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MLA Advocacy Update

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					            MLA Advocacy Update

• Nell Kuhnmuench, G.C.S.I
• Christine Berro, Chair, Legislative Committee, Portage District Lib.
• Gretchen Couraud, Michigan Library Association
G.C.S.I Update

 • Election Update
   • House/Senate Elections and Makeup
   • State Budget Update
     • 2008-09 Review
     • 2009-10 Projections
   • House Joint Resolution III
      MLA Legislative Agenda

• Policy priorities haven’t changed
  • Continue to monitor and work state budget,
    penal fines, core library issues
• Focus on one priority issue –strategic
  • Tax Capture
                 Tax Capture

• What is a tax capture?
   • Government financing program intended to contribute to
     economic growth
• What is the mechanism?
   • Established authority takes a portion of the increase in the
     tax base and diverts the funding to another taxing authority
• Why is it important?
   • Diverts all new growth in the tax base from library millage
     dollars to other units of government
   • Also captures the inflationary increase on existing property
     along with any increase due to new investment
    What are the Tax Capture Laws
           On the Books?

•   Downtown Development Authorities
•   Tax Increment Financing Authorities
•   Local Development Financing Authorities
•   Brownfield Redevelopment Financing
•   Historic Neighborhood TIFAs
•   Corridor Improvement Authorities
•   Water Resource Improvement TIFAs
       What is a Tax Abatement?

• Government program designed to
  stimulate economic growth by reducing
  property tax for specific projects.
    What are the tax abatement
       laws on the books?
• Renaissance Zones
• Neighborhood Enterprise Zones
• Plant Rehabilitation and Industrial
  Development Districts
• Technology Parks
• Industrial Facilities Property Tax
• Commercial Redevelopment
• Personal Property
• Obsolete Property Rehabilitation
      Legislation Introduced This Session

•   Water Resource Improvement TIFA
•   Transit Revitalization TIFA (HB 6114)
•   Cultural Redevelopment Authority (HB 5947)
•   Neighborhood Improvement Authority (SB 69)
•   Neighborhood Improvement Districts (SB 268)
•   Promise Zones (HB 5375-SB 861)
•   Opt-in Legislation (HB 5180,81,82)
Hurdles for the Library Community

 • Data
 • Library Message – Case for Support
 • Education of Library Directors, Trustees,
 • Fear of Advocacy/Knowledge of the
   Legislative Process
    Data – What Do We Claim?

• PLFIG – “The loss of local tax support for
  libraries is estimated to be as much as
  $9.4 million in FY 2000 to TIFAs,
  Enterprise, Smart, and Brownfield Zones
  and similar state programs.”
Data – What Do We Need and How Do
You Get It?

 • Portage District Library Case Study
Library Message – Case for Support

 • “Economic Development”
 • Job Creation/Workforce Development
 • Voter authorized, dedicated library
   millages – citizen accountability
 • Across the board diversion of library
   funding by the State Legislature
Education of Library Directors, Trustees,

    How the legislative process works
    Your own story – library value
    Your own data
    Details on bills/Fiscal Analysis
    Relationship with your legislators
     Where to find information?