maternity-clothes-34 by marcusjames


									Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but one of the most annoying things about
the whole process is outgrowing your own clothing and then trying to find
maternity clothes. Generally, you begin to not fit into your regular
clothing around the time you reach three months, or twelve weeks, of
pregnancy. This is mainly due to bloating and not actually due to weight
or baby yet, but nonetheless it is a struggle. This time is especially
difficult because you generally are still too small for maternity
clothes, but you certainly have a hard time fitting into your old pants.
For awhile, instead of wearing maternity clothes that would fall off of
me, I would just wear yoga pants or wear longer shirts with my old jeans
unbuttoned. It is not the ideal solution, but to spend money on
maternity clothes that will only last you a few weeks seems ridiculous.

Once you get to the next stage of actually fitting comfortably into
maternity clothes, then the fun part starts of actually trying to find
some to purchase. Maternity clothes seem to be this unattainable
hallucination, where you think you might actually be able to find
something that is cute and flattering when nothing could be further from
the truth. The real problem comes in if you are short or tall and are
trying to find pants that do not cost an arm and a leg…it basically will
not happen. If you are lucky, you will be able to find at least two or
three pieces of maternity clothes that will fit you well and you will
wear them into the ground.

Towards the end of pregnancy, you reach a point where even maternity
clothes do not fit over your ever expanding stomach. This is when you
see women begin to wear their husband’s shirts, or just completely give
up and let their stomachs hang out. It is an uncomfortable stage, and
you certainly won’t be a fashionista during this time, but be grateful it
only will last a few weeks.

Once pregnancy is over, you think you will immediately be able to get
back into your much missed old clothing, but many women still need to
wear their maternity clothes for a few weeks while their body readjusts.
Don’t fret, though, because it won’t last for long. Within a few weeks
you should at least be able to wear pants that button once again!

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