Setting up PayPal™ IPN in CubeCart™ 302 through 304 – A CHECKLIST

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					                         Setting up PayPal™ IPN in
                         CubeCart™ 3.0.2 through
                           3.0.4 – A CHECKLIST
            Checklist for Setting Up PayPal™ IPN in CubeCart 3.0.4

The Problem

PayPal™ Standard & IPN gateway doesn’t work out-of-the box in CubeCart™ 3 at least through
version 3.0.4. A patch has been presented by Sir William of the CubeCart™ forums that fixes the
problem. In order for the IPN to work properly, with everything automated and no error messages,
you must set it up properly both at the PayPal™ website and in your CubeCart™ ACP. This
checklist is offered to help keep you out of the pitfalls that others of us have found ourselves in
due to glitches in our set-ups.

Suggestions: Print this checklist and keep it handy as you set up your IPN. Check off each item
and do not miss a step. A small thing like entering the wrong email address can thwart your


For CubeCart™ Version 3.0.4 and Earlier Begin Here:


   Download the IPN patch files, and and upload each to
the correct directory at your site:
Click Here to Download Files
Note: If you have modded these files in your store previously, you can add the patch
Click Here for the Manual Patch Instructions
   If you are installing the patch manually, be sure to also add Brooky’s “PayPal™ Total Error
Bug” patch (not needed if you are using the files from Sir Williams).
Click Here for Brooky’s PayPal™ Patch

For CubeCart™ Version 3.0.5 and Later Begin Here:


   PayPal™ Business Account. If you do not have one, you’ll need to get one. It’s free. A
personal PayPal™ account can be upgraded to a business account.
   Business Address. In your PayPal™ Profile, be sure you have set an address to be a
“Business Address,” otherwise you can’t receive foreign currencies and may have other issues as
well. If you have upgraded from a personal account, thi may not have been done automatically.
   In your PayPal™ Profile, under Selling Preferences > Website Payment Preferences set
the following:
   Auto Return: on
   Return URL: http:// your_store_URL /confirmed.php
   Payment Data Transfer: on
Note: The other settings in this section of PayPal™ are optional. The next section is critical:

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   In your PayPal™ Profile, under Selling Preferences > Instant Payment Notification
Preferences set the following:
   Instant Payment Notification (IPN): on
   Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL:
http:// your_store_url /modules/gateway/PayPal/ipn.php
   If you use more than one email address with PayPal™ make a note which is set as the
primary email address.

IN YOUR STORE ACP (Admin Control Panel)

     Under Modules > Gateways choose PayPal Standard and IPN
     Status: Enabled
     Description: Give the gateway a description of your choosing.
     Email Address: This has to be the primary email address at your PayPal™ account or IPN will
not work!
     Method: IPN
     IPN URL: This is the same URL you entered at the PayPal™ IPN page:
http:// your_store_url /modules/gateway/PayPal/ipn.php
If it looks any different, or you entered it wrong at PayPal™, copy the URL from your ACP and
paste it to the PayPal™ IPN page!
     Default: Yes, if you want to do automated sales through IPN.
     Test Mode: No (It is best to test your store live. Set a product price at one cent, and buy it with
a credit card as though you had no PayPal™ account to test the setup).

You’re all done! If you follow this checklist, IPN should work with no problems. If you have
problems, post your question to Sir William’s IPN thread:

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