summer
                                                                                        Before Christmas                                                                                      the Wind?
    Science           Insect Cycles:           Water Cycles:         Seasonal Cycles:   Life Cycles:             Simple Machines:          Simple Machines           Human Body:              Human Body        Science
                      Harmful, helpful,        Clouds, rain,         Earth orbits,      Seed / plant             lever, pulley, Inclined   continued                 Cells, tissues, organs   Systems:          Biographies:
                      social, distinguishing   condensation,         Seasons -          Egg / chicken            plane, wedge, friction                              Science Biographies:     Digestive &       Daniel Hale
                      characteristics,         evaporation,          Fall, Winter,      Tadpole / frog                                                               Anton Van                Excretory         Williams,
                      metamorphosis            precipitation, sun    Spring & Summer    Caterpillar/ butterfly   Biography: Elijah                                   Leevwenhoek                                Florence
                                               Life Cycles: birth,                                               McCoy                                                                        Nutrition         Nightingale
                                               growth, life/death,                      Magnets                                                                                                                 Rain forest
                                               reproduction                                                                                                                                                     animals

    The Arts          Art: Kinds of Pictures - landscapes, Greece - Architecture, India – Mehandi, China – Paper, Bookmaking, American Indian – Weaving, Proportion, Sculpture, Gualamalan Art

    And Music         Music: Elements of Music, Listening & Understanding (Orchestra, Keyboards & Composers), Seasonal songs and songs related to Core Knowledge units

Hmong & Spanish Enrichment Classes will teach academic vocabulary, language/greetings, folklore, art and songs related to selected Core Knowledge topics; in addition to cultural celebrations and traditions. 8/30/06

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