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					                 The Conference on Networking for Development

    Networks are increasingly important for achieving development, whether local, national or
international. People talk about networks in development agencies, in research, in businesses and
  in many professional fields. For some people, networking seems just another jargon term. But
many organisations now recognise networking as a valuable means to share information, to further
                  common objectives and to make best use of limited resources.

Exactly what is a network? How do networks function? Why are some networks very successful, but
    others disappointing? Despite the growing number of development networks, there is little
 accessible information about how different networks operate, the ingredients for their success or
  the problems that they face. Even so, different professional institutes especially in Africa rarely
                meet to network, breaking the ‘professional silos’ in which they work.

The ‘Networking for Development’ Conference, to be held from 4th to 7th August 2009, in the Resort
 Town of the Victoria Falls, is a unique opportunity where development professionals will, for the
   first time in Africa, engage and network, across professions and across national boundaries.

The Conference is open to all professionals in the development sector, (government, NGOs, Private
  Sector, quasi-governmental organizations, statutory commissions) at municipal, provincial and
 national/ federal level. It is especially relevant for those interested in increasing their success by
   exploring possible connections and collaboration with organizations inspired by similar ideas.

 Through participating in the Conference, you will understand a new concept of networking which
 you will be able to relate to your own professional life. You will also master a number of methods
            to create and maintain networks between your own organization and others.

 This Conference will involve presentations, discussions, thematic and plenary dialogues and self-
assessments. Along the various topics we will make ongoing reference to the specific context of the
                                        development sector.

The Conference is organised by the Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners, a member
                        of the Commonwealth Institute of Planners (CIP)

                                   PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME
                          THEME:      NETWORKING FOR DEVELOPMENT

TIME         ACTIVITY                                                     RESPONSIBLE

4th August    Networking and Social Evening (Chaired By ZIRUP                     Dr. Sasha Jogi
                              Past President)

1400-1800                 Arrival, Registration and Check-in                             All

1800-1830     Welcome Remarks and Presentation on ZIRUP by ZIRUP                  Mrs. I. F. Tigere

1830-1930     Introduction of Conference Facilitator, ZIRUP Council and    Facilitator, Dr. Kudzai Chatiza
               Introductions by all Participants (names, organizations,
                           expectations, material to share)

1930-2130     Presentation of Hotel Management and Welcome Dinner           Elephant Hills Hotel Manager

                                 End of First Day

5th August   CONFERENCE DAY TWO : Chaired By the Director of the                Mrs. Ethel Mlalazi
             Department of Physical Planning, Government of Zimbabwe

0830 -0840   Welcome Remarks by the President of ZIRUP                    Mrs. IF Tigere (Dawn Properties)

0840-0845    Introducing the Conference Facilitator                         Audrey Kwangwama, ZIRUP
                                                                               Annual School Chair

0845-0855     Overview of the Conference: the theme, purpose, specific     Facilitator, Dr. Kudzai Chatiza
             objectives, expected outputs and outcomes, the clusters of
                participants, methodology and conference program.

0855-0900    Welcome to Matebeleland North Province and Introducing       Provincial Governor and Resident
                             the Patron of ZIRUP                                       Minister

0900-0920     Welcome Speech by Minister of Local Government, Rural         Hon. Dr. Ignatius Chiminya
                  and Urban Development and Patron of ZIRUP.                         Chombo

0920-0945    Official Opening Speech delivered by the Guest of Honour,        Hon. Morgen Tsvangirai
              The Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of

0945-0955      Vote of Thanks by the Founding Honorary Secretary of             Mr. Luke Mabvudza
                         ZIRUP and Fellow of the Institute.                     Director of Plan Afric

0955-1000    Group Photograph with Guest of Honour and Patron and all       Audrey Kwangwama, Annual
                                   participants.                                   School Chair


            Thematic Session 1: Deepening Knowledge of the
            concept ‘Networking for Development’

            Facilitator: Dr Kudzai Chatiza

1030-1050   Paper 1: Understanding and unpacking the concept of         Mr. Absolom Masendeke (Practical
            ‘Networking for Development’. What is means, what           Action)
            benefits, what challenges, why it has become important

1050-1100   Discussant:                                                 Stancilas Takawira (European

1100-1120   Paper 2 : The ‘Development Sector’:- the Professionals,     Dr. Sasha Jogi (Ove Arup and
            delivering development, the network typologies, their       Partners International)
            current status, key issues and propositions

1120-1130   Discussant: - EU Zimbabwe Office Development Program        Nelson Marongwe (Director:
            Manager                                                     Centre for Applied Social Studies)

1130-1150   Paper 3: Development Networking in Practice. How is it      Ms Gertrude Ngenda (Consultant)
            done, for what purposes, case studies from Africa, World    (formerly with RIC, ICLEI, SNV,

1150-1200   Discussant:                                                 Mr. Percy Toriro (Municipal
                                                                        Development Partnership Eastern
                                                                        and Southern Africa)

1200-1230   Plenary Discussion of papers 1, 2 and 3.                    ALL

1230-1240   Conference and Housekeeping Announcements                   Mrs. Audrey Kwangwama

1240-1400   Lunch and Networking Session                                ALL

            Thematic Session 2: Skills Building Session

1400-1500   Paper 4:The essential skills-set of a networker: creating   Joel Chaeruka (University of
            and maintaining networks,                                   Zimbabwe) and Shingirayi
                                                                        Mushamba (Regional Coordinator
                                                                        – Africa, Federation of Canadian

1500-1530   Refreshment Break

1530-1630   Paper 5: Networking in action: how to network; the          Guardiner Isaac Manikai (Best
            process, tips and do’s and dont’s                           Practices)

1630-1830   Networking Event: Sunset Boat Cruise on the Zambezi         Mrs Audrey Kwangwama
1830-2130   Dinner:

0830-0900       Summary of proceedings of Day 2 and Program for            Dr. Kudzai Chatiza, Facilitator
                Day 3.

0900-1230       Thematic Session 3 : Sector Network Sessions

0900-1000       Paper 6 – Networking for Development in the Hospitality    Mr. Emmanuel Fundira
Presentation    and Tourism Sector                                         (Zimbabwe Tourism Council)
and Q & A
1000-1030       Thematic Dialogue
Tea Break
                Paper 7: - Networking for Development in the Housing       Tafadzwa Muropa
1030-1230       and Social Amenities Sector                                Swedish Cooperative Centre
Sessions        Discussant
answering 3     Thematic Dialogue
key questions
                Paper 8: - Networking for Rural Development: Views,        TBA
                Issues, Challenges and Way forward

                Thematic Dialogue
                                                                           Mr. Thomas Merlin, SIDA
                Paper 9: Networking for Environment and Sustainable        Stockholm.
                Development in the Context of Climate Change.

                Thematic Dialogue

                Paper 10: Networking in the Property Development and       Mr. Stanlake Hove, Real Estate
                Construction Sectors                                       Institute if Zimbabwe (REIZ) and
                                                                           CB Richard Ellis
                Thematic Dialogue

                Paper 11: Networking for Developing Local Government       Fr. Smangaliso Mkhatshwa –
                Authorities and enhancing capacity for services delivery   President - United Cities and
                                                                           Local Governments of Africa

1300 -1400      LUNCH                                                      ALL

1400 -1500      Thematic Group Session Plenary Feedback                    Group Chairpersons

1500 -1530      REFRESHMENT AND NETWORKING BREAK                           ALL

1530-1600       Second Keynote Address: Regional and Pan-African           Mr. Peter Mutavati - UN Habitat
                Networks for Development; the idea, relevance, moving it
                forward, mandate and functions, the case of Sustainable
                Urban Development Network (SUDNET).

1600-1630   Plenary Discussion on Second Key note Address AND
            Crafting Way Forward

1630-1645   CONFERENCE Closing Session (Evaluation,             Session Chaired By Mr
            Acknowledgement of Sponsors etc)                    Christopher Manyowa (Old Mutual

            Conference Day Four: 7th August

            ZIRUP Annual General Meeting: Chaired by Mrs I F
            Tigere, ZIRUP President

0800-0830   Welcome Remarks by ZIRUP President

0830-0930   Solidarity Messages from Sister Institutes and
            organizations that attended the CONFERENCE on
            Networking for Development

0930-1000   Group Photograph and Refreshment Break

1000-1200   ZIRUP Annual General Meeting

1200-1300   Lunch and Departure